Powerful military jammers will determine war

It is believed that a one kilowatt high-end drone jammer can prevent GPS reception from reaching a distance of 80 kilometers. Russia has several powerful military forces near the border, including the 200th independent rifle brigade in Pechenga.

An ordinary military blocker will produce impenetrable bubbles around tens of meters around. In addition, these devices can also block any positioning features of phones or other mobile tracking devices. For example, GPS military jammer works by sending strong local signals at the same frequency as GPS, thereby effectively overwhelming the weak GPS signals sent by satellites.

North Korea has developed a GPS signal jamming function in response to GPS-guided weapons that may be used by South Korean and US military forces. In the event of war, the country has an army-sized military jamming unit near Pyongyang ’s capital and maintains a battalion-sized unit near the demilitarized zone.

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