Jammer distribution

Signal jammer may appear soon in theaters, churches and educational institutions

United States law may legalize the use of blocking cellular signals that work with radio frequencies.

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This will allow the use of such devices:
in theaters during performances,
in churches at the time of the service.

Messages about turning off the phone are often ignored by entrepreneurs and people who never part with the phone. For example, in a theater during a performance, an outside call can lead to indignation of others or even disruption of the event. The same phenomenon can be seen at divine services in churches.

Cell phone jammer will not allow to carry out negotiations on cellular communications in a certain range. A device of a different nature can also be used that blocks incoming and outgoing calls.

At the moment, the system is only being tested. In the future, it is planned to create such equipment capable of functioning only in a certain territory. Otherwise, random passers-by may also fall into the coverage area of ​​the jammers, as a result of which the cellular signal will disappear. In addition, citizens will be notified, which will indicate the exact time and place of inclusion of the jammers of mobile communications.

Permission to use mobile jammers should be enumerated. Otherwise, some companies may make this decision, while others will refuse. Thus, some companies may lose some of the profit from phone calls, as subscribers will begin to use the operators of other networks.

In addition, citizens should be notified of entering a zone in which suppression of the mobile network is possible. It is impossible for swindlers to make money on this, since cellular communication will not work, and the fee for using a payphone can be increased.

Where can I find communication jammers?

Today, a device for blocking mobile communications can be purchased on the Internet. It is worth noting that while the public use of such devices is not permitted by law. However, in some theaters and churches one can already see the use of jammers for mobile communications.

Noise generators are rarely used in public places. First of all, the cost of equipment is very large, so the ordinary theater simply can not afford it. And installation requires solving a lot of technical issues. In any case, one cannot do without the help of specialists who are involved in testing such products.

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Church attendants and theater leaders were friendly about using noise generators.

“The offer is very worthy. Most clergy will approve the use of such devices, in my opinion, ”said Archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky, head of the press service of the Moscow Patriarch. “Mobile phones interfere with the service, and extraneous calls can disrupt events.”

The proposal was approved by the head of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin. He stated that the institution had been using an interference generator for two years now, and there were no complaints from the audience. Nothing distracts either the actors, who are free to play their roles, or the audience, who enjoy the excellent performance.

Some United States MPs proposed introducing jamming of cellular communications during state examinations. This practice has been operating in China for several years, and there are no complaints about it yet. On the contrary, students are only occupied with their tasks, which allows them to concentrate on the exam as much as possible.

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