What are the effects of communication base stations on the social economy?

Why build a communication base station?

Regardless of the mobile communication system, the calling and called users do not directly transmit information. The calling user transmits the demand signal and transmits it to the central computer room through the base station. The central computer room analyzes this information, determines the location of the called user, GSM jammer and transmits relevant information to the base station near the location of the called user, and the base station transmits to the called user. Since each base station has coverage distance and access capacity limitations, it is necessary to build multiple base stations to form a communication network to achieve seamless coverage of the entire area.

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What is the effect of mobile communication on the social economy?

The development of mobile communications has had a profound impact on the reform of the telecommunications industry, economic growth, independent innovation and social life.

First, it has promoted the change of Chinese people’s concepts and led to the rise of communication culture. Over the past 20 years, my country’s mobile communication network has continuously expanded its coverage and enriched business content, expanding the breadth of people’s communication, deepening the depth of people’s communication, expanding the time and space of communication with each other, and accelerating people’s ways of thinking, working, and Changes in lifestyle. The reduction of information exchange cost brought about by convenient mobile communication has expanded people’s information sources and effectively promoted the improvement of national quality.

The second is to promote the improvement of social and economic operation efficiency and economic development. Through continuous innovation in business services, my country’s mobile communications industry has effectively helped related industries to reduce operating costs, avoid operating risks, improve management efficiency, promote the improvement of social and economic operation efficiency, and bring double value that is difficult to measure with money.

The rapid development of my country’s mobile communications has played a positive and direct role in attracting foreign investment, becoming a global electronic communications manufacturing base and important research and development center, and has promoted my country’s mobile communications manufacturing enterprises to enter international competition, thereby changing mobile communications systems and mobile phones. The global layout of the manufacturing industry has greatly stimulated the development of the domestic communications manufacturing industry and even the global communications manufacturing industry.

The third is to promote environmental protection. In 2009, the “thumb economy” represented by mobile phone text messages for New Year greetings reappeared. According to estimates, the number of mobile phone text messages sent nationwide during the Spring Festival holiday exceeded 18 billion. Compared with the previous paper greeting cards, 4,000 paper greeting cards are about one tree. Calculated, it is equivalent to cutting down 450,000 trees. In today’s era when paperless office is promoted, mobile communication platforms extend this concept to the extreme.

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