Cell phone jammers prevent cheating by exam candidates

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health. In daily life, with the expansion and diversification of radio waves such as smartphones, mobile phones, wireless LANs, wireless and IC tags, people are concerned that radio waves are not good for health and doubt the safety of radio waves, Therefore, machines such as cell phone jammer is widely used in many places.

In the test site, a cell phone jammer with a signal blocking function was used as a tool to prevent cheating. Mobile phone prohibition is an effective method to prevent cheating. According to the education department, we will provide you with instructions on how to use this product. There are various opinions about this situation. We interviewed Mr. Chen who has 6 years of experience in producing and selling jammers on this issue. “I contact this machine every day. No problem.”

Many movie theaters use this equipment. In these areas, the human body has no unpleasant conditions. I will conduct research as one of the important future issues concerning electromagnetic waves. There are various types of electromagnetic waves. As long as you use electronic tools, you must be affected by electromagnetic waves. There is a theory that the commonly used electrical appliances will not affect the human body because they emit very little electromagnetic waves. Like microwave ovens, high-intensity microwaves generate heat and affect living organisms. In Europe and the United States, the legalization of human body electromagnetic wave protection standards and the standardization of electromagnetic wave measurement methods are proceeding steadily.

In order to use radio waves safely and safely, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has established radio wave intensity standards based on the results of domestic and international research over the past few decades, and regulated them according to the Radio Law. I am specifically, where the intensity of radio waves emitted by mobile phone base stations and broadcasting stations exceeds the standards of radio protection standards, fences will be installed to prevent ordinary people from entering.

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