Cell phone jammers hinder communication freedom

Recently, many people are using smartphones, and we all have the right to freedom of communication. However, in certain phenomena, this right is abused. For example, the use of mobile phone cheating in the recent exams, and the fraud of mobile phone wire transfer in financial institutions. In many viewing halls, cell phone ringtones often hinder viewing. In order to prevent trouble caused by the ringing of smartphones, etc., to ensure the quietness of a specific space, it is allowed to install and operate a cell phone signal jammer.

desktop mobile phone blocker

As a special device that cannot be used in a specific area, cell phone jammer will attract people’s attention because they interfere with radio waves from smartphones and other over-range devices. Please install this device carefully, so as not to affect the freedom of communication, the right to use mobile phones, etc., and to prevent the inconvenience caused by communication with mobile phones.

The freedom to use mobile phones seems to be an important right for individuals, and the use of mobile phone jammers will bring public benefits. While using the right to freedom of communication, it is important to disturb others. Using a mobile phone for the college entrance examination violates the regulations and cannot guarantee the fairness of the examination. It may also damage the rights of others. Therefore, it is reasonable to install a device that prevents spoofed signal jammer, which is an effective method.

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