Use a WiFi jammer to block hidden cameras

It is often misunderstood that “voyeurism” is not a crime. The crime is to show clothes, nudes, skirts, etc. If evidence of sexual harassment, power harassment or domestic violence is left, it is not a crime.
Otherwise, all shops that sell hidden cameras will contribute to this crime. Since you do n’t know what hidden camera to buy, you can only link to a mail order store.

The Aichi County Police announced a security store robbery that occurred on the 15th day of the morning. The image security surveillance camera of the suspect fled from behind the suspect and was captured. The criminal is about 160 cm tall and thin. In the published image, you can see the characteristics of the black headscarf, covering the face, black leather jacket and blue jeans. When committing a crime, the suspect pushed a kitchen knife or something to the clerk, and robbed 55,000 yen in cash and escaped. Another feature besides clothes is that he is a bend.

Hino’s true intentions are reflected! The first protagonist of Yano Makoto’s TV series “Yorozuya Johnny” will be broadcast. The original episode “Yorozuya Johnny” will be aired in two episodes / animations of CS Broadcasting Fuji TV on Friday, November 20th. This work is a human observation drama, using Johnny’s miniature night vision camera to inspire human desire to watch the invisible human real intentions. The hero Johnny with special skills can install hidden cameras anywhere and sneak into various places under the command of the boss. Whenever he starts to study this ability, he is always immersed in a miniature camera and becomes a human observer. Use a wifi jammer to block the WiFi frequency band and to some extent invalidate the camera.

At the 2015 IT Week in Japan held at Makuhari International Exhibition Center as of the 30th, National Defense Labor Aviation demonstrated the DEFENDER-X security surveillance system. “DEFENDER-X” is a system that automatically analyzes a person’s mental state and detects suspicious people from the video of a surveillance clock camera, the purpose of which is to prevent crime. According to the correlation between the body’s subconscious vibration and human emotions, the technology used can be obtained by analyzing the psychological state of the object.

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