Russia’s powerful military drone jammers

In order for the radio station to work properly, the radio station must be close enough to the signal your team wants to interrupt. According to an independent think tank specializing in military electronic systems, at the same time, powerful military drone jammers can detect targets 93 miles away, such as advanced drone gun jammers.

This is why Russian nuisances and new “special forces” targeting drones that operate them do not necessarily pose a survival risk for U.S. drones. A former U.S. drone developer explained: “Unless you know their location and time, it seems difficult to do it.”

Signal interruption is not limited to interference. More and more reports indicate that the Russians are expanding their ability to forge system signals, targeting the wrong receiver. In June 2017, we reported the report of the US Maritime Administration. Regarding such incidents in the Black Sea in the United States, the navigation equipment of ships showed their positions in the Black Sea.

The Russian Army now has a special UAV hunter force. The first type is the ground collective, whose electronic jamming system is designed to cut off the radio connection between the UAV and its controller. However, there is not much threat to the US military. In order for these radio interference transmitters to work properly, the device must be placed very close to the target. Unless you know where they are going and when, this seems difficult to do.

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