US military develops new electronic jammer

An overview of US federal government policy on activities where jammers can cause loss of GPS signal:
Sometimes the US federal government has to perform GPS tests, training activities, and exercises involving jamming of GPS receivers. These events are the subject of long-term coordination by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United States Coast Guard (USCG), Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies.
The Army Threat System Management Office (TSMO) team visited the National Training Center on December 2 to demonstrate the newly developed electronic jammer at the Redstone East Arsenal office in Alabama.

Curtis Leslie, TSMO electronics engineer, said the team briefly introduced senior leaders at the National Training Center to how to program a small purchase direct injection jammer based on prompts to simulate radio signals used for detection and electronic communication in battlefield training scenarios. interference.

phone gps blockers

Leslie said, “We can put them on Hummers, Hummers and other 5 ton tactical vehicles.” “Our injection jammers can be used to replace outside interference.”

The interference box is installed between the antenna and the radio transceiver. When prompted by a simple line-of-sight signal sent remotely by the observer-controller-trainer, it can be programmed to digitally generate various interference signals.

Leslie said typical jamming transmitters broadcast live on “public” radio waves require approval from the military, Federal Communications Commission, or Federal Aviation Administration, which generally limits interference to late nights and early in the morning. He said that while the concept of jammer injection is not new, recent technological advancements have made wifi jammer smaller and require less power, making them ideal for military training centers, as in training centers, the radio spectrum can be very crowded and problematic.
The National Training Center demonstration is part of the Army’s space training strategy, which will provide cutting-edge technology developed by TSMO for the combatant training community.

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