How can the villa area interfere with the mobile phone signal to prevent theft?

1. The signal of the villa itself is poor, it is far from the signal tower, and the mobile phone cannot receive the signal in the weak signal area.
2. The thick structure of the wall in the villa area blocks the signal.
3. The signal is bad due to interference.

Since the mobile phone receives signals through the propagation of electromagnetic waves, the base station establishes a connection with the mobile phone by transmitting electric waves, so as to achieve the purpose of voice calls. Therefore, the cell phone jammer of electromagnetic waves will have an adverse effect on mobile phones.

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It is normal for the mobile phone to display 4G signal and make a call to 3G or 2G signal! It is not caused by cell phone failure or base station failure. The following explains why this phenomenon occurs:
1. 4G has only one data channel (commonly called the Internet channel); 2G ​​and 3G have two channels, data channel and voice channel. So 2G and 3G can surf the Internet and make calls, while 4G can only surf the Internet because it only has a data channel.

2. In the early days of 4G, in order to satisfy the requirement that the mobile phone can make calls when using the 4G network, a solution called CSFB (Circuit Domain Fallback) was developed. Automatically fall back from 4G network to 2G or 3G network before starting to make calls. But this technology has a disadvantage, that is, you cannot access the Internet when making a call, so it is inconvenient for some business users.

3. Now that 4G technology has matured, in order to satisfy mobile phone users with a better experience, VoLTE (High Definition Voice Call) has been developed, which is a technology that can use the 4G network to make calls while also being able to access the Internet. The mobile phone uses the data channel of the 4G network to make calls and surf the Internet, and the call quality is clearer than that of 2G and 3G.

4. Dropping due to handover failure. Network operators use base stations to transmit wireless signals to serve users. The range of base stations is limited. Therefore, there may be many base stations in an area. The combination of all base stations is a network system. Each base station has its own range. If this range is exceeded, the mobile phone must replace the base station to keep the mobile phone in the network at all times.

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