UNUSUAL | Equipped with a jammer, it disrupts cell phones in its neighborhood

A Montélimar resident was arrested on Friday for disrupting mobile communications in the city center. He had equipped himself with a frequency jammer because he felt he was being spied on.

A Montélimar resident was arrested that Friday afternoon for a specific crime: “Possessing and using a device that tends to disable communications equipment”. Because the man was using a signal blocker.

22 Antennas Wireless Signal Jammer

The fear of being spied on

At the police station, he explained that he felt he was being followed. He recently installed a camera in his apartment in the Old City to monitor his home. Except that he regularly had the impression that his camera was being controlled remotely and that individuals were spying on what was going on. He was therefore given a jammer that is strictly forbidden as it neutralizes the waves and deactivates cell phones and GPS. In the case of a strong jammer, this can even interfere with the aircraft.

National Frequency Agency survey

In addition, the cellular network in this sector was very disrupted. The National Frequency Agency therefore carried out the investigation. She sent her agents to the center of Montélimar with special equipment and they quickly discovered the apartment. The police then went to the Montilien house where they found the jammer and got off to the forties. The man who admitted the facts will be called to the police station again earlier this week.

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