Signal jammers prevent exam cheating and wire fraud

Cheating seems to occur at the same time as the examination system is started, and the rapid development of electronic communication means seems to be diversifying examination cheating means. On the other hand, we have taken measures such as prohibiting the use of mobile phones, considering the use of metal detectors and checking the names of people who use the toilet. Among them, there is a product that attracts attention. It is a signal shielding device that blocks radio waves from mobile phones. This product is a device that has a mechanism to block radio waves from mobile phones by emitting special radio waves.

In fact, signal jammers are not only suitable for university entrance exams, but also for qualification exams, high school entrance exams, national exams, etc. This means that cheating using mobile phones is already very common and difficult to control, and it is the most effective way to install signal jammer and temporarily “out of range” test centers. Equipment installation requires a radio station license.

By transmitting weak radio waves having the same frequency as radio waves broadcasting information, the display of the mobile terminal becomes “service interruption”, and communication is suppressed. The device will be installed around the bank. We will begin to restrict the use of mobile phones in ATM corners. This is an initiative of financial institutions to work together to prevent crimes such as wire fraud. Several financial institutions will jointly install equipment in ATM corners. We use it as a transfer fraud measure.

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