6 ways to prevent decoder theft

When the car owner locks the car, it intercepts the decoded signal sent from the car’s key to the car’s central control lock device, analyzes the frequency and data in it, and copies this signal to control the car door lock and easily steal the owner’s car or car property.

The car GPS jammer has a low technical content. The principle is to send out a frequency similar to the original car key signal, and the signal is strong, covering the original car key signal, making the vehicle unable to lock the door, and taking the opportunity to steal the property or the vehicle after the owner goes away .

car gps anti track blocker

“This kind of device is a decoder, rather than a codecutter, because it mainly relies on intercepting the signal to copy the signal.” Master Su said, the public need not be too panic, because only when the owner of the car is opening or locking the car, it is illegal. Only the disciples can take advantage of it. However, in order to avoid property damage, Master Su reminded the majority of car owners to be more careful when parking.

Learn the following 6 tips to reduce the chance of theft of vehicles and their belongings:

1. When you lock the car, pay attention to whether there are suspicious persons within 10 meters.
2. When locking the car, the owner should not be too far away from the car to reduce the range of sensor sensing by the decoder.
3. When using the car anti-theft alarm, install a mechanical anti-theft device and install several concealed locks, such as steering wheel locks and gear locks, so you are not afraid of any decoder.
4. Look for a more side-by-side anti-theft method, do not install the anti-theft device in a fixed position, which increases the time of the thief’s crime, and the thief will lose patience, thereby reducing the chance of successful theft.
5. Load the GPS global positioning system on the car. Even if the car is stolen, the police can quickly locate the stolen vehicle and retrieve the stolen vehicle as soon as possible.
6. It is still necessary to emphasize that you should not put valuables such as leather bags, mobile phones, cash, etc. in the car to avoid losses caused by criminals.

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