InfiniDome carried out a live demonstration of its GPS interference / spoofing protection for autonomous vehicles on site

CAESAREA, Israel, June 25, 2019 / PRNewswire / – infiniDome Ltd., the Wireless Security Company, held a live demonstration of GPS interference / spoofing protection for a self-driving autonomous car on June 11 at the EcoMotion Main Event at The Centerpiece of the international future mobility conference, the EcoMotion Week 2019.

In the demonstration, the BWR self-driving car was operating in the conference demo center when a nearby handheld gps jammer was activated and the navigation functions of the autonomous car were deactivated. Then infiniDome CTO could easily connect the GPSdome protection solution, and the same autonomous car with the same GPS system could not only detect the jamming attack, but also maintain the GPS signal and navigation functions during the jamming attack.

handheld gps signal jammer

“In our live demo, we presented our proven solution for protecting GPS-based systems from nuisance attacks from major players in the industry, some of which are key partners with DRIVE (the automotive accelerator in TLV to which we are a part),” said Omer Sharar, CEO of infiniDome. “The competitive advantage of our cyber solution is that the GPS signal is preserved during these attacks. Unlike the competition, our approach is not only to detect the attacks, but also to protect them. We strongly believe that the autonomous car cannot stop by the side of. ” The road, when attacked, must go on. ”

“The EW (Electronic Warfare) approach of our GPSdome protection is a breakthrough in the field of autonomous cars,” said Moshe Kaplan, CTO of infiniDome. “We are advancing our technology to fully protect the autonomous car from interference and spoofing attacks from other wireless communications it depends on, such as 5.9 GHz (used for V2X communications) and its cellular connection to the world.”

“GPSdome is field-tested and is supplied to numerous customers around the world,” said Ehud Sharar, President of infiniDome. “Our commercial product is a technology that will allow the industry to continue to rely on the availability of GPS for navigation, sensor fusion and V2X that simply won’t work without GPS.”

infiniDome Ltd. offers front-end cyber solutions that protect wireless communication from interference and spoofing attacks. The company’s first product, GPSdome, protects against interference and spoofing of GPS-based systems, which are critical to autonomous vehicles, drones and connected fleets. GPSdome has proven itself in the field and is sold to customers worldwide.

You can use a recording blocker to prevent recording during important meetings!

The most effective means to prevent recording is to generate random noise signals through the recording masker, which can suppress the voice signal, so that the recording equipment picks up only noise information, but cannot distinguish the voice information and cannot restore it from the recorded signal. The original information is output to ensure the security of voice information. The recording blocker adopts security encryption processing, and effectively prevents post-restoration by mixing high and low frequency audio sources.

Jammer-mart has focused on information security for 14 years. The newly developed L7B recording jammer has been upgraded on the basis of the original equipment. The FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the high frequency noise of the old equipment. It has joined the brands that have been on the market in the past two years. The information of mobile phones and recording devices has a very obvious effect on new recording devices and mobile phone recording. It is suitable for confidential meeting rooms, public security bureau petition centers, procuratorate reception halls, courts, negotiation rooms, offices and other places for private conversations.

desktop signal blocker

The recording blocker is completely silent when working. The sound recorded by ultrasonic recording and eavesdropping equipment is completely noisy, and no meaningful information can be extracted. Designed with the appearance of ordinary audio. Confidential meeting room, public security bureau petition center, prosecutor’s office reception hall, courtroom, negotiation room, office and other places for private conversation.

Working principle: The recording jammer emits ultrasonic waves with random noise that cannot be perceived by human ears. When digital devices such as mobile phones are recording, these noises are recorded into the digital device together with the sound of normal conversation, making the recorded audio invalid. The audio information in the captured video also has the same interference effect. Because the noisy ultrasonic noise is randomly generated and cannot be restored, the audio after the interference cannot be restored, thus ensuring that the original information is not leaked and spread.

As a new product, recording jammers have received more and more attention and support from people. From the previous government agencies (mainly the public security system and service-oriented windows) to the current enterprises, the needs of enterprises have gradually increased. An important reminder for us. It shows that business people are gradually attaching importance to the safety of voice information and their awareness of self-protection has increased. Imagine if in a conversation scene, if any participant turns on the recording device, or connects the call and keeps it in the call state, the remote personnel can There is no security to hear the content of the conversation at will. In this case, the recording blocker can play a good role in protecting the security of audio information.

Drone jammers to disrupt tactical communication

At the 2019 partner exhibition, the International Armaments and Defense Equipment Fair in Belgrade, Serbia, a new quadcopter drone equipped with a jammer to disrupt tactical communications was shown. June 26, 2019.

At the 2019 partner exhibition, the Military Technical Institute of the Serbian Army, in cooperation with the local company, developed a new quadcopter drone carrier jammer to disrupt tactical communication.

A jammer for jamming tactical communication systems is mounted on a quadcopter drone, which is electrically powered by four electric DC motors and has a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. It has an empty weight of 35 kg and 107 kg with the batteries. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 2,000 m with a maximum range of 6 km.

The jamming system mounted on the quadcopter blocks all communication between the drone and its operator in a frequency range from 30 to 88 MHz, optionally with 512 MHz and an HF power of 50 W.

handheld drone jammer light

The drone jammer represents the drone as a platform for electronic attacks. The jamming transmitter of a drone carrier for disrupting tactical communication is used to block tactical communication by radio devices of all kinds. The range of this jamming transmitter could be increased significantly, i.e. H. The area of ​​interference could be increased many times the distance from the initial ground interference position at which it was started.

Another means of using drone-borne jammers could be the wrong target for ant radiation missiles or a means of deceiving the enemy.

Jammer at university

Along with the advancement in technology, the cheating has also been high tech, the use of mobile phones, wireless headphones and bluetooth devices to get the answer. Many people even hid a transmitter in the examination room.

“The jammer will block the movement of the electronic device, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operations. Once the body is finalized, the BPSC will be close to the center to clean to install the jammer,” an official said.

The interference operator must be responsible by the supplier concerned in order to avoid local tampering in the inspection center. The jammer effectively turns off the cell phone. They are transmitted at the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, thereby interrupting communication between the phone and the mobile phone’s base station in the tower.

Desktop 5g jammer

Although cell phones were banned in the exam hall, the last year of MBB students at a private university managed to cheat on recent exams using bluetooth devices and microphones. “We have installed mobile phone jammers in four exams to prevent cheating during exams. The education department has also been tasked with closely monitoring the flow of students and carefully examining suspects.” The dean said.

At Kyoto University in Japan.

Cell phone jammers have become the focus of interest after recent events of fraud at Kyoto University and four other prestigious university entrance exams.

This gsm jammer transmits radio signals in the 800 MHz band and serves as the main carrier frequency band for NTT DoCoMo and KDDI phones at. May also supply products for other groups.

Currently, the main business users of 4G Cell Phone Jammers are hospital, concert hall and movie theater operators, and some banks are also installing ATM equipment to prevent “minor” fraud (that’s me. , It’s me).

In the phone scam, criminals usually through the phone to guide the elderly to the fraudulent person’s temporary bank account, pretending to be relatives or acquaintances suddenly under financial strain. According to the merchant of mobile phone jammers, the university has now been added to the list of customers.

South African prison facility jammer

Prison leaders use signal jamming devices to prevent inmates from using cell phones in prisons.

A Department of Corrections document seen by Sowetan says he is in talks with SA’s Independent Communications Authority to “explore various technical and legal solutions, including, but not limited to, cell phone jamming.” .

The ministry also wants to expand the installation of cell phone detection systems in various prisons to help officials identify and remove unauthorized communication devices.

Currently, cell phone detectors are installed in 39 prisons while 14 other body scanners will be placed in seven prisons to help authorities stop cell phone smuggling.

According to Icasa’s Guide to the Use of the Frequency Spectrum, the use of any jamming device, including jamming of mobile phones, is prohibited in South Africa for reasons of security and effective electronic communications.

desktop signal blocker

But after the use of a signal jamming device during President Jacob Zuma’s address, Icasa said that the use of jamming devices by an entity other than the national security cluster departments is not authorized and authorized. At the time, the authority said that national security cluster departments could, when supported by relevant security legislation, deploy the use of jammers as part of, among other things, security functions. of State.

Several media companies and the SA National Editors Forum have appealed the decision of the Western Cape High Court dismissing their request to declare the use of the signal scrambling device illegal in Parliament. The prisoners at Pollsmoor in Cape Town recently caused a stir when they created their own Facebook page and started posting pictures of themselves in their orange prison clothes.

In June, Free State Presiding Judge Mahube Molemela wrote a report after conducting a forensic inspection at Zonderwater Prison in Cullinan (Tshwane).

Molemela found that the prison had a serious problem with drug and cell phone smuggling, mainly due to staff shortages and overcrowding in communal cells.

But the judge also found that because the prison had basic adult education and training for learners and 11 students from the University of SA, it should allow prisoners to have laptops in their cells.

“There is no reason why laptops should not be allowed in student cells. A laptop computer that does not have Internet access cannot pose a threat to the security of the facility,” Molemela said.

South African courts have already ruled in favor of student prisoners at higher education institutions who wish to access the internet for their studies, but this must be monitored and used “strictly for studying”.

Icasa’s Paseka Maleka did not respond to requests for comment made Thursday. Logan Maistry of Corrections said he needed more time to respond.

Take away your mental space with a cell phone signal blocker

It is so annoying that we get buried in all kinds of work emails or different kinds of massages, plus you have to deal with all the crank calls during your important time. Now you don’t have to endure such situation anymore because high power cell phone signal jammer will help you to keep all those calls or messages from cranking once you turn it on.

portable gsm gps tracker blocker

No one can resist natural regulation and their faces will change and lose their charm. When a person is no longer young and beautiful, he can still be blessed with knowledge and experience. It’s time to clear your metal space with a cell phone signal blocker and do something you love. An older person is always respectable because he acquires wisdom over time, which can enlighten the young. Appearance will always disappear, but wisdom will win and this is the most precious thing. Don’t let your wasted time, just live and learn with multifunctional cell phone signal jammer, you can keep phone noise away and keep peaceful time with you and your friends or family as you like.

Think about the last time you felt a negative emotion – like stress, anger, sadness, or frustration. What was going through your mind as you went through this negativity? Was your mind cluttered with thoughts? Or was he paralyzed, unable to think? It is so annoying that we get buried in all kinds of work emails or different kinds of massages, plus you have to deal with all the crank calls during your important time. Now you don’t have to endure such situation anymore because high power cell phone signal blocker will help you to keep all those calls or messages from cranking once you turn it on. Where can you find one?

The next time you find yourself in the middle of a very stressful time, or feeling angry or frustrated with the continuous phone calls when you are meeting or doing important business, stop yourself. Yes, that’s right, stop. Then turn on the button of the high power remote control cell phone signal blocker. Whatever you do, stop and sit for a minute with the jamming kit. While you are sitting there, completely empty your space of metal with it, you will return the peaceful time. It’s a wonderful way to give it a try.

OSCE announced suppression of signals from its UAV in Donetsk region

OSCE observers appealed to the liaison officer of the Ukrainian security forces, who denied the interference with the UAV of the OSCE mission by the military.

MOSCOW, November 5 – RIA Novosti. OSCE observers reported an incident involving the use of radio interference against an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the organization during its flight over the territory of the Donetsk region.

The Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) report says the incident took place on 3 November over the village of Chermalyk, 40 kilometers northeast of Mariupol. The OSCE unmanned aerial vehicle was exposed to unknown radio interference, disrupting the normal operation of the device, at 13.01 and 13.19 local time. After the UAV landed, OSCE experts deciphered the received data, which revealed that the aircraft’s GPS signals were being jammed by an drone jammer, according to the SMM report. The report notes that this is the third incident involving SMM drones in Ukraine since October 23.

drone signal jammer

A test launch of the first UAVs, which are supposed to monitor the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, took place on 23 October. The OSCE reported that the UAVs will fly in three directions: south of Donetsk and to the Sea of ​​Azov, east – to the Russian-Ukrainian border, and also west – towards the contact line.

In April, the Kiev authorities launched a military operation in eastern Ukraine against residents who were dissatisfied with the February coup. According to the UN, as of October 31, the number of victims of the conflict exceeded 4 thousand people, more than 9 thousand were injured. With the mediation of Russia and the OSCE, the parties agreed on an armistice from September 5. In general, it is respected, but the parties periodically accuse each other of violating it.

The man set up a jammer to interfere with the aircraft GPS signal? The truth is…

GPS navigation signal is an important technical guarantee for aircraft flight safety. The flight crew of a civil airliner that landed at Liuzhou Airport not long ago reported that the aircraft was about 8 kilometers above the runway when it was descending and preparing to land. GPS signals began to be interfered by radio until the distance About 4 kilometers above the runway, the GPS interference signal disappeared, and the length of time the passenger aircraft was interfered on different flights was different. The shortest time for the passenger aircraft GPS to be interfered was 60 seconds, and the longest time was 125 seconds.

The reporter learned from the Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center that recently, the center used technical means to jointly enforce the law with relevant departments. This case of civil aviation passenger aircraft GPS interference was seized and handled, eliminating potential safety hazards.

It is understood that on June 28, Liuzhou Airport submitted a radio interference complaint form to Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center: The GPS signal was severely interfered by the GPS signal while the civil airliner was preparing to land on the runway of Liuzhou Airport recently, resulting in loss of GPS signal and interference. The worst airliner lost GPS signal for up to two minutes. The GPS signal was interfered with and affected the approach and landing of the aircraft. Some flight crews adopted the termination of the RNP approach procedure and used visual control of the aircraft to land, which seriously affected the approach and landing of the civil aviation aircraft and brought security risks to flight safety.

After receiving the complaint, the Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center dispatched monitoring personnel and dispatched mobile monitoring vehicles to carry out carpet radio monitoring and interference investigations on the area under the GPS interference route. It was found that the source of the interference was set by the Liuzhou Power Supply Bureau on Ruilong Road. A GPS signal jammer in a second-hand car warehouse next to the Fort Substation. After questioning, the owner of the car warehouse confessed that the jammer was purchased from Taobao and it was used to shield the GPS signals of cars in the warehouse to prevent vehicle positioning information from being discovered.

desktop mobile phone blocker

On July 21, Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center, Municipal Public Security Bureau Airport Branch, and Liuzhou Airport launched a joint operation to investigate and deal with the illegally installed GPS signal jammer in the warehouse. The staff of Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center and the Public Security Bureau conducted a preliminary inquiry and investigation of the warehouse owner. After that, the public security police seized the GPS signal jammer according to law and brought the warehouse owner back to the Public Security Bureau for further investigation.

At this point, the GPS signals of all civil aviation aircraft that landed at Liuzhou Airport have returned to normal, and the radio signals that interfered with the GPS positioning of the civil aviation aircraft have completely disappeared, and the hidden dangers affecting aviation safety have been eliminated.

On the necessity of using mobile phone signal jammer in important occasions

Today’s mobile phones are becoming more powerful and smarter. You can not only make calls, send text messages, but also social chat through your mobile phones. Some social software is also more powerful, you can do live broadcast, you can receive video with the other party on the spot, and you can also record… Then there is a kind of rigor in important occasions, if it is some business secrets to hold meetings or discuss For any plan, in order to avoid the transmission of internal and external messages, and to protect the security of this plan, a cell phone jammer can be used.

portable wireless signal jammers

Commercial competition is getting stronger and stronger, especially some commercial secrets. After all, the competition is fierce. When there are any new tricks or new things invented, or when there is a commercial plan, it must be kept secret from the outside. It cannot be ruled out that internal staff have been bought by other companies. In this case, when discussing plans or meeting in secret, employees may leak secrets with other companies. You can use a mobile phone signal jammer. With the jammer, you can avoid internal leaks.

When discussing important secrets, a mobile phone signal blocker can be used just in case. If there is a recording, it can be blocked, and the order of the meeting can also be maintained to avoid the interference of the mobile phone. Chengdu Saiyue Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the development, production, sales and engineering installation of jammers for more than 10 years. It is one of the few most professional signal jammer manufacturers in China. The Chengdu Saiyuetong brand wireless signal jammer system provides mobile phone jammers | GPS signal jammers | wireless WIFI mobile phone signal shielding | one-stop signal shielding solutions for prisons, detention centers, schools, examination rooms and other important places.

Common questions and answers about signal interference

Can someone send me a text message when the phone is blocked?

After the mobile phone is blocked, the text messages sent by others will not be received, nor will it be possible to make and receive calls. After unblocking, that is, the cell phone jammer is turned off or you leave the area where the phone signal jammer works. If it is a text message sent to you by someone else on the same day, you will receive it. If it is earlier, such as yesterday or earlier, this It depends on whether the SMS service of your mobile communication service provider has this function.

gold portable cell phone jammer

Similarly, if you are blocked by your mobile phone, after someone dials your call, if your mobile phone is activated with Caller or similar services, after the signal is restored, you will receive a short message reminder of missed calls.

Can smartphones be immune to the influence of mobile phone jammers?

There is no way. The unshielded cell phone has nothing to do with whether the cell phone is smart or not.
The frequency of GSM mobile phone is 900MHz/1800MHz, CDMA is 800MHz, PHS is 1900MHz, mobile phone signal jammer usually shields the frequency interference of these four frequency bands, if you have a way to keep the phone out of this frequency, you can I don’t like jammer interference, so there is no way, because if the mobile phone is not within this frequency range, it is not a mobile phone (including PHS).

Does the jammer consume a lot of mobile phone batteries?

Mobile phone jammers consume a lot of battery for most mobile phones. Since the mobile phone jammer is turned on, the signal between the mobile phone and the base station will be shielded. Actually, it is interfered and cannot form normal communication with the base station. Then, many mobile phones have this function: when there is no signal, the mobile phone must be very Efforts to search for the signal, which leads to a lot more power consumption than the normal standby state!