Multifunctional cell phone jammers block GPS signal

With the development of GPS satellite system, it brings great convenience to users, but it may also lead to the leakage of privacy. In response to this problem, we have adopted advanced technology to develop high-tech products, such as cell phone jammer. The product is active in many places. You can use this product to protect your whereabouts. Don’t worry about being tracked.

mobile phone signal jammer

Mobile phone jammers can block GPS signals at the same time, so what functions and advantages does it have? Can prevent GPS satellite positioning system positioning of cars and mobile phones; cut off GPS satellite signals. You can protect your privacy and information confidentiality; jammer can be used for a long time; small size, light weight, wide blocking range, easy to carry.

According to the function of the product, we will separate the professional GPS jammer from the multi-function GPS signal jamming equipment. The professional GPS jammer has a good shielding effect, and can only shield the GPS band; while the multi-function GPS jammer will not only interfere with the GPS signal, but also block the CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / WIFI signals.

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