Signal jammers to improve concert grade

As for the effect of the concert, many people are now listening to mobile phones, which has led to various interferences. If you listen to music and find that you don’t have a signal cell phone, talk to your administrator and you’ll find a dedicated cell phone signal jamming device here. Several concerts didn’t go well. When an overseas guest arrives, it rings the mobile phone and affects the overall effect of the concert. It gives a bad impression to international friends. Install a cell phone signal jammer to improve the grade of your concert.

4g cell phone jammers for sale

The concert hall is a very independent small space. It has a very elegant atmosphere of music and art. The audience sees the concert and it’s a very good experience. Introduce jammers at this location. Create this new environment. Manage mobile phone signals within a specified time. Providing a feast of music to the viewer. Out-of-service devices can hang up mobile phone calls by emitting jamming radio waves from the mobile phone. If the frequencies are different, it cannot be disturbed. The range of communication suppression effect is limited to a small space.

Many people think that this is because the announcement “Please turn off your mobile phone” came in before the performance started. It is a telephone deterrent device that intentionally makes the radio waves of mobile phones in the area “out of service area”. Prevents mobile phones in the area from communicating with the base station. wifi interference means that it can cover an area of ​​about 50 meters in diameter.

Perfectly designed directional jammer

In some important places, for example, some meetings cannot allow the use of mobile phones. Jammers can block mobile phones. Widely used to prevent the use of telephones. Jammers equipped with various antennas are directional antenna mobile phone jammers. It has features such as complete interference with mobile phones. If you are looking for a signal cloaking device that can block various signals, you can buy a phone jammer here. You can see the detailed information of the product.

22 Antennas Wireless Signal Jammer

High quality directional jammers can be obtained here. Jammers are divided into directional antennas and omnidirectional antennas. The direction of blocking mobile phone signals is different. You can choose a directional antenna cell phone jammer that will help you jam your 4G cell phone. You need to use the signal jamming device of 4G mobile phone. It is a very powerful device. Adjustable signal blocker.

Design high power and excellent cooling system. The blocking effect of this high power jammer is given. It is a very good product. We are designing 5 directional antennas. When you start this device, you can block GSM, CDMA, 3G and 4G signals. It has an adjustable design. You can determine the blocking distance based on the actual situation. WiFi jamming can also be widely used by military, government agencies and many other places. You will be able to purchase with the highest quality.

Can anyone other than government officials use jammers?

We know that the mobile phone interference law will interfere with changes in other parts of the world. Some areas are restricted, but some areas are allowed, and some are suspended. Signal jammers will eliminate malicious mobile phone behavior in public places. In India, they installed hardware to protect meetings from interference. In addition, the people of India and China widely use signal jammers to deter school fraudsters. Even in Mexico, churches and hospitals allow the use of signal jammers in Pakistan so that banks and libraries can be used.

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In some countries/regions, only the military, prisons, and police are allowed to use cell phone signal jammer.

Signal jammers are considered roadside bombs and GPS tracking and positioning weapons. To protect government officials, signal jammers are used to prevent bomb attacks on mobile phones. As we all know, after President Barack Obama took office, he walked along Pennsylvania Avenue and all phones were blocked-we know that the bomb is controlled by the phone and the controller, but the radar jammer can be stopped. . Signal jammers have also been used in Iraq to stop US military roadside bombs.

The question arises: Why do strict laws on signal interference apply to everyone except government officials? It is believed that not only government officials need equipment, but also many movie theaters, restaurants, and businesses. Some people also want to use signal jammers to do something. In short, equal rights of use in public places, silent and private environments also face the threat of roadside bombs, and installing jammers in theaters and restaurants can take advantage of pure life.

Someone asked: “Only government officials can use mobile phone jammers, who decides?” People also need jammers.

Why buy a jammer from us and not from others?

For two fundamental reasons:

1.Because our products, unlike our other competitors, are assembled at the time of order. We do not intentionally do a department store, since electronic components, especially batteries, tend to “get damaged” if they are not used shortly after construction.
Unfortunately, our competitors tend to order large quantities to cut costs. So a mobile phone jammer bought today may have been assembled a year ago. To better understand the damage that this entails, try to keep the battery of your smartphone still for a year, you will see the consequences and the enormous loss of sealing. Not happy with this, our jammers are tested at all stages and for 24 continuous hours before shipping, just to check for any problems.

portable wireless signal jammers
2.The location of the company is of vital importance when it comes to security. Having a legal, tax and operating company in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, we are not required and cannot / want to provide any data relating to our clients to ANY government body; of no state!

Companies located in Italy, Europe or satellite states such as San Marino (read here to find out more), cannot guarantee the confidentiality of personal data. If governmental or other authorized bodies ask for information about purchases, the company could NOT refuse. Which, on the other hand, does not exist for an independent state in all respects, which has made privacy its winning weapon for years!

The difference is our scrupulousness in detail, our confidentiality of information about our customers. This characterizes us and differentiates us from others, which is why our customers always come back to us.

Law of jammer use in Italy

The radio frequency jammers are products capable of eliminating the cellular signal, in the range that goes from a few meters to about a kilometer, causing in some causes real inconvenience for anyone who happens to be in its range of action. Precisely for this reason they are products considered ILLEGAL in Italy and throughout the European community

“This product does not comply with the essential requirements identified by directive ; it is therefore not equipped with the correct and necessary CE marking and therefore cannot circulate on the European Community market, cannot be marketed, cannot be used.

Being an “illegal” product for common use in the European community (a private citizen cannot use a signal blocker because its activation would cause an “unauthorized interruption” of a telecommunication, and this is prohibited by Italian law), the JAMMER it can also be used by the Police Forces, Government and Military Bodies only in the case of special permits, in those specific cases in which it is necessary to “block” a certain specific type of Telecommunication. For example, interrupt telecommunications carried out by unscrupulous people to cause damage to things or people (eg terrorists, criminals, etc.).

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It is not strange to note that when a presidential convoy passes by (for example the President of the United States …), cell phones can sometimes malfunction near the moving presidential procession, and in some cases even the signals from the GPS network, in order to avoid potential terrorist acts through “remote controls” or mobile phones.

Many journalists define it as “the bubble”, that is an area in which most telecommunications are “inhibited”, but it is clear that others (for example those used only by escort personnel) are purposely let through.
The producers of JAMMER are many in the world, but it is also true that not all of them offer an “effective”, reliable and “high quality” product, and logically also with a good quality / price ratio.

The best wireless jammer both in terms of technology and “effectiveness” are those with adjustable power, because they allow the operator to manage and exploit the “disturbance power” emitted by the antennas in an optimal and precise way, sending it only to the point (in the frequencies) where needs and leaving suitable free spaces for service communications, thus obtaining the best possible effect, and putting “out of use” the potential “threat”. There are also JAMMERS that can be remotely controlled remotely increasing the safety and “discretion” factor.

It is clear that to obtain the same “effect”, it is also possible to use “non-programmable” type JAMMERS (therefore much cheaper), but much more power is needed to obtain the same desired result, and it is not easy to catch the “target ”And obtain the desired result.

Unfortunately, IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, have unfortunately become famous), and an excellent solution for their contrast is precisely the specific and targeted use of JAMMERS where the study of increasingly innovative technologies is producing more and more Elite and where Italy maintains an excellent record.

Research carried out by the Commission indicates that it is not currently permitted in Member States to block the reception and transmission of GSM signals. Although France has adopted a law that prepares the ground for the use of inactivation systems, there are still no technical implementing regulations that allow the legal use of such devices (jammers). The Commission is aware that inactivation systems are currently commercially available, in particular via the Internet. Such products are illegal and Member States are therefore required to take measures in this regard pursuant to the provisions of Council Directive 89/336 / EEC of 3 May 1989 for the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility or Directive 1999 / 5 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 1999 concerning radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity, withdrawing them from the market. As the answer to Written Question P-2753/02 from Mr Caullery indicates, the Commission does not believe that activation is the right solution to solve the problem of inappropriate use of mobile phones. The Commission therefore does not intend to present legislative proposals aimed at legalizing the use of inactivation systems.

The shielding effect is related to the performance of the mobile jammer

Some smartphones cannot receive signals. This is a necessary measure for people with reduced mobility. It is a jammer which can block radio waves from mobile phones and PHS. It is used in many places. It is a device that interferes with radio waves from cell phones by emitting special “radio wave suppression”. The radio waves from the smartphone may be cut off. From a human point of view, it will disable functions of the device due to interference, thus keeping it silent. If you want to use a portable signal jammer, it has a wide range of work. Jammers have many advantages. As a customer, it is necessary to take full account of the stability of equipment performance. With the improvement of the shielding effect, it can be considered that it is perfectly suited to various fields of application. As the level of shielding technology improves, the interference effect will also increase. You have to think about how to buy this Phone Jammer. You need to pay attention to the quality issues. The degree of signal blocking effect depends on the performance stability of the jammer. We make full use of online platforms. It can perfectly meet the needs of your business.

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The technical characteristics of smartphones have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people abuse technology. In some cases, personal data can be recovered. Provide products on how to protect your privacy. The easiest and cheapest method. Provide interference No one can protect it. It can be said that with the popularity of mobile phones, satellite jammers are increasingly needed. This device uses proprietary technology to prevent interference by improving the accuracy of radio wave output and cutting radio waves leaking to surrounding frequencies. Some people waste time. Unnecessary malfunctions can occur. To avoid this situation, I developed a jammer. You can block the phone signal if needed. With Jammer, you have enough time to communicate with your friends without encountering any problems or worries. WIFI signal jammer is an important product of modern people. Children should focus on learning. It’s time to try a multi-functional mobile jammer. You can use it to avoid phone noise.

Unusual. A jammer to prevent phone use in class

Drunk that her students prefer their cellphones to her, Marie (1), a teacher in a Sarthe high school, ordered a jammer on the internet. She has been using her “toy” for over a year and a half.

Just type “cell phone jammer” into a search engine, and the object of the crime appears. Fed up with her students handling the keyboard “under the hood”, she decided to do the same. “I activate it with classes that annoy me, I hide it with a notebook, usually. Cellphones in class are a real problem, and the students have lots of techniques, they hide it behind a bag, a pencil case, in the pockets of a baggy, “she said.

The principle is simple: the signal blocker sends waves which block network reception. “It’s very funny, the students all tend to move closer to the windows, hoping it works better,” Marie jokes.

wifi bluetooth blocker

The use of a wireless jammer in France is punishable by a fine of 450 euros, as only prisons and theaters are allowed to equip them. Marie bought a small one, at the scale of her class, “although it does not work well in the back rows,” she jokes.

The small forbidden box cost him 60 euros, an investment. “My students don’t know I have one, of course, so they try to get their cellphones out anyway, I don’t do that to annoy them a bit and it works,” says the teacher.

Marie has never been grilled by her young people, although some have been suspicious. “It’s weird, it’s only in your room that you don’t get,” dared a group of girls. And in these cases, she feigns innocence: “Look, I don’t know.”

UNUSUAL | Equipped with a jammer, it disrupts cell phones in its neighborhood

A Montélimar resident was arrested on Friday for disrupting mobile communications in the city center. He had equipped himself with a frequency jammer because he felt he was being spied on.

A Montélimar resident was arrested that Friday afternoon for a specific crime: “Possessing and using a device that tends to disable communications equipment”. Because the man was using a signal blocker.

22 Antennas Wireless Signal Jammer

The fear of being spied on

At the police station, he explained that he felt he was being followed. He recently installed a camera in his apartment in the Old City to monitor his home. Except that he regularly had the impression that his camera was being controlled remotely and that individuals were spying on what was going on. He was therefore given a jammer that is strictly forbidden as it neutralizes the waves and deactivates cell phones and GPS. In the case of a strong jammer, this can even interfere with the aircraft.

National Frequency Agency survey

In addition, the cellular network in this sector was very disrupted. The National Frequency Agency therefore carried out the investigation. She sent her agents to the center of Montélimar with special equipment and they quickly discovered the apartment. The police then went to the Montilien house where they found the jammer and got off to the forties. The man who admitted the facts will be called to the police station again earlier this week.

All parties including the media are prohibited from flying drones

All parties, including media practitioners, are reminded not to fly drones anywhere in the country while the Movement Control Ordinance (MCO) is enforced through May 12.

Supt Rasha Azaldin Shafii, chief of the drone unit of the Royal Malaysia Police, Air Operation (PGU), said flying drones without permission from the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority (CAAM) is a violation of the Malaysian Civil Aviation Ordinance 2016 (MCAR 2016).

“Anyone who operates a drone without a permit can be punished with a minimum fine of 50,000 RM or a prison sentence of three years for individuals, while companies can expect a maximum fine of 100,000 RM.

“Please note that not all parties are allowed to fly drones unless they have permission from CAAM and the police,” he told Bernama.

He said throughout the implementation of the MCO, police had discovered four cases of illegal use of drones across the country.

“Further investigations into the cases are ongoing and police are ready to use the UAV jammer device to ensure that no drones are flown anywhere without authorization,” he said.

portable drone signal jammers

According to Rasha Azaldin, drones will be used specifically for nationwide aerial surveillance, including in areas under the expanded MCO.

“The use of drone technology has definitely been effective in making announcements and bringing back memories of COVID-19 throughout the MCO period,” he said.

On April 7th, CAAM authorized the PGU Drone Unit to operate the unmanned aircraft system or drones for surveillance and enforcement purposes during the MCO.

CAAM also announced that the drone operation would be led by the police in collaboration with the Malaysian armed forces and three private drone companies.

Cell phone jammers installed in Paris Health Prison

The Paris establishment, which has been closed for several years, is now “opening” its doors again and is now equipped with a new system of cell phone jammer, with fixed telephones installed in the cells.

Inaugurated in 1867, the 2.8 hectare health prison in the heart of the 14th arrondissement of Paris had become the most blatant symbol of the decay of French prisons over the years.

Camouflage handheld phone jammer

Healthcare, closed for several years for work, is reopening today by incorporating an important technological development at the prison universe level that, if it worked, could be used in other facilities.

In 2017, 40,067 phones and accessories were confiscated from the 70,000 inmates in 180 French prisons.

In addition, the government stated that the disruptive systems were largely ineffective.

During the renovation of the health prison in Paris, the authorities decided to develop and maintain a brand new jamming system for mobile phones for six people for the French company

At the same time, landline phones are now installed in the cells.

Telio, one of the leading European companies in this sector, has been granted a public-law license for landline telephony for ten years, reports the AFP.

“Access to the landline phone in the cell is an appeal to the detention center.

Detainees can call their families without restriction, “said the director of the institution, Christelle Rotach, quoted by the AFP.

Prisoners can only call pre-approved numbers.

No telephone will be installed in the isolation or disciplinary rooms.

In the case of landline telephones, Telio finances the entire investment and is compensated for by the price of calls paid by prisoners.

The cost of calling a landline is 0.08 euros per minute and 0.18 euros for a mobile phone on mainland France.