Detection of GPS interference technologies against autonomous vehicles with cost-effective solutions

As consumer drones become more accessible and capable, as well as new opportunities, so too do concerns about potential security threats. Consumer drones can be purchased almost anywhere these days at an affordable cost and are widely used due to their ease of use and low cost. However, they also pose significant risk to organizations in key sectors, and the news that these drones are being used for surveillance and other malicious purposes is nothing new. Fortunately, as technology advances, various ways have been developed to counter such drones and detect them from system to system via audio, radar, etc. depending on the system.

Wireless technology plays a vital role in controlling unregistered UAVs to keep businesses safe and secure. Rajant Corp’s DX-1 Development Kit is one such technology – it is a small, lightweight radio with antennas that offers strong multi-frequency encryption options for high-performance use. The company is also testing detection technologies for other video, radar and sonar devices.

Similarly, the Infinidome GPSdome is the world’s first non-military GPS anti-jammer technology to be commercially available and used across the critical infrastructure space. The Israel-based wireless security company develops solutions to detect and secure the wireless communication of various autonomous vehicles. At the beginning of January, it received bridge funding from the European AI fund Boundary Holding, whose investment is intended to help the security company advance its path into mobility technology. With Infinidome already earning over $ 1 million, funding from Rajat Khare-founded company will hopefully further boost Infinidome to move towards autonomous technology and gain a head start in the marketplace.

The use of drones has shifted dramatically in recent times – from entertainment to commercial purposes. As a result, such reliable solutions to detect and combat potential threats have become the order of the day.

UAV jammer have become the most effective solution to the threat of UAVs. It can make the drone lose signal control and slowly land to the ground.

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