Russia’s powerful drone jammer equipment

The U.S. Army declined to confirm whether any drones crashed due to Russian drone jamming devices. The Russian army has established a ground force dedicated to defeating enemy drones. This device is the first such device in Russia, and its electronic jamming system can theoretically cut off the radio connection between the drone and its operator.

Allegedly, the Russian-made drone jammers recently successfully shot down the drone, but this does not mean that the large military drone fleet in the United States has no defense capabilities.

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The photos accompanying the Kremlin announcement show the drone jamming gun-essentially a powerful radio transmitter on a heavy truck. Russia deployed the Krasukha system in Syria with a view to forming an electronic shield against the country ’s Russia and allies. Signal jammers will disrupt the enemy’s own signals, thus preventing ground controllers from commanding the drone via satellite.

Despite the U.S. drone. The US NBC quoted US officials as saying that they are equipped with anti-jamming technology. United States They claim that Russian interrupt technology “is very advanced and effective even for certain encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers.”

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