How does base station radio signal electromagnetic radiation affect human health?

Due to the rapid development of economic society, the pace of informationization is accelerating, and unrestricted communication technology in various fields of society is also being widely applied. It is more efficient and mass of people’s lives, and the contents are more fulfilling. For people’s daily lives, wireless communication technology will be no different. On the other hand, “How much the electromagnetic radiation of radio signal base stations established in various places affects the health of the human body” becomes a question in people’s minds, especially living near signal base stations. Residents are more interested. Today, let’s hear the authoritative remarks of experts on related topics.

“Effects of electromagnetic radiation from wireless communication base stations on the human body are extremely weak. Countries have technical standards with very strict limits on electromagnetic radiation, and electromagnetic radiation from communication base stations complies with the national standard Glass 1, Maybe it’s because of the residents’ concerns,” said one expert. The relevant departments and experts’ advice should focus more on the promotion of relevant knowledge, and the construction of telecommunication base stations will also be included in the urban construction plan, together to promote the application and sound development of national electromagnetic technology.

GPS Jammer Low frequency electromagnetic radiation has only a slight effect on human health.

According to related documents, electromagnetic radiation is a phenomenon in which energy is radiated into space in the form of electromagnetic waves. Natural electromagnetic radiation is from the thermal radiation of the earth, the sun, etc. Artificial electromagnetic radiation is radio, television, communication base stations and various applied equipment in life. In our daily lives, we can see the electromagnetic radiation sources well,For example, wifi jammer for PCs, mobile phones, and microwave ovens. Whether or not electromagnetic radiation is harmful to human health has been concluded in 2006 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 60 countries in the world, eleven years later. Yes: “Only electromagnetic radiation overhauls the human body, and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation has a weak effect on human health.”

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Electromagnetic radiation from communication base stations is weak to human health.

The communication base station refers to a low-power wireless antenna for communication with mobile phone users, and the emission output is several W to several hundred W depending on the number of users and the range of service. The power density belongs to low-frequency radiation (0.6-2.0 microwatts per square centimeter, μW/cm 2 ). Under normal circumstances, the base station antenna is installed in the building and the launch tower 15-50 m from the ground, the radio frequency emitted by the antenna extends mainly in the horizontal direction, and emits little in the vertical direction. Radiation is strongest in the horizontal direction of 10 to 20 m. As humans stay in this area for a long time, they are affected by radiation. Generally, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom are higher than residential areas, the electromagnetic frequency is 900-1800 MHz, and the attenuation is extremely fast in the air, and the output density of 10 to 20 m in front of the antenna is high. (0.6 μW/cm 2 per square centimeter) is much lower than the national standard of 40 μW/cm 2 per square centimeter, and it further attenuates four times (6 dB) after passing through the walls of the inhabitants’ houses. Therefore, people living near the base station antenna are safe.

In order to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body, some residents purchase various cell phone jammer, and this behavior is quite scientific from the perspective of relevant experts. These jammers block the radio signals from the communication base stations and achieve the purpose of significantly reducing the influence of the various kinds of electromagnetic signal radiation on the human body.

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