New on the site! Section “Drone Jammers”

Currently, the field of quadrocopters and unmanned aerial vehicles is very developed. The average buyer can find any models for sale – small and large, ordinary toys and professional devices for video surveillance and audio recording. If earlier it was just a form of entertainment, now, often, these “flying spies” are used for a completely different purpose. “UAVs” are used for unauthorized entry into someone else’s territory, invading people’s personal lives, conducting hidden video recordings and listening. But! Security tools also do not stand still.

anti uav jammers remote control

We are glad to present you our latest drone jammer! This section provides protection against quadrocopters. Drone jammers block the frequency of control, navigation and data transmission of drones. Once in the jammer’s coverage area, the drone loses touch with the control panel, cannot determine its location using GPS and GLONASS coordinates, and is also unable to transmit video and audio information. On our site you can find various modifications of these devices – with different jamming radius, street performance and room jammers, directional radial antennas, and even in a wheeled case and a convenient handle. All these jammers are made to order – just for your needs. Call us and our managers will tell you more!

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