Detailed introduction of mobile communication jammer

KZXJ-1D communication signal intelligent monitoring and cutting equipment is a series of electromagnetic interference products of Chengdu Anze’s national distributor, which can effectively shield CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, FDD-LTE in a certain place , TD-LTE, WIFI mobile phone signal and Bluetooth communication.

The mobile phone signal jammer adopts advanced shielding technology with completely own intellectual property rights, which shields the downlink signal of the base station within a certain range, so that any mobile phone (including 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI) in the location fails to send and receive functions and cannot make calls. And answering calls, unable to receive/send text messages, and unable to access the Internet, so as to achieve the purpose of forcibly banning mobile phones. The mobile communication jammer has the characteristics of low radiation intensity, large interference radius and no interference to mobile phone base stations, stable performance, convenient installation, and harmless to the human body. It is an ideal product for purifying the mobile communication environment in specific places.

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The main function

1. It can quickly find the communication signal in the restricted area and have a signal alarm display;

2. It can block and cut calls, text messages, Bluetooth communication and wireless Internet access in the restricted area in real time;

3. It can detect the bug in this working frequency band and prevent it from working;

4. It can prevent the explosion of remote control bombs in this working frequency band;

5. It is convenient to set the attenuation of the received signal strength according to the requirements of the scope of use;

6. The decision threshold can be flexibly set according to the electromagnetic environment of the use area to ensure that no missed or wrong judgments are made;

7. The set judgment threshold and various values ​​have memory function, if the environment does not change, it can be used permanently, once there is a change, it can be reset flexibly; the device will automatically scan the local level when it is turned on.

8. The system has a complete self-check function, which is convenient for finding and finding faults.

Features of desktop recording jammer

The Jammer-mart desktop recording jammer An-Rejam-De01 can effectively shield and interfere with the recording functions of digital products such as voice recorders and smart phones. Interference signals are generated after the recording blocker is turned on, and all recorded information is noisy current sound, and the sound information cannot be restored. The product is suitable for sensitive places such as enterprises, governments, and secret-related units to prevent security risks caused by theft.

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The product has no noise, no harsh noise, and is harmless to the human body;

Directional interference, greater output power, stronger shielding effect;

The product form can be customized and designed to adapt to various usage scenarios;

The product is easy to install, and it can be used only by providing city power;

There are many types of shielding range, covering the main recording equipment on the market.

UAV jamming system contributes to national defense

In the Zhurihe military parade in Inner Mongolia on July 30, 2017, there was a modern information warfare unit, which was responsible for ensuring the communication of the unit. Drone jammer is another important part of modern information operations. Among them, the second-generation individual portable anti-UAV equipment is an anti-UAV information individual operation equipment.

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This single-soldier drone jamming device interferes with the drone’s sensors and flight control signals to force the drone to land or return, without destroying the drone. The UAV jamming system of the device looks like a rifle, and it is easy to operate and can be operated by one person. It can block the signal between the interfered drone and the remote control by transmitting wifi and GNSS signals. When the jamming system is turned on, it will completely cut off the connection between the drone and the ground workstation, thereby ensuring airspace safety and interfering with illegal drone intrusion.

Military heavy ground needs UAV countermeasure system defense

With the development of science and technology, drones have become more and more common. They are not only used in the military, but also in civilians. Moreover, drones are widely used. They have night-time camera functions and can quietly disappear at night. Flight at various places. People can use it to take pictures, to video, to explore, to peep, etc. It depends on what kind of behavior the drone owner will have. If it is a military powerhouse, drone countermeasures systems are needed for defense.

Since drones are more common and common, if a military site is peeped or attacked by drones, it will bring serious consequences. Because the drone has an intelligent form, it can also be controlled. As long as the operator connects to the computer, he can see everything the drone sees through the computer, and some can also launch an attack. There are many military secrets in military powerhouses. Once snooped by drones, it often leads to the leakage of military secrets.

If there is a drone jammer in a military powerhouse, once the UAV enters, the surveillance system can be used for monitoring and the UAV can also be landed. Destroying devices can also be used, but generally as long as the drone is knocked down, it can be studied through the drone to know the main messenger behind the scenes.

What are the basic advantages of drone jammers

After the development of UAV monitoring equipment, its application has become more and more extensive, especially in many high-tech fields, and its role is still very good. Therefore, the design effect and function of the UAV jammer will be even more different. So what are its basic advantages?

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The use of radio and photoelectric technology makes the system technology of the drone jammer interfere with the signal during the use process is relatively advanced, especially in the recognition and judgment are very accurate, after the signal is identified, the interference will be carried out immediately , It will not affect its operation. Therefore, it is getting higher and higher in its technical level, which has been recognized and trusted by customers. From a design point of view, you all think that the functional characteristics of drones will be more diversified. In the analysis, you all feel that the functional advantages of jammers are diversified, and the role played out is quite good.

After comprehensively analyzing and summarizing the diversified UAV jammer design, it will always reach the level of system technology, and it has been recognized and trusted by customers during the application process. Therefore, the principle of action in the interference process is still more and more advanced. From the perspective of promotion, they all feel that its performance advantages are diversified, and the choices it brings are worthy of recognition. Sales advantages have been trusted and recognized by customers. After mastering the basic points of its jammer, it can be seen from the design that its performance will be more prominent, and the choices brought are diversified.

Chinese company fined 34.9 million U.S. dollars for selling mobile phone jammers

Phoenix Technology News, May 27, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, a man in Florida and a Chinese company CTS Technology were formally fined US$48,000 and US$34.9 million by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), respectively, because of the man. Use signal jammers to prevent drivers from using mobile phones, and CTS Technology sells these devices.

Signal jammer may hinder the work of the emergency response team, thereby hindering public safety, so the use or possession of these devices is illegal.

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It is reported that for two years, the man named Jason Humphreys (Jason Humphreys) has been interfering with cell phone signals on Interstate 4 between Seffner and Tampa until 2014 Was caught.

At the time, MetroPCS reported that its signal towers would always be disturbed at certain times of the day, but in fact this is exactly the time Humphries drives to and from get off work every day.

The document shows that the FCC had planned to fine Humphries US$48,000 two years ago, and this week the FCC finally officially confirmed the penalty.

Humphries told the police that he had been using signal jammers in his Toyota vehicles to prevent other drivers from making calls while driving.

The FCC determined that this was an “unauthorized behavior, which used illegal equipment to cause deliberate interference.”

The fine for the Chinese company CTS Technology was much higher, reaching US$34.9 million. The FCC said that for more than two years, CTS Technology has been selling 285 signal jamming devices to American consumers through the company’s official website or third-party platforms, and falsely claimed that some devices have been approved by the FCC.

The FCC said the company sold 10 high power jammer to the committee’s secret investigators. They can interfere with signals such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, radio waves, and GPS, and some interference strength can even reach half a mile.

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FCC official Travis LeBlanc said: “In today’s mobile world, cellular networks, GPS and other signal jamming devices will seriously endanger communications, commercial operations and public safety. The promotion or sale of these devices to the public is illegal and will be severely punished.

China’s self-developed UAV jammer looks strange like a chainsaw

The first is discovery. Almost all current large-scale advanced drones use stealth design, which makes it difficult to discover their whereabouts. At this time, the long-wave radar is used. The current stealth drones are mainly effective for centimeter-wave radars, but for long-wave radars, drones are almost impossible to stealth. Long-wave radar can provide early warning and azimuth indication for stealth drones, laying the foundation for subsequent strategy development.

The second is interference. Utilizing ultra-high-power drone jammer to transmit strong electronic waves to the UAV, blinding the UAV’s radar, cutting off the “umbilical cord” connection between the UAV and the space-based satellite and parent base, making it unable to receive remote control instruction. * Is to take over. When the UAV’s accusation command is interfered by strong electronic waves, it will retransmit a fake GPS parameter to the UAV to make it fly according to the path desired by the trapper, and finally control it to land smoothly to the designated location.

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However, the theory is so, but in fact, because the enemy UAV also has information encryption and anti-interference methods, it is not easy to operate. All military powers are sparing no effort to develop technologies that can “trap” drones. For example, Russia’s “automobile field” is one of the few electronic countermeasure systems that can “trap” advanced drones. It consists of dozens of vehicles, loaded with radar, electronic jamming equipment, and ground command equipment, which can easily penetrate The enemy’s electronic jamming waves and avionics resistance.

YX-007, a global all-recording jammer (jammer), was born in Incom!

As the name suggests, the recording muting device is an instrument for shielding recording. In today’s society, information is rapidly developed. The problem of voice information leakage is a difficult problem to solve in the world. People’s normal conversations are recorded silently and reprocessed out of context to become a means of coercion by people with ulterior motives, which involve national security. Important information is illegally recorded and spread, becoming a security hazard!

For this reason, Tianjin Yingxun Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a sound signal jammer product with great concentration. This product can effectively prevent illegal sound collection such as mobile phones, voice recorders, video audio parts, recorders, etc. According to the needs of users, the company has developed several products covering handheld to desktop, meeting the various needs of meeting rooms and individuals.

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In addition, the company’s products have obtained authoritative inspections by the National Security and Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Public Security’s Safety and Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center to ensure the quality of the products.

When the YX-007 series recording muting device is recording, the recording muting device will generate random noise signals, which can produce suppressive interference to the voice signal, so that the recording equipment picks up only noise information, and cannot distinguish the voice information. Ensure the security of voice information. Widely used in: leadership offices, confidential meeting rooms, military war rooms, business negotiation rooms and other places that prevent recording.