UAV jammers play an important role in war

In a statement on NBC News, officials of the Ministry of Defense did not confirm whether they had lost any drones due to traffic congestion, but one official said the blockade had an operational impact on Syria ’s military operations. The European Organization for Security and Cooperation, which has been monitoring the Ukrainian conflict, also reported that the drone they used to monitor the front line has been intercepted several times.

Commanders may be more hesitant to use GPS-guided bombs or rockets, especially near friendly forces, if they are worried about getting them on the wrong target due to interference or other forms of electronic warfare. In turn, this may greatly limit the fire support options available to the US military or its allies.

The drone did not appear to be hit by a projectile or laser when it descended (although the evidence to do so would change this analysis). In addition to physical projectiles, there are three known non-dynamic methods of preventing drones: radio frequency jammer, satellite interference, and identity fraud. Due to the interference of the drone jammers, the connection between the drone and its operator will be cut off, which usually causes the drone to descend or return.

Using a drone jammer, the drone will lose its link to satellite navigation, and the drone will usually float in place, land or return home. Through identity theft, the attacker will provide new information to the drone to control its flight.

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