In the era of technology, we need to protect personal privacy

GPS positioning brings a lot of convenience. However, if you do not notice, GPS will quietly display your personal information. The ubiquitous GPS positioning of mobile phones and personal electronic devices continues to determine your whereabouts. In addition, some smart phone applications will also open the location function and display your whereabouts. Therefore, a reliable GPS jammer is needed to maintain personal information security and protect privacy.

Basically, GPS tracking is mainly performed by the vehicle, so it is particularly important to select a gps signal jammer specific to the vehicle.

mini signal gps jammer

GPS jammers can effectively block satellite signals, track GPS satellite positioning, and protect your privacy and personal information. In view of the characteristics of all current GPS satellite positioning systems, use this product to effectively explore GPS satellite signals within 2-15 meters to form an effective protection area, so that your whereabouts will not worry about being tracked.

Most GPS jammers are built for military purposes. The purpose is to take the enemy to their exact location or where the enemy drops GPS-guided missiles or bombs. However, there are some civilian uses that interfere with GPS signals, including the ability to hide yourself or your vehicle when the GPS receiver is tracking yourself or your vehicle.

Although GPS jammers have been developed (especially by governments, military organizations, and spy or privacy gadget companies), most civilians do not yet have the technology to create their own homemade devices. This is much more difficult than using basic radio interference to block radio signals.

Use of GPS jammers for personal use

You can easily order GPS signal jammer from the Internet, and you can protect privacy and prevent third-party tracking. These products are beneficial and should be purchased. For example, certain VIP roles can prevent illegal positioning by GPS trackers.

GPS blocker

Of course, in North America and Europe, such devices are also needed to protect privacy. Because you don’t know when others will follow your vehicle. GPS trackers are easy to buy.

GPS jamming technology can also be used to manage drones. Professor Todd Humphreys and his team have used GPS deception technology to control an unmanned drone in Austin. They used a small helicopter to destroy the GPS system of the drone, and then provided the drone with the coordinates to reach the destination.

In positioning applications, we have a common problem: instead of trying to position the transmitter relative to ourselves, we try to position ourselves relative to a series of transmitters. Of course, we use the same technology: GPS is a good example of a TOA system.

The loss of commercial aircraft GPS functions will certainly lead to catastrophic air disasters, but Norwegian Intel believes that Russian GPS interference with Finland/Norway is neither the intention of the Russian government nor the intention of the Russian military.

Those mobile phone problems can be solved by jammer

The obsession with mobile phones worries both parents and schools. A middle school found a “new solution”: a mobile phone signal sign is being installed on campus, which can be turned on every night, so that students can’t play with mobile phones at night.

The school intends to block cell phone signals so that students can study, rest and break the idea of ​​play. Mobile phones and games are almost the biggest challenges in education today. A middle school teacher wrote a recently popular mobile phone game, and said that the game has gradually turned mobile phones into “game consoles.” His students also said painfully: “I can’t control myself!”. In order to get students out of the predicament, some unconventional management methods must be used, such as prohibiting the use of mobile phones and playing games. The school needs to do something about this, and shielding the phone signal is much more effective than calling the teacher to inspect the house and adopt strict management measures.

3g jammers

The work of a gsm jammer is very simple, because it affects the frequency of the telephone signal and the frequency of the signal. In recent years, signal interference has been used in various inspection halls, schools, gas stations, courts, libraries, conference centers (halls), theaters, hospitals, government agencies, etc. Even some companies and families are installing them. Interference equipment can be easily purchased on the Internet.

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern communication technology, the use of high-tech fraud methods in examination rooms has emerged one after another, from pagers to mobile phones, to mobile phones, to today’s digital products, and college entrance exams conducted through fraud tools. For cheating tools such as rulers, rubber, spectacle cases, stationery bags, watches, and mineral water bottles, examinations have been carried out in different countries. In order to prevent fraud, the authorities have effectively prevented and stopped fraud in the examination room by using mobile phone locks, metal detectors, radio signal jammers and warning suppression devices.

The role of drones in future warfare, what about drone jammers?

War is entering the era of drones faster than expected, and the “high altitude danger” of civilian drones is increasing, except for large drones like the Global Hawk. At home and abroad, the phenomenon of “black flying” and “flying flying” has emerged one after another, which has attracted more and more attention to security monitoring issues such as civil aircraft taking off and landing, eavesdropping in secret areas. In fact, the increasing number of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crimes makes people pay more and more attention to the management of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

drone signal jammer

The drone signal jammer market is developing rapidly, and UAVs are now playing a role in aerial photography, mapping, delivery, rescue and other fields. However, “problems” followed. These problems affected the order of aviation and the penetration of sensitive areas… These phenomena even led to the rapid development of the derivatives industry and unmanned aerial vehicles (uav). Equipment and service providers, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “predators” have also benefited a lot from it, which brings huge development opportunities to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) companies.

The Chinese military has been equipped with the ability of the US military to use drones to interfere with radiation weapons. Large electronic warfare equipment can even destroy and capture enemy large drones. For example, Russia’s “automatic” countermeasure energy response system has some powerful functions that the outside world has not yet realized. The radar system can suppress 50 aircraft at an altitude of 30,000 meters, and can also conduct electronic attacks on fighter jets and unmanned aircraft within a radius of 100 square kilometers. In October 2011, Iran captured the US RQ-170 stealth drone “outpost” using an electronic countermeasure system provided by Russia.

Delhi government to install cell phone jammers in exam centers

It is common for jammers to be installed at investigation sites.

The AAP government has decided to install signal jammer to prevent high tech electronic equipment from being cheated on exams that are held for government agencies in Delhi. Stop being cheated during exams. The increased use of electronic devices in written tests has made the city government concerned about the possibility of incompetent candidates joining the government. “After the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) successfully used the jammers in an auditor test a few months ago, they decided to use the device in their critical tests,” a government official told IANS.

smartphone signal blocker

The DSSSB was founded in 1996 and conducts written tests and interviews for middle and lower positions in the state government and in city authorities. A cell phone jammer is an instrument that prevents cell phones from receiving signals from base stations. When used, the jammer effectively disables cell phones. It transmits on the same radio frequencies as the mobile phone and interrupts communication between the phone and the base station of the mobile phone in the tower. “Nowadays students are using technology to pass exams which is the other side of technology. They remember ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’, don’t they,” added the official, referring to the Bollywood film in which the protagonist is featured – a local crook – is shown undergoing a medical examination with the help of a small earphone. “Applications were invited by various phone jammers service providers,” said one official.

According to the tender, the agency must ensure that a sufficient number of jammers are deployed and installed to block cellphone and blue tooth services in the exam center. Another requirement is that jammers, with or without a power supply, work without technical interference for the entire duration of the tests. There are various gadgets available in the market that can be customized for salwar kameez sets, sports bras, jackets, shirts, and regular buttons. In May, the Supreme Court ordered the center to install telephone jammers in exam centers to prevent paper leaks and other abuses. The guideline was created after an alleged fraud in the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT). Many aspirants had SIM cards sewn to their shirts and had bluetooth devices. Over 350 calls were made to the various exam centers.

This bar doesn’t allow cell phones so you’ll be only talking to your friends

Bar culture has changed dramatically in recent years. Since the age of cell phones and smartphones, people haven’t been so busy with each other – a common complaint among bartenders everywhere. To solve this puzzle, a bar decided to block cell service and virtually force customers to talk to each other.

Do you think that sounds crazy? It is kind of. At The Gin Tub in Hove, England, landlord Steve Tyler built a cage around the building to disrupt cellular service. He even went as far as wrapping the walls in aluminum foil and pinning copper wire mesh to the ceiling.

“I’ve seen it get worse and worse and I thought, ‘I want to stop,'” he told the BBC. “I want people to meet with the people they are with instead of the people they are not with.”

And there’s a reason he didn’t go out and buy an official cell phone jammer. “I made the brave decision not to block the signal with a jammer, but to make it as good as possible with a Faraday cage and get people to talk to each other,” he said. “And, to be honest, it worked very well.”

Desktop high-power jammer

But if you’re worried about being utterly cut off from the outside world during your whiskey, fear not: Tyler plans to designate an outside area for cell phone use, similar to an outside smoking area. And of course the bar is equipped with a landline network for emergency calls.

So far the answer has been all positive. “I had a complaint from a customer and it was that she got a signal,” Tyler said. “We moved her to another table.” Imagine that.

The un-fictionalization of cell phone jammers

Ten years after the then fictional invention (in our column in Byte magazine) of the A Brief Cell Phone Jammer, the New York Times reported on November 4, 2007 that the device is now pretty real? and that it’s used by people who like to use it: there seems to be a lot of stuff out there.

Andrew reached into his shirt pocket and pressed a button on a black device the size of a cigarette pack. It sent a strong radio signal that interrupted the imposter cell phone transmission? and everyone else within a 30 foot radius.

She talked into her cell phone for about 30 seconds before realizing that no one on the other end was listening? he said. His reaction when he first discovered he could wield such power? Oh holy Moly! Liberation.?

As cell phone usage has skyrocketed, making it difficult to avoid half a conversation in public places, a small but growing group of rebels is turning to a blunt countermeasure: the cell phone jammer, which knocks out nearby cell phones.

armband signal blocker

Here is our description written in 1997. The device was called “apoptosis”:

The word “apoptosis” comes from biology: It means “programmed cell death”. What is so wonderful about apoptosis? Just like that: it interrupts any cell phone call within earshot of you.

Apoptosis has an effective range of 15 feet – wide enough to get the job done, narrow enough not to disrupt innocent neighbors’ phone lines.

Apoptosis is small and inconspicuous. It fits on a keychain. It looks like a worry pearl. If someone nearby starts to snap, snap, snap a cell phone, you just assume an innocent expression, squeeze your little “worry pearl” and see immediately that your wish is coming true: the idiot’s cell phone connection dies.

Right after the column came out, readers bombarded us with questions about where to buy it? oh, then-fictional? Product. The first non-fictional cell phone jamming products (as far as we know) came out a year later, in 1998, from a company in Japan and another from a company in Israel. The Times article mentions a company,, that now sells a variety of such devices.

School installs jammers to block students from texting

SPOKANE, Wash. – Frustrated by the continued distraction of cell phone texts and calls, a Spokane school invested in a device to block phones from work.

The main reason for this is that students cannot focus on their work during class but spend a large part of their time using cell phones and therefore always look for a tool that can block cell phone signals so that students can concentrate on their class can concentrate. The cell phone jammer is a good choice, it can quickly block the phone signal, turn it off when not in use, and the phone can restore the signal.

Mobile Phone Jammer

Mt. Spokane spent less than $ 100 buying a cell phone jammer online and was just completing a three-day trial period aimed at frustrating students writing in class.

“We just thought it was something we wanted to evaluate,” said director John Hook.

The Mead School District is working with the FCC to determine if the device is legal before it can be used again.

The jamming device was switched on during class time and switched off during passing times and the lunch break.

“We believe there are times during the school day when parents need access to students and students need access to family members, doctors and the like,” Hook said.

But class time is not one of them. Student policy requires students to have cell phones if they are turned off and kept out of sight during class; but not everyone obeyed.

Do you want to know how to stop the 4G signal?

Have you ever thought that one day you would like to block the 3G signal? Do you think there will be a signal jammer that can help you shut down the 4G’s signals? Now, don’t you want to be noisy from the signals from the 3G cellphone and look for a method to block 4G signals? If you are here you have access to the right place as a 3G blocker here can help people in solving such kind of problem.

If all times, day or night, are surrounded by the cellphone calls, what would you feel? When in such a situation, many people will feel that they are on the verge of a crash and do not know how long to support because in such a condition they cannot even sleep well. Just let go, because the cell phone jammers can now put you in a relaxed state. And now comes the Jammer device that can cut not only the signals of the 3G cellphones but also the 4G cellphone signals, and more and more people are using it for more convenience.

12 Antennas Signal Jammer

Would you like to know how to block 4G signals and get the deep understanding of 4G cell phone jammer device? OK then check out the text below to find out more. Since there are so many types of 4G blockers in the market, we can only take one as an example and look at a desktop jammer here, which name is “10W High Power Adjustable Remote Controlled 4G Mobile Phone” Jammer, and we can see that this cell phone jammer device can be operated via the remote control, so for the people who do not want to get near the jammer device this 4G blocker is the perfect choice.

In addition, this 3G-HandyBlocker can cut the signals of the CDMA-GSM-DCS / PCS at the same time with 4 antennas, which is enough to switch off the signals CDMA GSM DCS / PCS 4G in a jammer. Thus, this 3G cell phone jammer can be used continuously as it is designed with tabletop design and powered by the power adapter with good cooling system. For those who need to use the jammer 24/7, this 4G jammer is a great choice.

And for many places like the classroom, conference room, church, library and many other places and so many other places where the cell phones are not allowed to be used or for the people who want to avoid the cell phone problems, bring them to pick up the 4G -Blocker is a smart choice. And if you need one and are wondering, just stop here at to get one.

Signal-oriented approach to signal congestion

Signal interference is an increasingly popular means for criminals to steal vehicles and cargoes, with truck hijackings costing the country an estimated R3 billion in 2015.

In almost every reported hijacking case, the truck’s tracking signal was not available because the suspects involved had used signal jammers.

The scourge of signal congestion in South Africa was brought to the public through carte blanche exposés and the much-noticed blocking of cellular communications during the “State of the Nation” address in Pretoria in 2015. The latter event, in particular, helped create greater public awareness and got companies like Ctrack to innovate and fight back.

However, signal jammer continue to be used in South Africa as they are easy to obtain and more affordable. As a result, hijackers today employ a wide range of jamming systems and devices, some of which are large and cumbersome and some of which are small and portable. This is despite the fact that possession and / or use of signal jamming devices is illegal under ICASA in South Africa.

High tech Phone Wifi interceptor

Big or small, these systems typically prevent telematics devices from transmitting their location to tracking service providers.

Hein Jordt, CEO of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions: “Hijackers use a variety of jamming systems to block tracking devices from communicating over cellular networks or satellite. Once blocked, they usually hijack the vehicle or collaborate the driver together to take it to a place where they can unload their valuable cargo. ”

Transport and logistics companies know it is important to protect both trucks and their cargo from theft. According to the South African Insurance Crime Bureau, truck hijackings are primarily about the goods being transported, with FMCG products such as tobacco currently in high demand. Either way, the fact is that the majority of the trucks are hijacked for their loads.

Fleet owners and operators need a total transportation solution that combines fleet management with the ability to detect signal congestion. The good news is that today there is a solution that can provide both trucks and trailers with effective stowage protection.

To attenuate signal jammers, alternate frequencies to those that are being blocked must be used. This is where the DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology used by Ctrack comes into play. DSSS does not use any other format like GSM to communicate. Instead, it transmits messages with a bandwidth that exceeds the bandwidth required by the message signal.

This spreading of the transmitted signal over a wider bandwidth makes the resulting broadband signal appear as a noise signal that allows greater resistance to intentional and unintentional interference. DSSS is also designed to carry signals from difficult radio frequency ranges and can penetrate through concrete, making it ideal for urban, retail and financial institutions environments.

In March, Ctrack announced that the interfering signal detection solution would be part of a combined fleet management package. “We are now able to offer our customers the option of installing a gsm jammer fault detection module as part of their fleet management system to ensure continuous visibility and to combat vehicle theft,” said Jordt.

With the fleet management component, fleet owners can monitor driver behavior such as B. Monitor hard driving, accelerating, braking, cornering and driving too fast. Significant fuel and maintenance costs are also saved by monitoring factors such as engine performance and fuel consumption.