Common questions and answers about signal interference

Can someone send me a text message when the phone is blocked?

After the mobile phone is blocked, the text messages sent by others will not be received, nor will it be possible to make and receive calls. After unblocking, that is, the cell phone jammer is turned off or you leave the area where the phone signal jammer works. If it is a text message sent to you by someone else on the same day, you will receive it. If it is earlier, such as yesterday or earlier, this It depends on whether the SMS service of your mobile communication service provider has this function.

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Similarly, if you are blocked by your mobile phone, after someone dials your call, if your mobile phone is activated with Caller or similar services, after the signal is restored, you will receive a short message reminder of missed calls.

Can smartphones be immune to the influence of mobile phone jammers?

There is no way. The unshielded cell phone has nothing to do with whether the cell phone is smart or not.
The frequency of GSM mobile phone is 900MHz/1800MHz, CDMA is 800MHz, PHS is 1900MHz, mobile phone signal jammer usually shields the frequency interference of these four frequency bands, if you have a way to keep the phone out of this frequency, you can I don’t like jammer interference, so there is no way, because if the mobile phone is not within this frequency range, it is not a mobile phone (including PHS).

Does the jammer consume a lot of mobile phone batteries?

Mobile phone jammers consume a lot of battery for most mobile phones. Since the mobile phone jammer is turned on, the signal between the mobile phone and the base station will be shielded. Actually, it is interfered and cannot form normal communication with the base station. Then, many mobile phones have this function: when there is no signal, the mobile phone must be very Efforts to search for the signal, which leads to a lot more power consumption than the normal standby state!

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