Cell phone jammers are popularized in hospitals

In the rapidly developing information age, more and more people are using mobile phones, and there are problems with using smart phones. In the hospital, it is necessary to provide a quiet environment for the sick. In addition, when entering a room with precision medical equipment such as an examination room, it is even more necessary to turn off the mobile phone. Therefore, we will introduce a blocking device that suppresses the communication function of a smartphone in a hospital: a cell phone jammer .

The working principle of the mobile phone jammer is that it generates interference waves with the same frequency as the base station radio waves received by the mobile phone, intentionally blocks the signal, suppresses demodulation on the terminal side, and makes communication impossible. The signal shielding range of the jammer may vary depending on the distance of the mobile phone base station. When the base station is far away, the effective range is large; when the base station is close, the effective range is small; the effective range is also related to the distance and the attenuation caused by the obstacles in progress.

At present, there are also examples of introducing jammers in other public places: the device is used in test fields and concert halls. The use of mobile phone jammers has the function of making the mobile phone “stop service” only in a specific space, forcibly disabling mobile phones in the area to ensure safety. The signal interference equipment installed in the hospital will not affect the existing hospital communication system, such as PHS and telemeters and other precision instruments.

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