Military jammers are mainly used for electronic warfare

At present, the application of GPS jammer technology in the military mainly focuses on electronic warfare. For decades, one of the main requirements of electronic warfare (EW) was the geolocation of enemy launches. This leads to various techniques for determining the location, such as received signal strength (RSS), angle of arrival (AOA), time of arrival (TOA), time difference (TDOA), frequency (FDOA) as arrival.

In the positioning application, we encountered a conflicting issue: instead of trying to locate the transmitter in our geographic location, we tried to locate a group of transmitters in the geographic location. But of course we use the same technology: GPS is a good example of a TOA system.

high power portable military gps jammer

Russia ’s electronic interference from Finland and Norway ’s GPS networks began in September 2017, and it was decided that the Norwegian authorities will retain this classification until the exact nature of the scenario is determined. The loss of GPS capabilities of commercial aircraft will certainly result in catastrophic crashes, but Intel believes that Norwegian GPS interference from Russia to Finland / Norway is not the intention of the Russian government or the Russian military.

Military GPS jammers are easy to order from the Internet and can protect privacy and prevent others from tracking. These products are very useful and must be purchased. For example, certain VIP roles can prevent illegal tracking through GPS trackers. Of course, in North America and Europe, such military jammer equipment is also a necessary condition to protect personal privacy. Because you do n’t know when someone is tracking your vehicle. After all, GPS trackers are easy to buy.

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