Use a cell phone jammer to prevent various potential risks

With the development of wireless signals and GPS satellite systems, personal information is easily stolen by others. We use devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers and GPS navigators in our daily lives, and the risk of stealing your privacy is high. Others use GPS tracking devices to track your location. You are using a Wi-Fi connection and some hackers use this method to steal information. Mobile phone jammers are one of the measures to prevent this risk.

We understand that cell phone jammer equipment is very popular in many countries in the world, and it is widely used in many places to protect your privacy. GPS signal jammers are also commonly used in many countries. However, it is important to use this product safely.

You can check the frequencies you want to interfere with, find the frequencies used in your country, and then select the appropriate jammer. Protect your privacy and use cell phone jammers without disturbing others. When using a jammer, please note that other people can communicate freely. Do not use jammers in nearby police stations, and choose signal blocking devices that are suitable for the working range of your home. Because if the occlusion range is large, it may cause trouble to others.

It is very important to use the jammer safely, and there are some precautions when using it. Before turning on the power, all antennas must be connected. In Japan, blocking radio waves without permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications may violate the Radio Law, so please check with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications before using it in Japan. The antenna connected to each carrier is separate, so be careful when installing.

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