China’s uav jamming threatens the situation in the South China Sea

China has installed high-end UAV jamming equipment in the Nansha Islands, which can block communication and radar systems, which is an important step in its gradual militarization. The American who described the discovery said: “China has deployed a military intervention team at its post on Nansha Island.”

The US assessment was supported by a photo taken by commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe last month, which was published to the Wall Street Journal. It shows a suspected drone jammers system whose antenna extends to Mischief Reef, one of the seven islands in the Nansha Islands. Since 2014, China has built an artificial island on the island to move sand to rocks And on the reef, and paved with concrete.

The US Army hopes that RF jammers installed on drones will dominate future electronic warfare, and he is turning to a method of contract acquisition that is poorly understood and not strictly regulated. Although China believes that island construction is to ensure maritime safety, assist navigation, search and rescue, protect fishing and other non-military functions, wireless jammers are only used for military purposes, “U.S. Department of Defense officials said.

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