Cell phone jammers prevent cheating by exam candidates

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health. In daily life, with the expansion and diversification of radio waves such as smartphones, mobile phones, wireless LANs, wireless and IC tags, people are concerned that radio waves are not good for health and doubt the safety of radio waves, Therefore, machines such as cell phone jammer is widely used in many places.

In the test site, a cell phone jammer with a signal blocking function was used as a tool to prevent cheating. Mobile phone prohibition is an effective method to prevent cheating. According to the education department, we will provide you with instructions on how to use this product. There are various opinions about this situation. We interviewed Mr. Chen who has 6 years of experience in producing and selling jammers on this issue. “I contact this machine every day. No problem.”

Many movie theaters use this equipment. In these areas, the human body has no unpleasant conditions. I will conduct research as one of the important future issues concerning electromagnetic waves. There are various types of electromagnetic waves. As long as you use electronic tools, you must be affected by electromagnetic waves. There is a theory that the commonly used electrical appliances will not affect the human body because they emit very little electromagnetic waves. Like microwave ovens, high-intensity microwaves generate heat and affect living organisms. In Europe and the United States, the legalization of human body electromagnetic wave protection standards and the standardization of electromagnetic wave measurement methods are proceeding steadily.

In order to use radio waves safely and safely, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has established radio wave intensity standards based on the results of domestic and international research over the past few decades, and regulated them according to the Radio Law. I am specifically, where the intensity of radio waves emitted by mobile phone base stations and broadcasting stations exceeds the standards of radio protection standards, fences will be installed to prevent ordinary people from entering.

Use signal jammers to suppress communication equipment

With the rapid development of electronic communication methods, cheating seems to be more and more diverse. During the test, there was a phenomenon of using a mobile phone or a small headset to cheat and pass. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the incident of repeated cheating using a mobile phone occurred, so we decided to introduce a device that can cut off the radio waves of the mobile phone. With this device, this device generates radio waves of the same frequency as the mobile phone, making the mobile phone unusable.

On the 10th and 10th subway restaurant, because this should not be, if you are using a mobile phone, the original call using the interfering device becomes an unpleasant place, such time is to use the signal jammer, our out-of-service service is given to. While studying on the subway, people around me started talking on the phone loudly. I want to know if I turn on the interfering device without I knowing it, and then turn it off.

However, the use of these communication suppression devices (such as mobile phones) requires a license, so be careful when using signal suppression devices. According to the Radio Law, radio stations must obtain permission from the Minister of the Interior and Communications, except for radio equipment that emits weak radio waves. Certain requirements must be met, such as assigning wireless workers who meet the eligibility requirements. Mobile phones are convenient because they can answer calls anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, inadvertently will cause you to want to stay connected. It seems that with the popularity of mobile phones, the demand for signal jammers is also increasing.

Signal blocker to protect the safety of radio waves

As living standards improve, health problems become more and more important. In daily life, with the spread and diversification of radio waves such as smartphones, mobile phones, wireless LANs, wireless and IC tags, we are concerned that radio waves may be unhealthy or question the safety of radio waves. Machines such as signal jammers are widely used in many places.

At the test site, jammers with the ability to block signals are used as tools to prevent cheating. However, there is a saying that “signal jammers are harmful to humans”. The education department disclosed its position. This language lacks scientific basis. Mobile phone signal jammer is an effective means to prevent cheating. According to the Ministry of Education, we will announce how to use this product. There are various opinions about this situation.

In order to use radio waves safely and reliably, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has formulated radio wave intensity standards based on domestic and international research results over the past few decades, and formulated regulations based on the Radio Law. Specifically, in places where the intensity of the transmitted radio waves such as mobile phone base stations and broadcasting stations exceeds the standards of radio wave protection standards, jammers and the like will be provided so that ordinary people cannot enter.

Various jammers device stop signal connection on the network

Do I need to use a signal jammer? Many people have this problem. With the rapid development of high-tech technology, many devices that stop signal connection have appeared on the network, with the function of cutting off the telephone signal. You can choose the signal jammer according to the actual needs, this equipment plays an important role. Stop talking, avoid unnecessary conversations, and create a quiet environment, which is very popular among people.

Mobile phones are used as a means of communication, you can enjoy the convenience, but the wrong use of mobile phones can cause serious problems. For example, a student can cheat during an exam with a mobile phone and can send a message with the correct answer. To ensure fairness, it is necessary to install a desktop jammer. This is a very important measure. You will see widely used jammers, which are considered to be high-quality jammers at reasonable prices. Equipped with an antenna with adjustable cut-off radius, you can carry it with you.

I started to notice that the GPS system has caused trouble recently. The car GPS system can reveal all the secrets and business plans. Another way to solve this problem is the GPS signal jammer. Does not interfere with the operation of other equipment.

Signal jammer blocks radio waves during testing

Last week we ate with friends and talked a lot about the phone. Smartphones have changed our lives and brought many conveniences. However, there are many problems. The behavior of mobile phones on trains is usually a problem. I often hear the announcement of “Please turn off your mobile phone”, which has no effect at all. At this time, some people want to block radio waves. In order to meet the needs of these people, a device called a signal jammer has been developed.

Recently, the device has become very popular, making life very convenient, and you may have violated the behavior of your smartphone. Using equipment that makes the phone unusable can solve various phone problems and create a comfortable space, ideal for solving phone problems. Introduce mobile jammers at the test site. During the test, radio waves were blocked, smartphones could not communicate, and cheating was prevented. Such devices work outside the service area.

With this signal interception device, you can be gentle to people. I think it’s a bit good, it offers the possibility of providing communication to all places via a smartphone. Many people use mobile phones while driving, and improper use can cause trouble. Mobile phone jammers will reduce the number of traffic accidents. There is a huge risk of talking on the phone while driving. This is one of the reasons for designing portable signal jammers that can block radio waves. Please think twice before using a mobile phone, which can reliably prevent communication, and it is expected to have a great effect.