Anti-drone technology is necessary in the future

Anti-UAV technology, why is it essential for airports.

With the dramatic increase in drone penetration in the past few years, controlling the sky above us has become an additional responsibility. UAV detection solutions have become very important, not only can detect long-distance UAVs, but also access a variety of potentially important information, such as controller location and UAV model.

Who are those organizations that rely on drone detection? The police force certainly bears a great deal of responsibility when tracking illegal activities involving drones, but the airport (probably more than any other type of venue) must fully control the sky above its location. As drones increasingly enter the airspace around airports, this reality has become more relevant in recent times.

Last summer, a drone entered the airspace near Gatwick Airport, causing five aircraft to be diverted and completely closed the runway.

In addition to endangering the safety of passengers on board, taking up air traffic control time, and causing inconvenience to people who eventually misplace or put their journey on hold, it can be said with certainty that the interruption of drones will eventually cause great losses to airlines. All these problems are caused by a relatively small unmanned aerial vehicle, which emphasizes the importance of airport drone detection.

According to this BBC article, the British Airprox Commission conducted an investigation into the Gatwick incident and concluded that the incident caused as many as 130 deaths.

Time for action

The truth is not a lie. According to Airprox’s data, in the last two years of records, 168% of aircraft errors on drones and aircraft. The drone caused chaos around the airport, stopped flying, almost lost the aircraft and caused delays.

In December 2018, a drone report at Gatwick Airport grounded all flights and disrupted thousands of passengers within 24 hours. Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems and return more control to those who work on the ground.

UAV automatic detection and defense solutions can let people know those who pay attention to the sky. UAVs can now be detected up to 20 kilometers away, and early warning can give precious time to prepare and deal with any type of UAV threat.

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The ability to identify the location of the controller gives the airport the opportunity to more effectively liaise with law enforcement agencies to take action against those who violate its airspace. It can identify a specific drone model and the actual serial number of a single drone that has been detected. This is enhanced by the flow of information to be able to pinpoint the heading, speed and altitude of the drone-all potentially key facts that could affect the actions taken by air traffic control.

Portable drone jammer has become a popular anti-drone technology option, suitable for police forces that require drone detection on the move, but when it comes to airports, the fixed version may see the most demand .

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