Mobile phone jammer for short-range interference

Is school cell phone nuisance protection harmful to the human body and phone? Users should rest assured that the signal jammer emits a low electromagnetic signal strength, it has undergone the Department of Health, microwave radiation test and certification, the test data shows that the signal strength is not too harmful to the human body .. At the same time, the anti-radiation device blocks only the forward signal of the telephone, so that the telephone cannot connect to the base station, so that the telephone itself is not damaged. GPS Jammer Is there a difference in distance between using signal jammers both indoors and outdoors? A: Yes. The effective distance of the signal jammer (which does not have to be 1-40 meters, depending on the distance of the environment) generally refers to the indoor distance.

portable cell phone signal jammer

2017 new model all mobile Unicom Telecom three network operators 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone signal + wifi wireless bluetooth, wireless network transmission signal, anti-static device silver test room phone signal shield machine, all band Test room phone signal shield machine is my company Foreign advanced technology, imported components, power enhancement, 24-hour, 365-day boot, domestic mobile communication carefully developed high-tech products real situation According to this GPS Jammer model is recommended for school exam rooms, including international dormitories, libraries, prisons, camps, military facilities, troops, churches, secret meeting rooms, factories and more.

WiFi jammer Designed to prevent antenna mining errors only when the correct antenna can be inserted. (Note: If you do not install the antenna to open the power switch, you could damage the machine) Power connection Check the power switch on the host and make sure the power switch is in the closed position, Switch the power supply by inserting the output plug of the power transformer into the host on the left side of the power socket. The compressor input plug is connected to the AC 220V power supply. High Power GPS Jammer / Car GPS Location Jammer / WIFI Shield Bluetooth Suppressor can also be in your home car! Network Information Leak Detector (Electromagnetic Conductor Jammer) Cell Phone Signal Shield Device Test Triple Shield + wireless LAN network shield!

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