The difference between portable cell phone jammer and desktop

Many people are confused when buying things because they do not understand the functions and specifications of the product. Similarly, when choosing a cell phone jammer , many people will be confused. I don’t know the performance of the product, this is the reason, I have such a problem. In order to solve these problems, today we discuss portable mobile phone jammers and desktop mobile phone jammers, which will help customers when choosing products.

indoor cell phone jammer

First, let me introduce common ground. The working principle is similar: the radio wave from the base station is blocked, the mobile phone and the base station cannot be connected normally, the phone call is blocked, and the application is also very common. Usually used in movie theaters, government agencies, concerts, libraries and other public places to provide a peaceful and quiet environment. Both can block different radio waves. You can suppress GPS, WIFI, 3G, 4G, GSM and other signals

The portable jammer is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. Desktop jammers are heavy and relatively bulky, making them difficult to carry. Desktop jammers are usually used in test fields, prisons, police stations, military bases, and some large venues. These places attach great importance to information protection and require a powerful power jammer. Portable cell phone jamming devices are commonly used in places such as business vehicles and library meeting rooms.

How do we choose to buy mobile phone jammer

With the development of science and technology, mobile phones and other electronic products have made great progress. Useful in daily life, but there are also many troubles. For example, in the testing process, we often see the phenomenon of cheating on mobile phones, which will adversely affect the impartiality of the test. More and more students use smartphones in class. For teachers, how to prevent students from using smartphones is an annoying problem. The countermeasures against these problems use a cell phone jammer.

mobile phone signal jammer

We often hear loud sounds on smartphones such as trains, libraries, subways and concerts. Discomfort to the people around. Today, most people value their privacy. When you operate GPS navigation and positioning, it may track your whereabouts. Especially in prisons, police and military, the confidentiality of information is very important. We will introduce an organization that can prohibit the use of mobile phones, and cell phone jammer is used to prevent these phenomena.

However, how to choose to buy mobile phone jamming equipment? Many people encounter this problem. This is a brief introduction about how to buy a jammer. If customers need to carry jammers when they go out, they usually choose portable cellphone jammers. Cellphone jammers equipped with 8 antennas are very popular in our store. Generally, we recommend using a desktop jammer in a fixed location. In places like prisons, police and the military, we attach great importance to protecting information. In this case, it is usually recommended to use a high-power desktop jammer.

Drone jammers are one main threats in the United States

Russian troops are actively trying to prevent US military aircraft from flying over Syria, interfering with the signals emitted by the Global Positioning System (GPS), thereby interfering with flight operations. Drone jammers are “seriously affecting” U.S. drone operations, but it is unclear how serious the Russian intervention is.

NBC News quoted four sources inside the Pentagon as reporting that the transmission of GPS signals began a few weeks ago. It began shortly after the chemical attack by the Syrian regime in the anti-government-controlled Guta area. According to reports, Russian troops are worried that the US military will use chemical weapons and drones to retaliate to prevent US forces from gathering intelligence.

Russia ’s use of UAV jamming without full-scale warfare will reduce its effectiveness in real warfare, because the US and Allied forces will study these signals and find ways to overcome these jamming systems. The US Army is already looking for field weapons that do not rely on GPS for millimeter accuracy. In the long run, providing military support to a regime that spends its own people may eventually hurt Russia militarily, not to mention politically.

UAV jammer equipment used in Nanshan Islands, China

China seems to be planning to use electronic attacks designed to damage or control U.S. drones. There are reports that China is attempting to interfere with U.S. drones. In recent years, the United States has at least once been willing to use drone jammers to prevent aircraft from taking off from the United States. The United States carries out surveillance missions in the Nansha Islands.

Murmansk-BN is the world’s most powerful long-range electronic warfare (EW) system developed by KRET, a subsidiary of Rostec Holding. The EW system is designed to disrupt radio communications within a maximum range of more than 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles). The jammer is specially designed to solve high-frequency communication systems (including global high-frequency communication systems).

drone signal blocker

Some jammers launched at the beginning of the war, such as GPS jammers in vehicles, reported later updates aimed at overcoming various threat signals. Ryan explained that, for example, the in-vehicle gps interference radiation currently present in thousands of cars in theaters represents a technological capacity increase.

Electronic warfare jammers need to analyze a wide bandwidth with low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to detect critical and time-sensitive threats. One way to achieve this is to channelize a wide bandwidth through a filter bank and fast Fourier transform (FFT) to separate the signal of interest from noise and interference sources.


Signal jammer make smartphone signals disappear

Smartphones are also beneficial to our lives in many ways. But there are many problems. Walking and driving are very dangerous when operating a smartphone. Walking while operating a smartphone, I have heard news that caused a traffic accident and caused a serious traffic accident. There are many dangers, such as falling into an unexpected place may cause injury. When using a smartphone, be sure to follow the rules and methods, and use it safely and happily. Some signal jammers can invalidate the smartphone’s signal.

One way to solve this problem to use your phone safely is to use a signal jammer product called a “mobile phone jammer.” When you perform an operation on your smartphone, if you receive a call on the way, you will be disturbed. I can do all kinds of things, very convenient. There are many GPS tracking applications, personal privacy may be leaked, and individuals usually do not notice. Using GPS signal jammer, your privacy will be protected by GPS tracking application.

The existing system has technological progress and new requirements. We are developing rapidly. 5G has also appeared in front of people. I am suffering from various cell phone noises. 5G Jammer can easily solve problems. 5G mobile phones have attracted much attention and affected my life. Even if someone notices, it is necessary to use this high-end 5G jammer.

Using signal blockers need attention to this

People have always focused on annoying devices that keep you out of service. Introducing a dedicated circuit breaker that limits radio waves, we are planning a high-end signal jammer device. It is a reasonable decision to move the area away from the theater or station. To a certain extent, it suppresses the communication function of mobile phones. The effect is usually good. In some cases, you may have to plug the phone to prevent the use of the phone, and also use legal signal interception equipment, such equipment may work out of range.

There are some precautions when using this device. These are some considerations for using signal jammers. Due to factors such as differences in the performance of various jammers, PHS phones may take some time to stop using. In certain areas, the nearest base station may have difficulty cutting off cell phone signals, and performance may vary, depending on the manufacturer and model of each cell phone. The results you get may vary and may not immediately display “Service Outage” .

There are some precautions, please do not disturb other people ’s mobile phones, do not disassemble or modify and provide illegal output, because this is a criminal act that violates the Radio Law, the effective range may be narrowed due to the specification environment; in addition, according to the mobile phone Depending on the manufacturer, some things are easy to respond to, and some things are difficult to respond to. The fact is that some countries have banned the use of signal jammers.