Portable jammer – manual signal barrier

The mini jammer is the most modern multifunctional handheld spy device you can take with you. This portable locker is very easy to use and reliably prevents the operation of all modern wireless microphones: GSM and RF spy objects, GPS trackers, locators, wireless cameras, mobile phones, wireless remote controls and all kinds of phone tapping mobiles.

Portable blockers work as interference or prevention of data transmission between eavesdropping devices.

Manual signal interference contains powerful transmitters that emit electromagnetic waves at the frequencies of the spy device’s receiver in a radius of up to 30 m, depending on the field configuration and the power of the device. In this way, it blocks both transmission and reception of signals.

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Advanced cooling systems provide a constant operating temperature of 45 ° C, which, if maintained, can allow continuous operation of the sunscreen for several months without fear of overheating and malfunction.

The portable jammer has a wide application, since you can always take it with you and will protect you from eavesdropping, almost anywhere. You can become the guardian of your privacy and security at home, at work, in the car …

SpyTech offers you the possibility to configure the portable jammer yourself. If you need to interfere with a particular frequency or more of them, you can particularly order those frequencies and our team of experts will create your personal blocker according to your needs.

How to use a portable jammer and what are its technical characteristics?

The primary role of the multipurpose handbrake signal is, as the name implies, to interfere with spyware and provide protection against eavesdropping, covert surveillance, or recording.

Portable blockers work by interfering with antennas between data transmission and signals between spyware.

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The cell phone jammer contains multiple antennas and each module with one antenna can be used as a separate signal blocker. The output power of spyware portable signal interference can total up to 10W (1W of power per module). High-quality antennas successfully support the power of each module individually and allow maximum utilization, thereby achieving a significantly wider interference radius. This manual signal interference successfully protects you from eavesdropping and eavesdropping in a range of up to 30m.

The built-in active cooling systems (in the form of quality coolers), as well as the passive cooling system (aluminum ribs used to remove excess heat), provide a constant operating temperature of 45 ° C, which, if maintains, you can allow The jammer works constantly for several months without going out.

This portable interference device successfully interferes:
wireless frequencies of mobile telephony and internet
RF viewers as well as unlimited bandwidth preservers that work over the GSM network
wireless internet and Bluetooth
GPS tracker – locators
GPS navigation in the vehicle and on the mobile phone
wireless remote controls
wireless spy cameras and video surveillance cameras

The carrying case is made of high quality aluminum alloy that effectively drains excess heat and prevents gypsum overheating.

An integrated 8000 mAh rechargeable battery gives it great autonomy.

For what purpose can a hand jammer be used?

The effects of eavesdropping can be tremendous. Confidential information can be easily misused and can endanger yours and your family’s safety, but it can also cause irreparable harm to your business.

Spy bugs jammer is a wise choice and a great business move for all business owners, employers, directors and managers to protect their business and market positions.

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You can fully protect your business premises, offices, or hallways where you conduct important business conversations and avoid the “leakage” of confidential information. It can also protect itself from widespread industrial espionage. Non-governmental organizations can avoid disseminating information about new plans and strategies.

A portable jammer is the perfect companion for journalists and security agencies on demanding tasks.

Teachers and professors can easily use portable signal interference to combat the widespread use of mobile phones in classes and conferences. This will increase student attention and increase class efficiency to a higher level. In addition, the jammer is an excellent ally in the fight against microphones and hidden cameras to cheat on exams.

Call us or come to our sales facilities: with great respect for privacy, we will help you choose the device that interferes with the correct signal, thus protecting your privacy and eliminating spyware. In addition to the instructions from the experts, each of our clients receives friendly advice based on long practice that will make it easier for them to solve problems and eliminate suspicions.

Mobile phone jammer handles cell phone communication

With the rapid popularity of mobile phones, there are many things that have troubled others: the ringtones of mobile phones can interfere with the viewing of movies and cause discomfort, and some viewers do not follow their behavior. this is a problem. The debate on how to deal with mobile phones, cell phone jammer devices are put on the market and are widely used in countries around the world to interfere with mobile phone communications and prevent information leakage.

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You can use free Wi-Fi in public places, and WiFi uses the 2.4 GHz band. This is a very convenient method. You can also easily share information, such as eavesdropping and theft of personal data. In order to solve this problem, we have developed a cell phone signal jammer to protect your data and privacy. It aims to block the mobile phone network, it helps prevent the leakage of sensitive information and is the best way to protect yourself.

Because of the use of smart phones, students’ grades will be reduced, this is a serious problem, this site can solve this problem. Many WiFi jammers are available. There is also a hand-held jammer that you can easily put in your pocket. Not all phones work in the classroom and are widely used in public places.

Cell phone jammers prevent cell phones from receiving signals

Some smartphones cannot receive signals, which is a necessary measure for people who do not follow the rules of mobile phones. This is a cell phone jammer that blocks radio waves from mobile phones and PHS. It is used in many places. It is a device that interferes with mobile phone radio waves by emitting special “suppressed radio waves”. If you want to use a portable cell phone jammer, it has a wide range of work.

The technical functions of smartphones have their pros and cons. Some people abuse the technology, and in some cases, they may retrieve personal data and provide products about how to protect your privacy. The easiest and cheapest way is to use a cell phone jammer. With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone signal jammer equipment seems to be an increasingly needed device. This device uses proprietary technology to prevent interference by improving the output accuracy of radio waves and cutting off radio waves leaking to surrounding frequencies.

Some people may have unnecessary trouble with their mobile phones. To avoid this situation, we have developed a mobile phone jammer, you can block the phone signal when you need it. Using a mobile phone jammer, you have enough time to communicate with your friends without encountering any problems or worries. Mobile phone signal jammer is an important product for modern people. Children need to focus on learning. Now you should try the multi-function signal jammer. You can use it to avoid phone noise.

Cell phone jammers device for preventing GPS signal

It is said that GPS tracking devices are often installed in some cars. Some people are afraid of GPS. The most common mobile phone jammers in life are very common. Now you can see that jammers are used in many places. The positioning function of GPS can be hindered by transmitting interfering radio waves with the same wavelength as the radio waves of GPS satellites. I confirmed that the radio waves emitted by the equipment are very weak and are within the range of weak radio waves defined by the Radio Law.

This is a cell phone jammer device that can block radio waves to the car GPS receiver. Mobile phone jammers are widely used in the market. If the device is jammed, it means that the phone is out of service and cannot be used. There is a portable cell phone jammer that supports this type of device, and it also includes a car charger, so you can charge while running.

You need to realize that this is an advanced anti-tracking technology. There are many GPS tracking applications that currently have a location tracking function. Many times you do not notice it. Someone is constantly monitoring your activities, and personal privacy may have been leaked. There are some GPS jamming devices that can escape tracking, and the radio waves of smartphones can be cut off.

Cell phone jammers hinder communication freedom

Recently, many people are using smartphones, and we all have the right to freedom of communication. However, in certain phenomena, this right is abused. For example, the use of mobile phone cheating in the recent exams, and the fraud of mobile phone wire transfer in financial institutions. In many viewing halls, cell phone ringtones often hinder viewing. In order to prevent trouble caused by the ringing of smartphones, etc., to ensure the quietness of a specific space, it is allowed to install and operate a cell phone signal jammer.

desktop mobile phone blocker

As a special device that cannot be used in a specific area, cell phone jammer will attract people’s attention because they interfere with radio waves from smartphones and other over-range devices. Please install this device carefully, so as not to affect the freedom of communication, the right to use mobile phones, etc., and to prevent the inconvenience caused by communication with mobile phones.

The freedom to use mobile phones seems to be an important right for individuals, and the use of mobile phone jammers will bring public benefits. While using the right to freedom of communication, it is important to disturb others. Using a mobile phone for the college entrance examination violates the regulations and cannot guarantee the fairness of the examination. It may also damage the rights of others. Therefore, it is reasonable to install a device that prevents spoofed signal jammer, which is an effective method.

The difference between portable cell phone jammer and desktop

Many people are confused when buying things because they do not understand the functions and specifications of the product. Similarly, when choosing a cell phone jammer , many people will be confused. I don’t know the performance of the product, this is the reason, I have such a problem. In order to solve these problems, today we discuss portable mobile phone jammers and desktop mobile phone jammers, which will help customers when choosing products.

indoor cell phone jammer

First, let me introduce common ground. The working principle is similar: the radio wave from the base station is blocked, the mobile phone and the base station cannot be connected normally, the phone call is blocked, and the application is also very common. Usually used in movie theaters, government agencies, concerts, libraries and other public places to provide a peaceful and quiet environment. Both can block different radio waves. You can suppress GPS, WIFI, 3G, 4G, GSM and other signals

The portable jammer is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. Desktop jammers are heavy and relatively bulky, making them difficult to carry. Desktop jammers are usually used in test fields, prisons, police stations, military bases, and some large venues. These places attach great importance to information protection and require a powerful power jammer. Portable cell phone jamming devices are commonly used in places such as business vehicles and library meeting rooms.

Benefits of buying a mini cell phone jammer

In recent years, devices such as cell phone jammers have become popular, and jammer-mart.com is a store that specializes in selling this product. There are different purposes for buying jammers, and many people have questions about this product. Therefore, today I will introduce a mini cell phone jammer to help customers understand the product.

There are many types of mobile phone jammers, and customers choose to purchase according to their own needs. Mini mobile phone jammer is a kind of portable signal jamming equipment. These products have many advantages: the device uses a portable design, small size, light weight, and very convenient to carry. You can put it in the bag, this is the biggest advantage, it is very popular among customers.

However, there are some disadvantages. There is no desktop WiFi jammer in the shielding range. High-power desktop WiFi jammers have a wide range of interception. There are many types that can block various radio waves, and most mini mobile phone jammers have a relatively simple blocking band. If used for a long time, the machine may become hot. For example, some car GPS jammers have a car charger that can be charged in commercial vehicles, and some products can block GSM, 3G, and 4G signals from mobile phones.

Mobile phone jammers are used in many places

In recent years, with the rapid popularity of mobile phones, smart phones are very common because they can answer calls anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, in public places such as movie theaters, ringtones such as mobile phones often cause other people’s troubles, and it is difficult for people to maintain a comfortable space for watching movies. There is a cell phone jammer to prevent trouble caused by ringtones and so on.

In order to maintain a quiet environment and prevent harmful mobile phone radio waves, we have installed mobile phone jammers in many places. For example, in the broadcast hall, there will always be the phenomenon of someone’s mobile phone ringing. Even if you receive the prompt “Please turn off the power of the mobile phone before the performance starts”, this phenomenon will not be reduced. Therefore, in order not to disturb others, I used a mobile phone signal interference device in the lobby. Since the cell phone blocker emits stronger radio waves at the same frequency as the cell phone base station, the cell phone considers the radio waves emitted by the jammer to be radio waves from the base station.

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With the rapid development of electronic communication technology, cheating seems to be diversifying. During the test, there was a phenomenon of using mobile phones or small headphones, wearing watches and other tools to cheat. In order to prevent this phenomenon, we decided to introduce a device that can cut off the radio waves of the mobile phone. By using this device, this device will make the mobile phone unusable by generating radio waves of the same frequency as the mobile phone.

When I use the phone in subways, restaurants, or other places where calls are forbidden, I feel uncomfortable, so I use a cell phone jammer and remove it from the service area. When I was reading on the subway, the people around me started to be busy with cell phones.

Adjustable 6-wire military jammer is universal

Now the adjustable design has signal jamming. A large amount of signal jamming means the WiFi interference signal of the mobile phone, the GPS signal interference of the mobile phone, etc. The adjustable signal jammer is usually designed for high performance and is designed for desktop use. Well, if you are looking for a high-power tunable military jammer for satisfactory results, you can go to our website.

Of course, mobile phone locks are different, because they are not in the same location, they will be in the same condition, and must be changed according to the actual conditions they are in. Because some people want to leave each other’s 3G and 4G mobile phone signals, many people should only cut off 2G 3G mobile phone signals, where you will have the opportunity to see more detailed information about these high-performance 3G mobile phone broadcasts.

frequency adjustable signal jammers

This latest 6-band full-band mobile phone signal jammer can shield and block full-band mobile phone signals (CDMA / GSM / DCS / 3G / 4G) or (WIFI wireless access / GPS tracking signal) with good results. The shielding radius reaches 50 meters, and the price is cheap. In addition, the shielded VHF and UHF bands (WIFI / headphone / intercom) can be set specifically. It is the preferred model for school examination venues / prisons / offices and other places.

Can shield and shield all frequency band mobile phone signals or WIFI wireless Internet / GPS tracking signals. The device is mainly alternating current (AC220V), we provide different power adapters for different countries / regions, so it can be used worldwide. The device uses high-efficiency heat dissipation technology, built-in two cooling fans, can work without heat for a long time, and is always in good working condition.

A powerful UAV military jammer interfere multiple frequency bands

Adjustable desktop remote control signal suppressor, six antennas, powerful UAV, WiFi and GPS signals. With the help of a high-quality cooling system, the four wireless military jammer can easily operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The device can be installed in the living room, on the desk, or even in the car because it has a rechargeable charger. Therefore, GPS remote control signal blockers can help track and interfere with free Wi-Fi and drones.

Avoid interference with radio waves emitted by cars, because GPS devices can establish connections with GPS devices in areas covered and maintained. This is why we cannot create new connections and maintain previous connections. The maximum distance is 120 meters. The remote control signal blocker can protect us from the interference of the GPS receiver, or if you want to track our staff, we cannot get the exact location.

The automatic remote control of the frequency suppressor also helps to get rid of the danger and boredom of the four drones. It has strong interference ability to CDMA GSM 3G 4G LTE 4G LTE 4G WIMAX GPS VHF UHF 315MHz LOJACK and other signals. Wireless Wi-Fi, drones and helicopter legs can be used in conjunction with radio waves and GPS signals. Signal interference can emit RF waves, which can break the connection. When the drone signal from the remote control signal is stuck, it will fly back to the previously given orbit, circling in the air to land or return.