The UAV market drives the development of jammers

In recent years, the drone market has grown rapidly, and with the large-scale development and production of manufacturers such as Daegu, Extreme Flight and Zero Control, the price of commercial drones has been accepted and experience has been gained. Use is good. The degree of widespread use is increasing.

At the same time, there are major hidden dangers to safety. However, many countries still have blank restrictions on drones, especially “Kurohi” drones. Approximately 90% of small aircraft flying in the air peep into the privacy of others, which poses a great danger to aerial surveillance and aerial safety.

The “Kurohi” accident occurred when the drone was injured. In the second half of 2016 alone, there were hundreds of accidents, such as stopping the aircraft or falling into a large-scale event. In the near future, an accident occurred on a flight in Canada, and an accident involving injuries occurred on the Ningbo Kurofi Highway. Faced with the unmanned aircraft control gap, we will take strong countermeasures to ensure air safety.

As a store specializing in various jamming devices, we sell professional UAV jammer. The facility can shield the position signals of all GNSS satellites, including GPS/GLONASS/Galileo.

portable drone signal jammers

The ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency bands commonly used by humans and machines have the effects of forcibly shielding the drone, interrupting the graphic position and signal, and about/return/stop. .. Tokushin Tsushin voluntarily developed an unmanned aircraft jammer, which is powerful and can reach 1-5 kilometers (depending on different usage environments).

Our company can interfere with the positioning signals of GPS satellites and at the same time shield the 2.4 G and 5.8 G frequency interference that is usually used for drones. The interruption of position and signal forces the effect of approach/return/stop.

Jammer and crime, what binds them?

Jammer and crime, apparently there is nothing that can suggest a link, in reality the two words bind and also a lot!

A person unaware of the facts, reading the technical characteristics of jammers without too much attention, cannot actually understand the use that can ensue if owned by disreputable characters.

We have already dealt with a jammer as a topic, as we have also written about what jammers are for, so the topic that we now lack is “are jammers needed for crime?” The answer comes by itself, and it is affirmative, YES, THEY ARE SO MUCHED THAT THEY GO TO STEAL!

4g cell phone jammer

The first question that arises is, what are they for? Given the multiple uses, it is necessary to create points:


Inhibition of radio and cellular frequencies makes it impossible for the telephone dialer to make the emergency call;
Inhibition of radio and wifi frequencies means that it is not possible to view images and videos from cameras that transmit wirelessly;
Inhibition of GPS, LoJack and GSM frequencies means that your vehicle cannot be located;


Inhibition of cellular frequencies, VHF UHF etc do not allow bugs to transmit, thus making their installation unnecessary;
Inhibition of GPS, LoJack and GSM frequencies is essential not only for car thieves, but also for criminals who want to move without having the problem of the tracker under their car.
Now the second question arises, why do you, like so many others, give anyone the opportunity to buy jammers?

Because we certainly cannot answer for the purpose that the customer will go to, it would be equivalent to condemning a grocery owner for selling a knife that later turned out to be the murder weapon. gsm signal jammer can be used for various beneficial purposes, purposes specified on this page.

Devices that force mobile phones to silence

As cell phone use in public places has soared, making it impossible to endure listening to mid-conversation, a small but growing band of rebels is turning to a slightly drastic solution: the mobile phone jammer, a device which completely cancels the signal transmission of all mobile phones.

GPS cell phone blocker

Jammer technology is not entirely new, jammer exporters from overseas say the demand for jammer devices is increasing every day and they are sending more than 100 a month to the United States – prompting a close scrutiny of the matter by the federal controller and raising the interest of the telephone industries. Consumers include owners of coffee shops and hairdressers, hotels, theater operators, bus drivers and, increasingly, commuters.

The development is igniting a battle for airspace control, within earshot. And the damage will have a side effect. The insensitive chatterers impose their noise on the defenseless who are therefore forced to endure all the noise in silence. While the jammers punish not only the person responsible for the noise, but also the one who talks on the phone in a confidential way.

“If there is one thing that characterizes the 21st century, it is surely our inability to control ourselves for the benefit of others,” said James Katz, director of the Rutgers University Mobile Communications Studies Center. “The one who talks on the phone thinks his rights outweigh those of everyone else around him, while the one who carries the jammer in his pocket thinks his rights are more important.”

Wireless jammer technology works by emitting radio signals so powerful that cell phones are, therefore, canceled and are no longer able to communicate with cell phone towers. The range of action of a jammer varies from a few centimeters to several meters, and the devices cost from $ 50 to several hundred dollars. The larger devices can be left on to create a real off-limit zone for mobile phones.

wifi blocker device

The use of jammers is deemed illegal on American soil. The radio frequencies used by telephone users are protected, just as are the frequencies used by radio and television broadcasters.

The Federal Communications Commission argues that people who use jammer devices can be fined up to $ 11,000 for just the first offense. The Commission’s enforcement office has sued a handful of American companies, found guilty of supplying the devices – and not only that, but also the one who uses the jammers.

“Investigators from the Commission and Verizon Wireless visited a well-known upscale restaurant in Maryland last year,” says the owner, who refuses to disclose the name, and confesses to buying a jammer for $ 1,000. because he was tired of seeing his employees with their eyes on their phones rather than on customers.

“I told them: put away your phones, put them away, now” but they ignored him.

The owner said that Commission investigators stayed for about a week, looking for jammers using special equipment. But the owner had already turned them off.

The work of the Verizon investigator, as well as that of the Commission, proved fruitless. “Yes he went to anyone in the city and gave them his number, saying to warn him immediately, in case they had difficulty making calls” claimed the owner, who reveals, since that moment, that he has stopped using the jammer.

The emergence of jammers makes cars safer

Coaches are another important example of trackers installed in cars. Some truck drivers provide temporary information to customers so that customers can check the location of the truck and better take care of the cargo. Customers can log into the site and check the location of the truck as it can reach the destination in real time. This reduces or eliminates the update information of the location of the truck driver. Truck drivers can also benefit from the fact that customers know when they are coming and are ready to ship. In addition, a tracking device is installed on the long-distance truck, and the safety of the cargo can also be known. If the truck is hijacked, the location of the truck can be known based on the tracking, then the cargo can be stored.

The 5G cellular standard has a data rate of 10 gigabits per second, strong network reliability, and precise positioning accuracy. Knowledge of positioning is a basic requirement for many new markets, so positioning is considered to be one of the important components of 5G mobile network system design. The cellular industry is implementing a long-term evolution, which can be called the evolution of old ordinary LTE and the combination of “real 4G” mobile broadband. The demand for new mobile communication systems is increasing and there is a need to further improve the signal function of the network, which is the future fifth generation (5G) cellular network system. Experts say 5G can handle communications 10 times faster than 4G. Enough to download 3D movies within 30 seconds from 5G network. The current 4G network will take at least six minutes.

high power Cell Phone jammer

The mobile phone is a great tool of invention, whether for work or people’s life, but it is always exposed to such things, which inevitably leads people to misunderstand it. Is this situation in your family? Does your child stay up all night with a cell phone? If so, I suggest you purchase a mobile phone jammer to avoid this behavior. It is not a healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, the main goal of children is to learn and not to spend all their energy on the Internet. On the other hand, the physical and mental development of children is not healthy, and excessive use of cell phones will affect their healthy growth.

What is a signal jammer and why should it be used in G-20

Mobile phone jammer is device that are often used in political meetings of the size of the G-20, where leaders from around the world are gathered in a relatively small space. In most cases they are the size of a handy, and what they do is very simple: they interfere with mobile phone signals (they emit “noise” in the same tuning), rendering these devices useless.

Why? To avoid two things: on the one hand, eliminate the possibility of somehow taking control of the phone and, for example, activating the phone’s microphone without the user knowing. And it doesn’t have to be President Trump’s – anyone there could serve as a microphone. Signal inhibitors also serve to prevent someone, from a distance, from contacting a cell phone that is in one of the “hot” areas of the G-20, either to give a warning and orchestrate an attack, or to activate a remote bomb.

16 Antennas Signal Jammer

This is how they were used, for example, in Barack Obama’s visit to Argentina in 2016: they were installed along the entire path of the presidential entourage.

Signal blocker is also used for more pedestrian things: in the first game of the Copa Libertadores final, Conmebol evaluated using an inhibitor for Marcelo Gallardo (who could not be on the field of play) to communicate with Matías Biscay . The problem is that the signal inhibitor does not discriminate: anyone who falls within its range (a radius of 50, 80, 100 or more meters, depending on its power, and a cost that goes from 300 dollars onwards) also remains disconnected. They can be the size of a handy, a suitcase or (the most sophisticated) a truck, so the cone of interference moves.

Some Spanish universities put them into practice a few years ago to prevent students from copying or receiving help from outside the classroom during exams. The signal inhibitors have also been used to violate the warning of the alarms that notify the police or the security company via the cellular network, and they have been tested in prisons to have greater control of the exchange of information between prisoners and the people outside.

In Argentina, the National Communications Agency is the only body that can authorize its use, and considers its autonomous application illegal, since it considers that such interference is an illegal use of the spectrum.

The latest design of cell phone jammers

In the conditions we need quiet, like reading books, listening to music, watching television, the teachers were in school, a library, and in many other places and conditions and, where appropriate, to prevent the phone signal is the best way. And in many other conditions, it is also necessary to cut other groups, which is why an increasing number of new advanced signal jammer designs have been invented.

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16 Antennas Signal Jammer

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meeting rooms, conference halls, museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks and many other places can be used widely this high power cellular phone jammers 4G Wi-Fi connection. You can also get many other styles of signal similar to high power computer and new design interference signal blocking, you can choose the right jammers.

Are Cell Phone Jammers the Next Big Thing?

A Philadelphia man was caught red-handed this week for using a mobile phone jammer to prevent fellow passengers on a public transit bus from using their cell phones.

“I guess I take the law into my own hands,” he told an NBC10 reporter about the illegal jammer, “and to be honest, I’m proud of it.”

Teresa Masterson, a writer on NBC10, first encountered the jammer on her morning commute and gave NBC investigators a lead.

12 Antennas Signal Jammer

A jammer that blocks radio frequencies isn’t just limited to blocking people

But while today’s news and the resulting internet outrage can only be felt by a single man, the practice of jamming cell phones is widespread in both New York and Washington DC. I spoke to two such “jammers” this morning about why they bought equipment that ranged from $ 40 to over $ 10,000 on sites like Some boast a radius of just 15 feet, while others claim they are used in military vehicles and for counter-terrorism maneuvers.

“You’re the best thing ever,” says a New Jersey-to-New York commuter who lugs around a jammer every morning on his 40-minute ride on the New Jersey Transit. He doesn’t do it for the entire trip, he says, only when a fellow passenger speaks “too loudly” or “too long”. “It fits in your pocket – they even make shady packs of cigarettes. I would guess it’s effective for a 15 foot radius, possibly more,” he says.

“When I’ve used it, it’s to turn off a loud speaker on the train that is sitting near me.” He says he bought it online from a website that imports the equipment from China, where it’s legal, and when asked, told me that he never felt guilty about keeping his passengers from talking. “No fault,” he says, “just personal high fives.”

“I always have a grace period for calls,” says another jammer who takes the MARC train to Washington DC. The journey takes about 30 minutes. “If someone says,” Okay, well, I’ll be in the office in 10 minutes, then we can discuss it. “I’m not going to bother you. But if you talk about what you did last night and what kind of curtains you are getting for the house, then yes. Silenced.”

Does he feel guilty? As if it was causing a public grievance? Not as much. “People are mad and ranting on their cell phones all the time. But I feel like it gives me some control over what I believe is becoming an increasingly reckless society.

“I’m not a threat to public safety,” he says. “I don’t put anyone in danger more than anyone else in a subway without the reception of cells being compromised.”

jammer-welt promotes the sensible and legal use of cell phone jammers and correctly protects their legitimate rights and interests.

After complaints, the Eden police removed “jammers” from the raffle room

EDEN – Police say they recovered several electronic “anti-fraud devices” from a local sweepstakes, removing the static that had been disabling key fobs, locks and ignitions on nearby cars for months.

Officials last week removed gadgets designed to prevent gamblers from using cell phones and other electronic devices to manipulate slot machine software from the Lucky Day sweepstakes at 736 S. Van Buren Road, police chief David Lamberth said of Eden.

Currently, investigators are referring to the devices that have separated them from the video game parlor’s popular fish game tables as “anti-fraud devices” until they can confirm that the devices are in fact the “jammers” commonly used for this purpose.

Lucky Day “cooperates with us. They didn’t cause us any problems, ”said Lamberth.

Prior to the move, the police and the owners of the El Parral Mexican restaurant next door at 734 S. Van Buren Road had received numerous complaints from the public.

Restaurant customers, including police officers, said they were consistently unable to use their remote key fobs, locks, and ignition systems near Lucky Day.

Jammers are often discussed on the Internet by players and game system owners to prevent potential bilkers from kidnapping such fish games. They look like glowing aquariums full of fish for quick cash out.

High power jammer prices are listed online between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 each.

16 Antennas Signal Jammer

While the use of jammers is viewed by cyber experts as a violation of federal law, the Eden Police Department “is working with the Federal Communications Commission to determine whether any devices we have recovered meet the criteria for jamming “Said Lamberth.

Following the FCC investigation, Eden police will know whether to charge Lucky Day with a crime.

The operation of fish table games is legal in North Carolina as it is viewed as unlike gambling because of its simple luck and is instead viewed as a game of skill and skill.

Customers who want to park in the Mexican restaurant can now rest assured that the electronic interference has stopped, according to Lamberth, who said police tested the remote key fobs and locking systems of their own vehicles after removing the mobile phone jammer and resolving the problem had declared.

“Once these devices are removed, we have no more reports of (key) remote controls not working,” said Lamberth.

Officials also confirmed that cell phones within and around Lucky Day and El Parral were functioning normally even before the anti-cheating hardware was removed, and that customers’ ability to make regular or 911 calls from either facility was never interrupted.

There are no plans to check gaming tables at other Eden sweepstakes parlors, Lamberth said, noting that police have not yet received complaints about similar disruptions involving other sweepstakes companies.

Lucky Day staff could not be reached for comment and a phone number provided for facility was out of order.

Art Ayala, manager of El Parral, was relieved to learn that his customers will no longer have the problems with the mysterious cars. And he wants guests to use the parking lot of the established restaurant that is closest to Lucky Day without hesitation.

“I’m happy for the customers,” said Ayala.

Russian drones can interfere with cell phones 60 miles away

With new cell phone jammers, these drones can disrupt communications over a distance of 135 miles from their launch site.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Nov. 6 that the nation had extended the range of its drone-borne jammers to 100 km, or more than 60 miles. Drones as a platform, rather than just a target, of electronic warfare mean that the sight of a flying robot overhead can signal an incoming strike and a sudden inability to call for help.

“Russia has been using a UAV-mounted cell phone jammer for a number of years,” said Samuel Bendett, research analyst at the Center for Naval Analyzes. The drones work in a pod with two or three vehicles and a ground station, which are combined as an “empty 3” system.

indoor phone jammer

“When these UAVs fly in teams, one acts as a signal and communication relay while another acts as a jammer,” said Bendett. “At this point in time, these Leer-3 systems have been around for about two years.”

What is changed is the range of the jammer. The Orlan-10 drones already have a range of 75 miles, which means that with the latest update to the jammer, the drone pod can interfere with signals up to 135 miles from where the drone was launched. TASS reports that the 60 mile range is a 3.5 fold increase in distance from the original range.

Additionally, Bendett said that there is a chance that this ability, or an earlier version of it, has already been seen in conflict.

“The Ukrainian armed forces claim to have discovered Leer-3 systems in eastern Ukraine, while there is potential evidence that Leer-3 has also been used in Syria,” Bendett said. “The Russian Armed Forces are constantly training with empty 3 UAVs while they practice the suppression, identification and eventual destruction of enemy forces through enemy signals and cellular communication. Indeed, this type of training is part of the official tactics, techniques, and procedures in electronic warfare and other forces in the Russian military. ”

Advances in electronic warfare are a key component in developing autonomous systems for the military. Right now, drones are waging an electronic war on cellular communications, but it’s not difficult to imagine the same lessons being applied with new technologies. In this scenario, it’s easy to imagine other vehicles turning into jamming machines on future battlefields … and maybe even present ones.

Could the police actually shut down a city’s cellular service?

At around 1 am on Monday, a strange tweet claimed that Washington, DC had been disconnected from the digital world. The Washington Post later reported that the Twitter accounts of only three followers were the first to report a suspected interruption. When people wake up and register online, #DCblackout is all the rage in the United States. The hashtag appeared in thousands of tweets, accompanied by reports of explosions, missing protesters and silencers of police rifles. What followed was a brief online chaos: Did the police really block the cell phone tower? What should the so-called failure cover? The local reporter quickly tweeted that they had not experienced any failures, and later that day, the rumors were thoroughly debunked. It turns out that a power outage is the highest level of error message. This also dispersed the interference of local protests. The local police used violent methods against the protesters all night, including pepper spray, rubber bullets and tear gas.

However, the prerequisite for the power outage is that the police (or the federal government) can completely shut down the communication network-this behavior has seriously affected the freedom of speech and assembly rights, as well as the safety of protesters and passersby. Although it did not happen on Monday, the joke raised the question of whether it is possible for law enforcement agencies to cause technical and legal power outages.

Americans tend to view deliberate service interruption as a dangerous strategy used by oppressive regimes abroad. In a speech by the American Civil Liberties Union, Jay Stanley, a senior political analyst for the Privacy and Technology Project, told me that interruptions in communication are often seen as “a terrible form of abuse” and are used worldwide to cover up repression of sexual violence and other violations. Human rights behavior. ”

But this form of censorship has occurred at least once in the United States. In 2011, the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) suspended cell phone service at a subway station in downtown San Francisco after hearing about plans to protest the BART police’s plan to kill a man. The purpose of BART is to prevent protesters from coordinating, but it is short-sighted, thus making the agency the center of freedom of speech controversy across the country. The Federal Communications Commission intervened, and BART’s actions were condemned by human rights organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the incident was called the “BART La Mubarak in San Francisco” incident). The FCC investigated BART, but like Harold Feld, the senior vice president of non-profit public knowledge told me that the committee decided not to make a declarative decision on the incident. This boils down to a technical problem: BART actually shuts down the service by shutting down the equipment in the underground system instead of destroying the signal.

No similar incidents have been confirmed since, but in the 2016 Tateishi protests, Wired reported that tribal leaders believed that the police had blocked their phones. The problem with proving these claims is that it is difficult to determine whether malicious behavior is occurring or just a bad signal. Only agencies like the FCC have not yet investigated the claims to truly verify the occurrence of traffic congestion.

smartphone signal blocker

The BART controversy and, to a lesser extent, the Standing Rock controversy, both show how complicated the shutdown signal can be in the United States-and how we truly fail to understand and resolve the blueprint for current and future law enforcement blackouts. What we do know is that almost ten years later, it is still possible from a technical point of view. According to Joshua M. Pearce, a professor of materials science and engineering at the Michigan Technological Institute, there are two ways to cause ground blackouts. (Turning off BART is an unusual situation because the authorities can access the device themselves.) The first is to ask (or require) the service provider to shut down a specific set of cell phone towers. It’s as simple as flipping a switch

The second method (and the more difficult method) is to use jamming technology, which sometimes sends false signals, overwhelming the signal from the cell phone tower. Small short-range equipment can be purchased abroad (for example, equipment used by some overseas universities to stop fraud, which led to the suspension of a high school teacher in Florida in 2015). In theory, you can use a large number of such small devices to call neighbors, but this is not convenient. Pearce believes that signal jammer have greater coverage, but only organizations like the National Security Agency own them.