There are no jammers in the prison and criminals use cell phones to blackmail

Taking advantage of the lack of a jammer, the prisoners at Mandoli appear to be doing free blackmail, filing complaints, making videos and sharing them with contacts in the glory of the unwavering 4G.

Mandoli Prison in Delhi (which has housed more than 3,000 inmates) operates without interference from mobile phone signals, as the prison administration is still waiting for 4G interference. Administrators at Mandoli Prison (opened to prisoners in 2016 to ease congestion at Tihar Prison in Delhi) confirmed that they had not installed a single jammer.

The device is used to block the cell phone signal, even if the prisoner manages to smuggle the cell phone in, it will also prevent the prisoner from using the phone in the prison.

Inmates are prohibited from carrying or using cell phones in Indian prisons.
Taking advantage of the absence of distractors, the prisoners of Mandori appear to do free extortion, file complaints, make videos, and share them with contacts in the glory of unwavering 4G.

In the past two months, Delhi police have claimed to have destroyed two extortionists led by prisoners at the Mandoli prison complex.
On Thursday last week, three prisoners were reportedly arrested (in this case formally arrested from inside the prison) and demanded 50,000 rupees for a man from Gita settlement.

Two days earlier, the city police task force (counterterrorism force) claimed to have arrested two men who had been sentenced to prison in Mandoli and killed two men, thus avoiding the murder. The police then said they intercepted the phone call from Chandban (aka Amman Yadav) who lived in Mandoli prison to his accomplices Barkishan and Mohamed Atik to eliminate the two who had not paid him protection money. people.

hidden cell jammers

A senior Home Office official said the cell phone jammer was only recently approved by the government. “We have moved for their installation and preliminary work is underway. It takes time to get permission to use jammers and install devices with the latest technology. But once installed, these devices will be the best. and will return all phones. It becomes unnecessary in prison. ”

A fortnight ago, a video of a gang leader in Uttar Pradesh showed the man recording a video on his cell phone while cooking in a Mandori prison cell, which has become popular on the media. social networks.

Prison officials said that although phone jammers may be installed in the new prison, the prison director has asked them to carry out strict inspections on a daily basis.

“Senior officials have ordered us to carry out strict security checks and warned us that we should take action if the cell phone is smuggled inside.” In the case of a small number of prisoners using cell phones, an investigative procedure has been ordered. We were warned that we would take action. Act strictly so that this does not happen in the future. “

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