How smart home products steal your secrets

There is no doubt that the US’s information technology strength is in an absolute leading position in the world. This strength is not only reflected in the number of information technology talents, but also in the ability to research and develop information technology, control of information resources, and influence on the formulation of information technology standards. For example, the world’s largest professional network warfare unit is in the United States; the mainstream operating systems (such as Windows, MacOS, Andriod, etc.) installed and used in the world’s computers and smart terminals are all developed and designed by the United States; the world’s main 13 root domain name servers Ten of them are in the United States…It is no exaggeration to say that the United States has the power to monopolize the world in terms of information technology. Of course, this also includes the power to invade and monitor the world.

In addition to operating systems, smartphones, tablets, web cameras and other software and hardware that are often “visited” by hackers, household products such as routers, set-top boxes, smart cars, and even smart TVs, smart air conditioners, etc. cannot escape the fate of being invaded and monitored by the CIA . Take smart air conditioners as an example. In order to improve the user experience, some manufacturers have installed microphones inside the air conditioners to collect and feedback the noise generated during the operation of the air conditioners, and use this as a basis to improve the process to improve the user experience. The CIA can use its exclusive mining (not publicly disclosed or feedback to related manufacturers) or vulnerabilities that have been disclosed but not patched in time (such as zero-day vulnerabilities) to attack smart air conditioners and ultimately gain control. Once the intrusion is successful, the microphone used to collect the operating noise of the air conditioner becomes an eavesdropper that monitors the sound of the surrounding environment, making it impossible to guard against. For another example, by invading and controlling smart cars, the CIA can tailor “traffic accidents” for some key targets, which are silent and difficult to track down. The most frightening thing is that the malware developed by the CIA can bypass software that uses cryptographic technology to encrypt storage and communication, and directly obtain your communication information. It should be noted that the “bypass” here does not directly crack the data that has been encrypted by the application, but has been monitored and acquired at the beginning of the information collection and entry (not yet encrypted). Of course, if your smart terminal uses point-to-point encrypted communication at all times, the CIA will still be unable to receive the monitored information.

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