European countries use blockers to avoid cheating

The development of modern mobile technology has made it easier for teenage students to cheat on exams by texting or reading pictures on their cell phones for fraudulent purposes. Teachers are often too resistant to cheating on their mobile phones. But a university in Italy has its own way of dealing with people, and the use of high-tech means to reduce cheating. The school installed a device on the walls of the school classroom. The device may emit signal jammer and the phone cannot communicate properly.

smartphone signal blocker

The school is called Enrico Tosi, located in northern Italy. The school has devised a way to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat, thanks in large part to military technology. School principals Bonny Tito – Ryan left (Benedetto Di Rienzo) said: “Most schools are trying to confiscate students on the exam before the exam mobile phone, but there are some students who do not give you the phone ” Lane left this week testing the performance of the cell phone jammer for the Italian education ministry. The device, like a box, is called a c-guard, developed by experts from the Italian military and defense industries. The device can block cell phone signals within a 262 foot radius.

The device will eventually be installed by Italian authorities in Italian schools in an effort to prevent students from using their phones to cheat during exams. Ryan says the device has been very successful in the testing process. Some schools in Italy now also plan to open this kind of team in the discontinuation time, as the whole day to start this team can make the normal communication of the teachers also interrupted, it will make the teachers unhappy. “We will minimize the impact,” says Mr. Raine. “Schools, for example, must turn off the device at noon.”

The disadvantages of mobile phones on campus

Canada recently many parents are talking on the campus of the school “mobile warfare”: with the popularity of mobile phones, many high school students have a hand, or the use of mobile phones in electronic text message reading class, private or cotton to showcase campus – exclusive or new features, leave teachers a headache.

indoor phone jammer

If students do not behave, how will they be punished if they use their cell phones in the classroom? Most Canadian provinces are specified, the teacher is entitled to classes to take coercive measures “necessary” to maintain the order of teaching, some provinces such as Ontario) will be more “use of cell phones for students” included in the category of ” interference”. teaching order “clearly, Toronto, a high school had a student in the classroom who used cell phones to view e-books, the phone was confiscated by the teacher, student protests in the union were finally rejected.

But schools also have trouble managing students. The Hardy Port School campus on Victoria Island in British Columbia has been flooded with student cell phones, and the gray-colored principal has purchased a “gsm jammer” on campus. While someone is using a cell phone within the monitoring range, the device can quickly interfere with the phone signal and make the user feel embarrassed by the harsh “please give me your phone” sound. Although the use of mobile phones in the school after the device decreased by two thirds, but the students quickly attacked and threatened lawsuits, forcing the main team to dismantle, to avoid the province’s education department in order to “interfere with the legitimate rights and interests of students. ” said disciplinary action.

Professional Bomb Jammer – signal switch

The Professional Cell Phone and Spyware signal jammer is a product manufactured under the Israeli Military Technology License and is used for complete protection against espionage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year .

This professional spyware blocker is used by the world’s intelligence services, secret service operations, military, state institutions, prisons, as well as by all serious companies with the aim of protecting your privacy and security. The high power jammer has an extremely large interference radius of up to 1 km. Therefore, it can be used to interfere with spyware in smaller and extremely large rooms and environments.

signal blockers

Another great advantage that makes this device stand out from other desktop and handheld blockers is that each frequency on the device can be adjusted digitally separately, using a remote controller.

This serious machine (over 50kg weight) for eavesdropping and eavesdropping equipment detection can also run on the high capacity rechargeable battery you get. The autonomy of the battery is up to 2 hours.

The Bomber Jammer box is made from special aluminum alloys that do not overheat and are designed to run continuously and without shutting down. 20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C operating temperature allows you to run smoothly in all weather conditions

Interference is protected in a Pelikan waterproof case, equipped with silent, shockproof and dustproof coolers.

How to use Bomb Jammer and what are its technical characteristics?

Bomb Jammer is a professional jammer of a wide range of spy frequency equipment and a mobile phone signal designed so that it can operate continuously 24 hours every day. In this way, it provides complete protection against eavesdropping and eavesdropping in small rooms and larger environments.

It consists of a housing made of special durable aluminum alloys that prevent overheating devices and modules with highly sensitive panel or rod antennas. The frequencies of each module are turned on and configured separately using a special remote controller. Therefore, it can be adapted to all the user’s needs.

jammer signal device Powerful

The interference radius is extremely wide and ranges from 500 – 1000 meters 30m @ – 75dBm depending on the terrain configuration.

The output power of this professional spy signal blocker is extremely large, a total of 720W for an 8-band model. The Bomb Jammer is equipped with special protection systems, such as the intelligent cooling system, VSWR, overvoltage and overcurrent systems. This ensures continuous operation 365 days a year without fear of overheating or malfunction.

The bomber signal blocker can also be powered internally with a rechargeable lithium battery for up to 2 hours, as needed.

This professional jammer is additionally protected against knocks, humidity and dust by a quality Pelican suitcase in which you receive it.

What is Bomb Jammer used for?

As the name implies, Bomb Jammer is often used to avoid hostile communications and to block the frequencies used for remote bomb detonation, which can be seen in action movies. This blocker detects and blocks a wide range of known communication mechanisms: GSM, CDMA, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, RF, radio signal, mobile phone signals …

armband signal blocker

For years, it has been used successfully for protection against eavesdropping, both in our country and around the world. It is precise, exact and reliable and can work 24/7.

This mini jammer is a product of modern Israeli military technology and is often accurately applied in military interventions.

The most common application is found in high state institutions, diplomatic buildings, military bases, checkpoints, border crossings, prisons, and military bases. It is also used by intelligence services and security agencies to protect VIPs and people from the political top.

The bomb blocker can be used in police, anti-terror and secret operations of all kinds. It can also be of great use in various flammable and explosive locations, such as service stations, oil and gas pumps, and plants.

Large corporations can also use this spyware interceptor to protect their privacy and security.

In the end, the question of health safety and the harmfulness of the jammer to the human body is often raised. These conversations are still in the form of assumptions, as these issues were never scientifically confirmed. Of course, for the sake of prevention, it is not recommended to stand in the vicinity of the sunscreen while it is turned on.

Cell phone jammers help to use mobile phones safely

Smartphones are beneficial to our lives in many ways, but there are many problems. Operating a smartphone while walking and driving is very dangerous. There have even been reports of traffic accidents that have caused serious traffic accidents. There are many dangers, such as being injured by falling into an unexpected place. When using a smartphone, be sure to follow the rules and methods, and use it safely and happily.

mult bands frequency signal jammers

In order to use mobile phones safely, there is a cell phone jammer that can disable radio waves to solve this problem. When you do some work on your smartphone, if you make a call during this process, it will be interrupted. This is convenient because you can do all kinds of things and there are many GPS tracking apps. Personal privacy may be revealed in many cases, this person will not notice. Mini GPS jammer will protect your privacy from GPS tracking apps.

The existing system has technological progress and new requirements. We are continuing to develop at a high speed. 5G is also appearing in front of people. I am suffering from the noise of 5G mobile phones. You can easily use the 5G jammer to solve the problem. There is news that the girl fell into the sewer while watching the phone while walking. Mobile phones have attracted much attention, and it has affected my life. The portable cell phone jammer is small in size and light in weight, and can be easily hidden anywhere.

Mobile phone jammers widely used by people

With the development of technology, many high-tech products have been invented to create a peaceful environment to ensure safety. Mobile phone jammers are widely used by people. Many people need a mobile phone signal jamming device that can be carried around when they go out. They are popular for convenience. It has many functions and is widely used by people.

anti-tracking gps blocker

You can get some useful information here, and you can always maintain a good working condition. In some places, telephone signals must be absolutely forbidden, and gas stations especially prohibit calling mobile phones, because the telephone signal may cause an explosion. You need to rest in a public place, and you will find that portable cell phone jammer can be used to get the best condition, such as at the test site, church or where you need peace.

It can also prevent cell phone calls during meetings, such as some high-end 5g jammers, which can be easily used in classrooms and cars, people do not have to worry about interference from cell phones and cell phone noises while driving. There is no doubt that the 5g mobile phone jammer can be used indoors, such as at home, office or conference room. Depending on the signal strength, the interference distance with a strong interference range can be up to 40m.

Using a jammer to manage mobile phones in the office

When working, you need a quiet environment. It is forbidden to make phone calls or ban cell phones during the meeting, and certain measures need to be taken to provide a peaceful environment for the office. One of the countermeasures is to use mobile phone signal jamming equipment to process wireless signals. These are some mobile phone jammers suitable for the office, which help make life more convenient, comfortable and safe.

classroom cell phone jammers

Many employees use mobile phones for a long time at work, and you need to use a mobile phone jammer in the office. It is difficult to improve work efficiency by managing employees as the boss. In order to improve the work efficiency of employees, employees are required not to use mobile phones, which almost does not work. Phone jammers can help solve this problem. With this product, employees will not be able to shop online or play games, which is to stop all signals.

Cell phone jammer has a wide range of applications. Depending on the signal strength of the designated area, you can block up to tens of meters. If you do not want to affect other areas, you can use its adjustable function to adjust the cutoff radius. You don’t have to worry about heat dissipation, the jammer is equipped with a cooling fan.

Mobile phone jammers are used in many places

In recent years, with the rapid popularity of mobile phones, smart phones are very common because they can answer calls anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, in public places such as movie theaters, ringtones such as mobile phones often cause other people’s troubles, and it is difficult for people to maintain a comfortable space for watching movies. There is a cell phone jammer to prevent trouble caused by ringtones and so on.

In order to maintain a quiet environment and prevent harmful mobile phone radio waves, we have installed mobile phone jammers in many places. For example, in the broadcast hall, there will always be the phenomenon of someone’s mobile phone ringing. Even if you receive the prompt “Please turn off the power of the mobile phone before the performance starts”, this phenomenon will not be reduced. Therefore, in order not to disturb others, I used a mobile phone signal interference device in the lobby. Since the cell phone blocker emits stronger radio waves at the same frequency as the cell phone base station, the cell phone considers the radio waves emitted by the jammer to be radio waves from the base station.

jammer cell phone

With the rapid development of electronic communication technology, cheating seems to be diversifying. During the test, there was a phenomenon of using mobile phones or small headphones, wearing watches and other tools to cheat. In order to prevent this phenomenon, we decided to introduce a device that can cut off the radio waves of the mobile phone. By using this device, this device will make the mobile phone unusable by generating radio waves of the same frequency as the mobile phone.

When I use the phone in subways, restaurants, or other places where calls are forbidden, I feel uncomfortable, so I use a cell phone jammer and remove it from the service area. When I was reading on the subway, the people around me started to be busy with cell phones.

China’s uav jamming threatens the situation in the South China Sea

China has installed high-end UAV jamming equipment in the Nansha Islands, which can block communication and radar systems, which is an important step in its gradual militarization. The American who described the discovery said: “China has deployed a military intervention team at its post on Nansha Island.”

The US assessment was supported by a photo taken by commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe last month, which was published to the Wall Street Journal. It shows a suspected drone jammers system whose antenna extends to Mischief Reef, one of the seven islands in the Nansha Islands. Since 2014, China has built an artificial island on the island to move sand to rocks And on the reef, and paved with concrete.

The US Army hopes that RF jammers installed on drones will dominate future electronic warfare, and he is turning to a method of contract acquisition that is poorly understood and not strictly regulated. Although China believes that island construction is to ensure maritime safety, assist navigation, search and rescue, protect fishing and other non-military functions, wireless jammers are only used for military purposes, “U.S. Department of Defense officials said.

Drone jammers technology has become the most popular technology

In all the news reports on the use of infamous civilian drones and near-air accidents, it is not surprising that another new technology made headlines: “Anti-drones equipment” or “anti-drones” .

The drone jammers gun has successfully passed the French military’s DREP test, which measures the electromagnetic radiation level of human users. In fact, as Bloomberg pointed out, this is not a weapon, but a drone jam: to be precise, it is an HP 47 Counter drone blocker. It does not shoot the aircraft from the air: instead, it prevents the operator from controlling it remotely, lets it float in the air, and prevents the image or video from being sent back to its owner.

wireless drone blocker

It works by interfering with the UAV’s wifi signal, causing the reception band to be blocked. The UK is always ready to use advanced UAV jamming technology in large public events and sporting events to detect, track and change the control of any UAV where terrorists fly long-range as air weapons.

The US government has spent $ 17 billion to purchase 50,000 jammers, but at the beginning of the war, the crossfire game between signal interceptors and improvised explosive devices was far behind. They are too slow to adapt well and can only provide protection within a few yards. Two jammers lock and cancel each other every moment.

Use signal jammers to suppress communication equipment

With the rapid development of electronic communication methods, cheating seems to be more and more diverse. During the test, there was a phenomenon of using a mobile phone or a small headset to cheat and pass. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the incident of repeated cheating using a mobile phone occurred, so we decided to introduce a device that can cut off the radio waves of the mobile phone. With this device, this device generates radio waves of the same frequency as the mobile phone, making the mobile phone unusable.

On the 10th and 10th subway restaurant, because this should not be, if you are using a mobile phone, the original call using the interfering device becomes an unpleasant place, such time is to use the signal jammer, our out-of-service service is given to. While studying on the subway, people around me started talking on the phone loudly. I want to know if I turn on the interfering device without I knowing it, and then turn it off.

However, the use of these communication suppression devices (such as mobile phones) requires a license, so be careful when using signal suppression devices. According to the Radio Law, radio stations must obtain permission from the Minister of the Interior and Communications, except for radio equipment that emits weak radio waves. Certain requirements must be met, such as assigning wireless workers who meet the eligibility requirements. Mobile phones are convenient because they can answer calls anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, inadvertently will cause you to want to stay connected. It seems that with the popularity of mobile phones, the demand for signal jammers is also increasing.

Signal jammer blocks the inconvenience of mobile phones

With the rapid popularity of mobile phones, many inconveniences have been brought to others. The ringtone of the mobile phone may distract the attention of watching movies, and some viewers do not observe the etiquette, which is a problem. There is a debate on how to solve the problem of mobile phones, to stop the use of cell phone signal jammer equipment to enter the market, widely used in countries around the world. The device faces various problems and interferes with mobile phone communication, which can prevent information leakage.

Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas. WiFi uses the 2.4 GHz band, a very convenient method, you can also easily share information. There are phenomena such as eavesdropping and theft of personal data. To solve this problem, we have developed a WiFi signal jammer. Protect your data and privacy. Designed to block wifi networks. Help prevent the leakage of sensitive information. It is considered to be the best way to protect yourself.

Using a smartphone will reduce the student’s grades. This is a serious problem and the teacher explained the textbook. Suffering this kind of indifference from the students’ side and stopping such actions, this site can solve this problem. Many cell phone signal jammers are available. There is also a handheld design, you can easily put it in your pocket, not all phones can be used in the classroom, widely used in public places.