The “artificial weapon of military force” between Turkey and Russia

The “Krasukha” land-based electronic jamming system is the most advanced signal jammer equipped by the Russian armed forces. The system can effectively interfere with land-based radars, aerial radars, early warning aircraft, and even near-Earth satellites within 300 kilometers. The system is said to permanently damage the target radio equipment.

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Russia has already deployed a “Klasuha” land-based electronic jamming system in Syria. Compared with Turkey’s “Koral” portable radar jamming system, “Krasuha” has a wider interference range. “Krasuha” can blind the Turkish Air Force’s “Peace Eagle” early warning aircraft, making it impossible for the Turkish side to map the airspace of Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean, and greatly reducing its interception capabilities.

The Russian “Glory”-class guided missile cruiser has advanced maritime combat platforms and air defense platforms, equipped with 16 “Bazart” anti-ship missile launch systems, 64 S-300PMU long-range air defense missile systems and two “Wasps” short-range Surface-to-air missiles. The “Glorious”-class guided missile cruiser has advanced functions such as three-dimensional search and radar tracking, and is called a “floating fortress.” After the Russian fighter plane was shot down on November 24, a “Glorious”-class guided-missile cruiser has been deployed to Latakia Port in Syria.

However, the “Glorious”-class guided-missile cruiser is not without flaws. This class of cruisers lack effective anti-submarine firepower, especially when capturing stealth underwater targets such as Turkish “Gul” class submarines. In addition, Russia has only one “Glorious”-class guided-missile cruiser that can be used in the Syrian region, and several other ships are deployed in the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Russian special forces have a long-standing reputation and have performed a large number of special missions since the Soviet era. They can perform various missions such as long-range raids, assassinations, sabotage, and lurking. It has multiple teams and branches, and its most recent appearance is said to be a “little green man” who suddenly appeared in the Crimea region in February 2014. Many think tanks believe that the Russian special forces are the sword that Ankara is most worried about. Ankara’s envisioned plot includes Russian special forces disguising as Syrian refugees and mixing into southern Turkey and performing special tasks.

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