In the future, many companies’ anti-drones will become the focus of development

Countries all over the world have accelerated the pace of development in the field of drones. Many countries and companies regard it as the most attractive piece of cake in the military industry market. Under the impetus of this cake, the development of drones will naturally mean buying drones. Become a trend. However, spears and shields are always relative terms. With the booming development of drones, some countries have also invested in research on how to counter drones. Many companies in our country are naturally not far behind, such as Beijing Shenzhou. Mingda’s anti-UAV technology is favored by many customers at home and abroad due to its excellent performance and quality. Because they have successfully solved the existing deadly threats from drones by using its anti-drone technology.

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According to the official website of Beijing Shenzhou Mingda, the total sales of their company’s drone jammer sales are expected to exceed about 200 million US dollars. At the same time, the market will increase to about 1 billion US dollars in about 2-3 years. The total amount of these transactions in the global arms market is not high, but it can be regarded as the performance of a major breakthrough in the field of anti-UAV by Beijing Shenzhou Mingda. The outstanding performance of Beijing Shenzhou Mingda’s anti-UAV technology is due to a series of anti-UAV control products developed by the company in recent years. The company launched the DZ01 bag single-soldier portable low-altitude UAV control system in early 2017. , Launched the third-generation product DZ01 PRO gun-type single-soldier portable low-altitude UAV control system in May 2017, and officially launched the fourth-generation portable four-channel strike gun DZ03 PRO in 2019. The latest generation strike gun has a higher single-channel power , The interference distance is longer than the previous two generations of products (the interference distance is more than 2.5 kilometers), and the current advanced interference technology is adopted to deal with the interference of the flight control signal and the navigation signal to achieve a faster and more accurate interference effect. Really achieve long interference distance, low radiation, lightness, and simple use. Individual soldiers are portable and can achieve non-destructive precision strikes against drones from the sky!

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