Why buy a jammer from us and not from others?

For two fundamental reasons:

1.Because our products, unlike our other competitors, are assembled at the time of order. We do not intentionally do a department store, since electronic components, especially batteries, tend to “get damaged” if they are not used shortly after construction.
Unfortunately, our competitors tend to order large quantities to cut costs. So a mobile phone jammer bought today may have been assembled a year ago. To better understand the damage that this entails, try to keep the battery of your smartphone still for a year, you will see the consequences and the enormous loss of sealing. Not happy with this, our jammers are tested at all stages and for 24 continuous hours before shipping, just to check for any problems.

portable wireless signal jammers
2.The location of the company is of vital importance when it comes to security. Having a legal, tax and operating company in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, we are not required and cannot / want to provide any data relating to our clients to ANY government body; of no state!

Companies located in Italy, Europe or satellite states such as San Marino (read here to find out more), cannot guarantee the confidentiality of personal data. If governmental or other authorized bodies ask for information about purchases, the company could NOT refuse. Which, on the other hand, does not exist for an independent state in all respects, which has made privacy its winning weapon for years!

The difference is our scrupulousness in detail, our confidentiality of information about our customers. This characterizes us and differentiates us from others, which is why our customers always come back to us.

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