Roskomnadzor has declared illegal the suppression of the cellular signal during the exam

Roskomnadzor confirmed that it considers it illegal to use means of jamming cellular communications during school exams. According to the press secretary of the department Vadim Ampelonsky, the State Commission on Radio Frequencies has not yet prepared the procedure for using “jammers” on the Unified State Exam. According to him, Roskomnadzor is obliged to fine schools that jam the signal of mobile phones without this document.

He noted that schools do not have the right to use “jammer” when passing the exam.

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The use of cell signal suppression devices without permits is prohibited under current legislation. Including because this can interfere with the cellular signal, the channels of the police, army and special services, – he explained. – And if such illegal use is detected, the territorial bodies of Roskomnadzor interacting with the radio frequency service are obliged to suppress it.

At the same time, Ampelonsky admitted that “in some cases, the use of means of suppressing cellular signals is appropriate.” He confirmed that Roskomnadzor discussed with Rosobrnadzor the issue of protecting exams from cheating using mobile phones and radio headphones.

A draft decision of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies was prepared, which provided for the development of specific parameters of both the suppressors themselves and the signal emitted by them, – said Vadim Ampelonsky. – The proposed solution provided for the possibility of using the suppressors in closed rooms at the direction of the federal executive authority. If we are talking about schools, then it could be Rosobrnadzor. And at the same time, the power level of the suppressor signal should not exceed certain values ​​and should not interfere.

However, the draft decision was never adopted. Ampelonsky expressed hope that the document will be approved by the end of this year.

Recall that devices that suppress the cellular signal have been used during the exam since 2011. Typically, regional government examination boards “recommend” school principals to purchase and use such devices. As Kommersant reported, this year the regional department of Roskomnadzor in the Tver region fined several schools for using jammers.

The unit installed a mobile phone jammer, and nearby residents’ mobile phones were all’dumb’

Is the signal bad if the mobile phone fails to get out? Not necessarily! Recently, the reporter received reports from some citizens that the mobile phone signal was clearly full, but they couldn’t make calls. They complained to the operator, but the operator said that the network signal was OK. Later, I learned that it turned out that nearby units have installed mobile phone signal jammer for quiet or confidential purposes. As long as the jammers work, the normal communication of residents within one or two kilometers of the neighborhood will also be affected.

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After investigating, the reporter found that mobile phone jammers are being used privately by units or individuals. However, in accordance with relevant regulations, the production, sale and installation of mobile phone jammers must be approved by relevant departments; the management department stated that it will strictly investigate and deal with private production, sales and installation of jammers.

User complaint: mobile phone signal is full but unable to dial out

Mr. Fang, who lives in a city in the Pearl River Delta, and his neighbors recently discovered that the mobile phone communication near his home is always not smooth. A cell phone that clearly shows full signal is often unable to dial out near home. Mr. Fang reported to the local mobile operator many times, but the operator replied that the network was OK after many tests. Later, it was finally discovered that a gas station near Mr. Fang’s home had installed a mobile phone jammer for safety reasons. As long as the jammer works, mobile phones within a range of one or two kilometers will be interfered.

The reporter found out that many government agencies, movie theaters, concert halls, gas stations and other units in China have installed cell phone jammers for confidentiality, security or quietness. In the province, second- and third-tier cities in eastern and northern Guangdong are more common, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen are also used occasionally. A person in charge of the theater said that although the audience was reminded to adjust the mobile phone to vibrate before each performance, the effect was minimal, and the installation of a mobile phone jammer solved these problems.

According to the user’s “good wishes”, mobile phone jammers only cause interference to the downlink mobile phone signals within the range of the use unit; but in fact, because many mobile phone jammers have excessive working power and interfere with mobile phone signals in all frequency bands, they not only The user unit itself has also had a serious impact on the normal mobile phone communication of nearby residents, turning their mobile phones into intermittent “dumb”.

According to industry insiders, the working principle of a mobile phone jammer is to cancel out the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone by emitting radio waves of the same frequency, so that the connection between the mobile phone and the base station is cut off and cannot be used. However, the performance of the mobile phone signal may be full. In this way, users in the same area at the same time find that the signal is full but cannot dial out and dial more desperately, which can easily cause the signal of the operator’s base station to be blocked, or even paralyzed due to overwhelming burden. .

Insiders: the use of mobile phone jammers must be approved

An industry insider told reporters that most of the mobile jammers sold through online channels and in various communication cities do not have the legal procedures for production and sales, and most of the units or individuals who buy mobile jammers also use them. I don’t know that the use of mobile phone jammers requires approval. The radio management departments of various localities stated that they have noticed that many units have produced and installed mobile phone jammers without authorization, saying that their actions violated the above-mentioned relevant regulations. Be severely investigated.

Do we really need to install a cell phone signal amplifier?

We can often see mobile phone signal amplifiers installed in many places such as tall buildings, basements, shopping malls, restaurants, karaoke saunas and massages, underground civil air defense projects, subway stations and many other places to solve these signal blind areas and weak areas. Poor problem. But do we really need to install a cell phone signal amplifier?

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1. With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the requirements for mobile communication services are getting higher and higher. The rapid development of mobile communication and the rapid increase of mobile users have resulted in smaller and smaller cellular plans and smaller and smaller coverage areas of mobile phones.

2. With the rapid development of the city, the planned use area of ​​the city is getting smaller and smaller, and the tall buildings in the city are being built higher and higher. The signal base stations on the back of these tall buildings or underground are blocked by the high-rise buildings, and the signal attenuation is serious. The mobile signal received by the mobile phone also weakens.

3. With the rapid development and renewal of the city, the decoration level of the exterior of the building has also improved. The commonly used metal steel structure, aluminum alloy structure, etc. absorb and reflect the signal, making the mobile phone users in the building unable to normally accept the outdoor Cell phone signal

4. Due to the blocking and reflection of electromagnetic wave signals by buildings, some places in closed buildings, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, KTVs, bars, underground parking lots, etc., cannot actually receive external mobile phone signals normally.

In view of the above four points, in order to make normal communication between mobile phones, normal calls and Internet access, we need to install a set of mobile phone signal amplification equipment to amplify the normal signal from the outside of the mobile phone to the place we need, and give it to the inside Staff or customer personnel bring the convenience of mobile phones.

UAV jamming system contributes to national defense

In the Zhurihe military parade in Inner Mongolia on July 30, 2017, there was a modern information warfare unit, which was responsible for ensuring the communication of the unit. Drone jammer is another important part of modern information operations. Among them, the second-generation individual portable anti-UAV equipment is an anti-UAV information individual operation equipment.

uav drone blocker

This single-soldier drone jamming device interferes with the drone’s sensors and flight control signals to force the drone to land or return, without destroying the drone. The UAV jamming system of the device looks like a rifle, and it is easy to operate and can be operated by one person. It can block the signal between the interfered drone and the remote control by transmitting wifi and GNSS signals. When the jamming system is turned on, it will completely cut off the connection between the drone and the ground workstation, thereby ensuring airspace safety and interfering with illegal drone intrusion.

Common questions and answers about signal interference

Can someone send me a text message when the phone is blocked?

After the mobile phone is blocked, the text messages sent by others will not be received, nor will it be possible to make and receive calls. After unblocking, that is, the cell phone jammer is turned off or you leave the area where the phone signal jammer works. If it is a text message sent to you by someone else on the same day, you will receive it. If it is earlier, such as yesterday or earlier, this It depends on whether the SMS service of your mobile communication service provider has this function.

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Similarly, if you are blocked by your mobile phone, after someone dials your call, if your mobile phone is activated with Caller or similar services, after the signal is restored, you will receive a short message reminder of missed calls.

Can smartphones be immune to the influence of mobile phone jammers?

There is no way. The unshielded cell phone has nothing to do with whether the cell phone is smart or not.
The frequency of GSM mobile phone is 900MHz/1800MHz, CDMA is 800MHz, PHS is 1900MHz, mobile phone signal jammer usually shields the frequency interference of these four frequency bands, if you have a way to keep the phone out of this frequency, you can I don’t like jammer interference, so there is no way, because if the mobile phone is not within this frequency range, it is not a mobile phone (including PHS).

Does the jammer consume a lot of mobile phone batteries?

Mobile phone jammers consume a lot of battery for most mobile phones. Since the mobile phone jammer is turned on, the signal between the mobile phone and the base station will be shielded. Actually, it is interfered and cannot form normal communication with the base station. Then, many mobile phones have this function: when there is no signal, the mobile phone must be very Efforts to search for the signal, which leads to a lot more power consumption than the normal standby state!

Mobile phone signal jammer installation and technical advantages of conference room signal jammer

Many companies will install signal jammer in conference rooms. The main reason is that they don’t want to let the phone call in to disturb the progress of the meeting. What are the technical advantages of signal jammers in conference rooms? What are the installation methods of signal jammers? Below jammer-mart Let me introduce you.

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Advantages of existing technology of mobile phone signal jammer:

(1) The new cell phone jammer can already achieve the IMSI number obtained in the 4G mode, which does not disturb the people, does not interfere, and is green;

(2) Which floor in that area has a mobile phone violation alarm, that is, the shielding device in the area is activated, not all devices in the entire unit’s supervision area are activated together, not for a long period of time, so the shielding effect is very small, the time limit is very short, green Environmental protection;

(3) Leading technology, mature and reliable, in line with the technical prevention requirements of national signal control;

(4) It can effectively block the 2G+3G+4G mobile phone standards that all mobile\linkage operators have opened and run today. The IMSI number obtained in the 4G mode in the coverage area can be used for all telecom mobile phones. The system collects and is handed over to the telecom operator for whitelist control.

Installation method of mobile phone signal jammer

1. When using an external mobile phone signal jammer with an antenna, lock the letter on the antenna corresponding to the letter on the host, and then turn on the power.

2. The mobile phone signal jammer with built-in antenna is easier to use. Just plug in the power and turn on the switch.

The “artificial weapon of military force” between Turkey and Russia

The “Krasukha” land-based electronic jamming system is the most advanced signal jammer equipped by the Russian armed forces. The system can effectively interfere with land-based radars, aerial radars, early warning aircraft, and even near-Earth satellites within 300 kilometers. The system is said to permanently damage the target radio equipment.

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Russia has already deployed a “Klasuha” land-based electronic jamming system in Syria. Compared with Turkey’s “Koral” portable radar jamming system, “Krasuha” has a wider interference range. “Krasuha” can blind the Turkish Air Force’s “Peace Eagle” early warning aircraft, making it impossible for the Turkish side to map the airspace of Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean, and greatly reducing its interception capabilities.

The Russian “Glory”-class guided missile cruiser has advanced maritime combat platforms and air defense platforms, equipped with 16 “Bazart” anti-ship missile launch systems, 64 S-300PMU long-range air defense missile systems and two “Wasps” short-range Surface-to-air missiles. The “Glorious”-class guided missile cruiser has advanced functions such as three-dimensional search and radar tracking, and is called a “floating fortress.” After the Russian fighter plane was shot down on November 24, a “Glorious”-class guided-missile cruiser has been deployed to Latakia Port in Syria.

However, the “Glorious”-class guided-missile cruiser is not without flaws. This class of cruisers lack effective anti-submarine firepower, especially when capturing stealth underwater targets such as Turkish “Gul” class submarines. In addition, Russia has only one “Glorious”-class guided-missile cruiser that can be used in the Syrian region, and several other ships are deployed in the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Russian special forces have a long-standing reputation and have performed a large number of special missions since the Soviet era. They can perform various missions such as long-range raids, assassinations, sabotage, and lurking. It has multiple teams and branches, and its most recent appearance is said to be a “little green man” who suddenly appeared in the Crimea region in February 2014. Many think tanks believe that the Russian special forces are the sword that Ankara is most worried about. Ankara’s envisioned plot includes Russian special forces disguising as Syrian refugees and mixing into southern Turkey and performing special tasks.

Interpretation of the principle of car jammer shielding remote control signal

The reporter learned from the car market that when many car owners use their cars, the theft of their valuables often occurs, and many car owners are puzzled. He obviously closed the door of the car, and the car was not damaged. How come the contents of your car were stolen? Could it be that your car was pried open by the master key? The netizen “Wind Chaser” found out the secret of the theft of car items after detailed research and search for a lot of information.

The netizen “Wind Chaser” told reporters that in fact, the biggest motivation for him to find out the reason is that the two bottles of Moutai in the Mercedes-Benz that he bought were somehow lost. Originally, these two bottles of Moutai were intended to be given to their own leaders. I hope to upgrade myself in the coming year. Moreover, these two bottles of Moutai are authentic, so once they are given to the leaders successfully, there is hope for the upgrade. I did not expect to be stolen. Losing the opportunity to give gifts to leaders made the netizen very depressed.

car gps anti track blocker

It is precisely based on this background that although the netizen also called the police, he could not provide evidence that he did put Moutai in his car and was stolen by someone else, because the car was intact and the case was not filed. What should I do? The netizen can only crack the secret by himself.

Later, the netizen learned about gps jammer and car decoders on the Internet, and finally solved the puzzle. The source of this secret is that the remote control information of the car was interfered by the car jammer, resulting in the car door being not locked at all, and then after the car owner left, those criminals who used the car jammer would have an opportunity to take advantage of it. So simple. In that case, is there any way to crack the illegal behavior of using car jammers?

Car decoder cracks car chip parameters to improve car safety

Many readers may think that since the car decoder can crack the parameters of the car chip, this is a huge challenge to the safety of the car itself. Why does it improve the safety of the car? For this, the netizen “wind chaser” himself has a deep understanding.

After knowing that gsm jammer can interfere with the car’s signal, for the majority of car owners, if they want to prevent the intrusion of car jammers, the direct method is definitely not feasible, and it is difficult to file a case after the products in the car are stolen. Only the dumb can eat coptis. The theft of car products reported on the Internet is actually a fiction when the police find out. How can our police have such a powerful ability?

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Therefore, the complete solution to car jammers is to provide car decoders to crack car chips. Then modify the parameters on the car chip to make the car jammer completely invalid. This method has been proved to be unsuccessful, and now many car repair 4S shops also provide such services. Because car decoders and car jammers are actually like the relationship between computer viruses and security workers, one develops viruses and the other prevents viruses.

After modifying the car chip through the car decoder, the netizen “Wind Chaser” has never lost any items since then. It can be seen that the car decoder can indeed improve the safety of the car. Professor Wang, an expert in the automotive industry, also talked about a point of view, that is, after the car decoder modifies the parameters of the car chip, the car jammer cannot read the data of the car chip, and there is no way to obtain the signal of the chip. It cannot interfere with the remote control function of the car.

This is like adding a protective cover to the car computer chip. The interference signal of the car jammer cannot attack the car chip through this protective cover, thus improving the safety of the car.

The security of important meetings is inseparable from the strong support of mobile phone signal jammers

Cell phone jammer maintains a good environment for important meetings

We are tired of being interrupted, especially in important places, I am tired of ringing the phone. When the leader presided over an important meeting and was interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone, he was very angry. In order to make the meeting have a good communication environment, use mobile phone jammers in the meeting room.

With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone ringtones make people more tired, especially in some quiet public places. In many places, the use of mobile phones is prohibited, because the use of mobile phones will affect others and affect their rest or work. Although there are clear instructions to prohibit the use of mobile phones, many people use them in these places, such as gas stations, because it is dangerous to use mobile phones at gas stations and may cause an explosion.

We should know that important national conferences will last for many days. The content of the meeting must be kept strictly confidential, cannot be interrupted by the outside world, and the use of mobile phones is prohibited. This is not just a national conference, but also many company meetings have adopted cell phone barriers, prohibiting the use of cell phones and gradually installing cell phone barriers. What do you think about the rationality of installing mobile phone jammers in the office?

Not only is the use of mobile phones prohibited at gas stations, but many public places have also begun to prohibit the use of mobile phones. It may also be banned in certain private places. We have heard of the use of cell phone jammers in schools and cell phone jammers in prisons to disable cell phone signals and protect prison safety. How about the meeting room? Have you seen any examples of this? As people become more and more dependent on mobile phones, many companies have begun to install mobile phone jammers in the meeting rooms. And adjust the mobile phone interference range in the conference room. This will not affect the normal use of external mobile phones, and will provide a quiet meeting environment for the meeting.

If the ringing of the mobile phone interrupts the speaker’s thinking in an important meeting, it will make him feel uneasy and distract the meeting participants. It’s impolite to ring an important mobile phone in the meeting room. Therefore, before the start of many meetings, it prompts that the mobile phone will be turned off or set to mute. Many companies do not allow mobile phones to participate in meetings. This is visible in mobile phones in the Internet age The use of will become more and more clear, prohibiting supervision.

portable wireless signal jammers

If you are part of a meeting, how often do you hear your cell phone ringing during the meeting? I think you will be as angry as I am, dissatisfied with this behavior, and even scold the owner of the phone. This is an unhappy ending, not what we want to see. In order to avoid such unpleasant results, it is necessary to use a mobile phone shield in the meeting room. There are many advantages to using it in the meeting room. As you can see, uncivilized phenomena are prohibited. It not only prohibits the use of mobile phone ringtones, but also prohibits the use of mobile phones during this period.

If you are a boss and you often need to participate in meetings, the meeting always has mobile phones ringing or someone looking at the mobile phone, then you can install a mobile phone signal jammer to prohibit them from using their mobile phones.

The current situation and misunderstandings of using mobile phone jammers in prisons

Cell phone jammer Current situation:
1. The area that should be shielded is not strictly shielded, which is costly and laborious and has no actual effect;
2. The area that should not be shielded is seriously interfered, complained and cannot be used normally;
3. There is a gap between overly biased detection and pseudo base station technology, ideals and reality, and there are no real successful cases in China at present;

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2. Misunderstanding:

①Using directional antenna can avoid interference
1. There is a certain transmitted signal strength outside the directional angle of the directional antenna, but it is much lower than the main lobe, not completely directional;
2. The reflection of the building will still cause external interference;
3. The frequency drift of the host computer seriously affects the base station and causes external interference;
4. TD full-time shielding interference must exist.

②The greater the power, the better
1. Inaccurate host frequency output, frequency drift, too wide bandwidth, waste of power, and interfered base station;
2. The simple frequency sweeping power suppression method has low shielding efficiency and large radiation;
3. The power is false standard, exaggerated publicity, and the nominal power loses its reference value;
4. Power is the foundation and technology is the key. It is better to find good methods and skills to fight for power;

③ The radiation of high power jammer is large, and the radiation of low-power is small
1. The high-power uses an outdoor antenna, which has a long operating distance, large shielding coverage, and uniform shielding signals, but radiation is minimal;
2. If the low-power equipment does not use multiple antennas for long-distance shielding, but is arranged in a centralized manner or 5 antennas are used together, the radiation power will be greater than 10 microwatts/square centimeter, and the short-distance radiation will definitely exceed the standard;