How to visualize the interference of the wi-fi signal has become the norm as a result?

wifi jammer sends a predefined white noise signal in specific bandwidths, which interrupts all wifi / bluetooth communication. Our jamming units can be programmed to jam any number of discrete frequencies within the limits of their RF capabilities. For basic wifi jamming systems, the effective disturbance radius is approximately 20 meters.

Jammer device also include Wi-Fi jammers and cell phone jammers, which can prevent your mobile phone from receiving or making calls, emails, and text messages. They can also prevent your Wi-Fi enabled device from connecting to the Internet for multiple operations, prevent you from receiving exact positioning signals with the use of GPS, and prevent you from being spotted by a first responder in an emergency.

2G 3G 4G 5G cell signal jammer

Advances in electronic warfare are one of the key elements guiding the development of autonomous systems for the armed forces. Right now, drones are waging electronic warfare against cellular communications, but it’s not hard to imagine the same doctrines being applied with new technologies. In this scenario, it’s easy to imagine other vehicles turning into jamming machines on future battlefields … and maybe even today.

Deauthentication attacks, or more generally “jamming” attacks, may violate certain laws or regulations, depending on the country. However, it is often difficult to identify the source of interference, as it can be small and easily hidden.

Wammer, short for WIFI jammer, brings together all the steps behind an extremely simple but effective user interface. To launch an attack, the user just has to press the “Activate the jammer” button. That’s all! A few seconds after the jamming begins, the user’s device will be the only one connected to the WiFi access point.

The problem is, (a) good Wi-Fi routers today use 5 GHz in addition to 2.4 GHz and there are many more 5 GHz channels available. Then there is (b) that if you obstruct a 2.4 GHz channel, the access point owner only needs to change the channel. It can turn into an escalating war where they switch channels and you switch channels on your phone. Non-stop. Until someone climbed with a baseball bat or worse.

As we said, we are very dependent on wireless networks. Wireless communication is like two people talking. One of them speaks and listens, and vice versa. What if a third person approaches them and starts screaming so loud that the other two cannot listen to each other? At first they will try to keep the conversation going, but soon they will realize that this is not possible and they will stop talking while waiting for the madman to shut up. This is what happens to many communication protocols. When they see that the channel is busy, they pull out. Thus, the exchange of messages between these devices is suspended. Even if they tried to communicate when the medium was not free, as some other protocols do, if the noise was too high, messages would not be received correctly on the other side and no communication would be possible. We call this wireless jamming.

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