The man set up a jammer to interfere with the aircraft GPS signal? The truth is…

GPS navigation signal is an important technical guarantee for aircraft flight safety. The flight crew of a civil airliner that landed at Liuzhou Airport not long ago reported that the aircraft was about 8 kilometers above the runway when it was descending and preparing to land. GPS signals began to be interfered by radio until the distance About 4 kilometers above the runway, the GPS interference signal disappeared, and the length of time the passenger aircraft was interfered on different flights was different. The shortest time for the passenger aircraft GPS to be interfered was 60 seconds, and the longest time was 125 seconds.

The reporter learned from the Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center that recently, the center used technical means to jointly enforce the law with relevant departments. This case of civil aviation passenger aircraft GPS interference was seized and handled, eliminating potential safety hazards.

It is understood that on June 28, Liuzhou Airport submitted a radio interference complaint form to Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center: The GPS signal was severely interfered by the GPS signal while the civil airliner was preparing to land on the runway of Liuzhou Airport recently, resulting in loss of GPS signal and interference. The worst airliner lost GPS signal for up to two minutes. The GPS signal was interfered with and affected the approach and landing of the aircraft. Some flight crews adopted the termination of the RNP approach procedure and used visual control of the aircraft to land, which seriously affected the approach and landing of the civil aviation aircraft and brought security risks to flight safety.

After receiving the complaint, the Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center dispatched monitoring personnel and dispatched mobile monitoring vehicles to carry out carpet radio monitoring and interference investigations on the area under the GPS interference route. It was found that the source of the interference was set by the Liuzhou Power Supply Bureau on Ruilong Road. A GPS signal jammer in a second-hand car warehouse next to the Fort Substation. After questioning, the owner of the car warehouse confessed that the jammer was purchased from Taobao and it was used to shield the GPS signals of cars in the warehouse to prevent vehicle positioning information from being discovered.

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On July 21, Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center, Municipal Public Security Bureau Airport Branch, and Liuzhou Airport launched a joint operation to investigate and deal with the illegally installed GPS signal jammer in the warehouse. The staff of Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center and the Public Security Bureau conducted a preliminary inquiry and investigation of the warehouse owner. After that, the public security police seized the GPS signal jammer according to law and brought the warehouse owner back to the Public Security Bureau for further investigation.

At this point, the GPS signals of all civil aviation aircraft that landed at Liuzhou Airport have returned to normal, and the radio signals that interfered with the GPS positioning of the civil aviation aircraft have completely disappeared, and the hidden dangers affecting aviation safety have been eliminated.

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