Military jammer ban school WiFi networks

WIFI makes us more convenient. It breaks the boundaries of learning, learning does not just happen in the classroom. As far as I understand, WIFI not only breaks the limit of learning, but also breaks the limit of life and the limit of society. With this application, students no longer think that learning should be at school, and they can find the best teachers and the most valuable resources at all times. Can we use WIFI instead of normal learning?

Although many people advocate using WIFI in schools, many people object to it. Most of us may have never heard of Lakehead University, and the school has recently taken some measures to increase the reputation of the university by military jammer: due to concerns that wireless networks may damage students, the health of the school prohibits them from using Wi-Fi throughout -Fi.

military wifi jammer

The principal of the school, Fred Gilbert, told us: “The board is worried about the impact of electromagnetic waves on human health” and said that one day his government will not change its decision. The school office stated that although the principal was a “personal opinion”, they could not change their decision.

Of course, there are many difficulties in banning WIFI, and students can object. However, if you make a Faraday cage or use a WiFi jammer, the response may be weakened. WiFi signal jammers can be installed in classrooms and teaching areas, and can also be configured on destructive devices to avoid affecting the use of WIFI by students.

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