Mobile signal jammers do not apply to prisons in Punjab

Sources told HT that put aside jammers that can’t control the newer and faster 4G networks, but many jammers aren’t even equipped to interfere with 3G.

When it comes to blocking signals of illegal cell phone use by prisoners, Punjab’s prisons are still blocked in the era of 2G reception. So far this year, inmates in state prisons have seized 600 cell phones, but gangs in particular continue to update their Facebook pages in their cells, except for activities aimed at profiting. the security of their operations.

The source told HT that put aside jammers that can’t control the latest and fastest 4G networks, but many jammers aren’t even equipped to interfere with 3G. Only Kapurthala Prison and Nabha High Security Prison have 3G jammers.

Senior Mobile Network Engineer Sandeep Law explained his technicality: “A wifi jammer with a capacity of up to 900 megahertz (MHz) can only control 2G networks. However, the 2100 MHz frequency used in 3G and 4G technologies is more powerful. Make these jammers obsolete. Upgrading is expensive. ”

Power GSM 3G 4G 5G Jammer

Police sources said that after Nabha escaped prison in November last year, a group of gangs released their five spouses and a terrorist from the Khalistan Liberation Front (KLF), but did not intensified the disruptors. It was discovered during the investigation that the gang that attacked the prison kept in touch with their accomplices in the prison by internet phone.

“In the absence of these jammers, criminals can freely use all mobile and internal means of appeal, many of which can even freely manipulate gangs and other activities from inside the prison.” With the rapid expansion of mobile networks, the market is very easy. 4G SIM card, “the head of the prison department declined to be named.

It should be noted that prison officials have repeatedly admitted that it is “almost impossible” to control the use of cell phones in prisons as inmates manage to transport them to prison through various illegal means (including bribery). guardians).

While acknowledging this problem, IPS Sahota police, the director general of the prison said: “We have submitted a proposal of Rs 8 crore to the Interior Ministry to upgrade the phone jammer to the 4G network of the Nabha central prison, Patiala. , Bathinda and Amritsar. We hope to be sanctioned soon. “

GPS jammers keep others from knowing your location

The competition with the tablet development industry is very attractive. Since Apple’s famous iPad changed the world of computing, users like IBM wanted to change it in 1981 and get a handheld entertainment device in their hands as soon as possible.

Artificially since the last month of 2011, Apple iPad tablets have been a steamroller among the competitors. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, their iPad owns 75% of all tablet sales in the United States. According to reviewers and customers, the biggest headache for Apple’s rivals is that no company has developed a tablet that matches the quality of the iPad. When talking about tablets, Apple’s iOS Android is an easy hit.

But now you can ask: how is this information related to GPS tracking? Frankly, tablet competition can change the way these GPS tracking systems work. Take, for example, Asus Transformer. Consistent with some reviewers, this Android-based tablet computer is the iPad’s strongest competitor, with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Tab model. Asus has developed a great product with a well-integrated keyboard that makes it easy to turn this tablet into a nice netbook.

4g cell phone jammer

Unlike the iPad, and like many mobile phones, the Asus Transformer GPS technology inside the GPS device makes it surprisingly accurate and easy to track your location. But there is a problem. It doesn’t seem to work very well. Asus mentioned customer complaints about embedded GPS in tablets. This can be a bit slow and there is an embarrassing location delay.

So what is the solution? Along the Asus Germany Facebook page, we have developed an update to get GPS satellite signals using the tab Wi-Fi connection. So far, using Wi-Fi to completely replace GPS satellite signals sounds wrong. Wi-Fi signals are not so common all over the world, but signals from GPS satellites can be sent all over the world. Emerging technologies can eventually eliminate this question.

Of course, if you’re very concerned about privacy protection, you can choose the right GPS jammer and simply block the surrounding radio quickly to hide your location.

InfiniDome has secured a $ 1.6 million investment to protect your GPS from hacker attacks

With vehicles becoming increasingly reliant on GPS systems, it seems pretty scary that a simple store-bought GPS jammer could interfere with your next trip on the highway. Fear not, InfiniDome has developed a simple and efficient solution to keep your GPS on track …

InfiniDome, an Israeli startup, aims to protect vehicles connected to GPS from basic nuisance and spoofing attacks. The cyber security firm must smell the financial potential as it just announced the opening of its Pre-Series A round, despite just closing a recently completed $ 1.6 million seed funding round raised by Next Gear Ventures of Israel, Boundary Holding, and Aston Partners of New York.

Pocket Mini GPS Jammer

Redefine GPS protection
Did you know that for just over $ 30 you can jam a GPS broadcast from a vehicle 30 feet away? It’s not just your car, this security system is critical to the safe functioning of drones, autonomous cars, connected fleets and critical infrastructure. To alleviate this fear, InfiniDome has developed a compact, efficient, and inexpensive device to protect GPS-connected systems from various jammers and spoofers. Based on Null-Steering, a spatial signal processing technique that eliminates all interference in wireless communication, the cyber device enables complete protection of all systems connected to GPS while weakening the hacker’s ability to block or interfere with the signal.

Speaking to Geektime, co-founder and CEO, Omer Sharar said that they have implemented the same principles of electronic warfare within the company that were previously strictly limited to military companies. “Instead of using just one antenna, we’re actually using a few. Combined with proprietary electronics and an algorithm, the system can detect which vector is attacking the vehicle and, by combining it with a received pattern, we can weaken the jammer’s signal. “Comparing InfiniDome’s technology with noise-canceling headphones, Sharar says,” If you’re listening to normal headphones, loud noise can easily drown out the music. ” Headphones with active noise canceling functions can reduce outside noise so you can enjoy your music. This is very similar to what our product offers – the hacker’s interference signal is weakened so that the GPS system can still connect to the satellite. ”

The cyber security startup recently launched OtoSphere, which can be easily connected to commercial and private vehicles. This innovative product is perfect for semi-trailers and Brink carrier vehicles, both of which are heavily targeted towards theft and rely on the monitoring of GPS transmitters at all times.

The latest round of financing will enable the company to further expand its global sales and marketing activities. The company employs 11 people across offices in New York and Caesarea. InfiniDome was founded in 2015 by Omer Sharar, Ehud Sharar and Moshe Kaplan.

Not the only “Infini” closures

Investments simply flew everywhere, the company name begins with “Infini”. As an Israeli-American data storage company, Infinidat has secured another round of investments led by existing investors, Goldman Sachs, ION Crossover Partners, TPG Growth, Claridge Israel and company founder Moshe Yanai. Infinidat developed data storage software that is easily adaptable to any purpose to optimize performance for all media types – present and future. The company’s enterprise data storage solution supports the workload while saving power, cooling and space costs. The Unicorn company’s final round of funding came in 2017 when the company received a $ 95 million investment based on an estimated value of $ 1.7 billion.

What preparations should be made to establish a mobile phone signal shielding system

Clarify the scope of the shielded area, whether it is a key area (or inside a building) in the prison area or the entire enclosed compound;

Clarify the expected planning and effects of the signal jammer project, including the planning funds for the entire mobile phone shielding project, whether it is generally only to install the shield to achieve the shielding effect or to conduct scientific and intelligent centralized control shielding;

Portable frequency jammer sale cheap

Prepare a plan of the unit and mark the name, layout, size, and floor height of each building in the prison area. At the same time, the surrounding environment of the prison should also be marked, especially the location of office areas, residential houses or social factories and enterprises within a few hundred meters of the fence;

Divide key shielded areas, non-key shielded areas and areas that do not need to be shielded;

Understand the distribution of base stations around the prison (location and communication company);

Be prepared for on-site surveys and tests by distributors or manufacturers of mobile phone shielding system construction projects.

Why use signal jammers in educational institutions?

The mobile phone is undoubtedly a very convenient tool. However, depending on the time and place of use, normal public order may also be hindered. Such as libraries, classrooms, etc.

There is no doubt that smartphones have extraordinary functions that can theoretically promote student learning. But the fact is that despite the best efforts of parents and teachers, children still mainly use mobile phones to access digital entertainment.

Needless to say, mobile phones should not be used in classrooms. Mobile phones are not allowed in the classroom, but teachers don’t want to enforce the rules. They often complain that I should find a solution so that they don’t have to argue with students. A friend of mine used to be a teacher. His students used to send text messages in class and later bought a portable cell phone jammer. Then all the students felt that their phones could not receive any signals.

The principal of high school purchases cell phone signal jammer from dealers to prevent students from using cell phones in school in violation of school district policy. First, he may be tired of abusing mobile phones on campus, and his decision may be due to cases where the learning environment he tried to create was seriously damaged. However, it is frustrating that education efforts, deterrence strategies, formal policies, and vigilant supervision and sanctions have not sufficiently reduced the problem.

smartphone signal blocker

The school will restrict the use of students’ mobile phones during class, so as to clearly promote students’ academic success and safety. At present, most schools will let teachers install signal jammers in their classrooms. But this piecemeal approach leaves teachers with insufficient support to cope with difficult and potentially unsafe tasks that provoke students to restrict destructive phone use.

Some people think that mobile phones should not be used during learning because children will not be fully focused on their work. Children can go online to play games, but it does not help their learning. Children will be distracted by the ringtones on their phones or the flashes of other children taking pictures with their phones. Mobile phones should not be allowed to go to school during the study period.

In addition to sending text messages, jammers can also effectively prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones. Cheating is always repeated. Facing this situation, educators must use jammers to prevent cheating.

Now not only educational institutions in China are using mobile phone signal jammers, more and more countries are introducing signal jammers into educational institutions.

Installation case of wireless signal shielding equipment in meeting room of Chengdu Media Group

Chengdu Media Group was established in November 2006, with assets of 13.1 billion yuan. The overall economic scale has ranked among the top 3 national news, newspapers and publication groups for 5 consecutive years, with more than 9,100 employees. There are 18 directly under the group’s direct management units. The main units include Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Chengdu Evening News, Daily Economic News, Full Search News Website, Pioneer Media, Public Transport Media, Metro Media, and Tianfu Cultural Communication.

desktop mobile phone blocker

Xin Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the construction contract for the wireless signal shielding project of the office meeting room of Chengdu Media Group, and provided wireless signal shielding equipment for the office meeting room of Chengdu Media Group by installing the cell phone signal jammer of Chengdu Saiyue Communication’s own brand Shield system services. The project was successfully accepted during the measurement, design, construction, and test stages. It shielded the 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone signals, WIFI, and Bluetooth wireless signals of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom, and successfully achieved the expected signal shielding effect. Testing and approval.

4G jammer adopting new technology

Currently, 4G network signals are on the market. New technologies are needed in the world of innovation. I heard about 3G mobile phones a few years ago. Today, 4G signals are becoming more and more popular. We have developed jamming devices such as deterrents. This is possible due to the constant improvement of technology. Ideal for using 4G phone jammers to prevent unwanted calls when you are doing important work. Some products have a handheld design. You can carry it anywhere.

powerful blocker wifi

Especially the latest models are designed for the latest smartphones. Take advantage of new jamming technology. It has excellent performance. It has the appearance of hard aluminum. Such 4G jammers are very useful. Useful for safety in daily life and work. It is possible to block other signals. , It is possible to meet various needs. There is a great working condition. I will buy this device. This is really the ideal decision for you.

Interfere with all mobile phones in a wide area. Connect the antenna and turn on the power. Block the mobile network. Has excellent usefulness in the office. It is constantly growing in popularity. Helps prevent danger. The recurrence group can be selected independently of anyone else. Designed for use in specific locations, gps anti-jamming measures can also be used directly in the car. Operates according to the signal strength in the specified area.

WiFi jammer can easily protect your personal information

WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technology that supports the exchange of data over short distances through fixed and mobile devices using the 2.4g band. From this point of view, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to force people to use them to send information and documents to create great convenience. Thus, the Wi-Fi connection for large businesses is also cheap, as it can connect to multiple systems over one wifi signal. Bluetooth can also be used to help people send files and share files. With the development of wireless networks, and now, people can easily use the WiFi network access, which has really brought a lot of convenience to people.

There are many drawbacks to wifi signal jammer as well, such as all private data stored on your laptop or PDA can be exposed to everyone in the same area. If not set up correctly, criminals can easily obtain passwords and important personal information over the wireless network. Once the password is known to someone else, it is really a risk. The most obvious aspect is that your privacy is susceptible to being hacked, the password is used as a wireless network, hackers due to low capacity. On the other hand, due to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection must track your position and the ability to work the body, similar to the triangulation position cell phone tower. So other people can easily know your location.

anti-tracking gps blocker

How to keep your information private

Now people are paying more attention to security and privacy at work and in everyday life, and you always want to find a good way to prevent them from being attacked or forfeiting their privacy. Now it’s to get network privacy and security back then. So the WiFi signal jammer can help people to solve this problem. By using WiFi / Bluetooth jammers, others will lose the ability to access the wireless network, you just need to use a wired network to ensure your normal use. So, WiFi and Bluetooth jammers can bring you eliminate potential dangers is very important. Then this 13W High Power 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth Cell Phone Signal Blocker is designed for this purpose.

Word, WiFi jammers can very well help you eliminate the risk of information. If you want more choice, please visit our website.

Take away your mental space with a cell phone signal blocker

It is so annoying that we get buried in all kinds of work emails or different kinds of massages, plus you have to deal with all the crank calls during your important time. Now you don’t have to endure such situation anymore because high power cell phone signal jammer will help you to keep all those calls or messages from cranking once you turn it on.

portable gsm gps tracker blocker

No one can resist natural regulation and their faces will change and lose their charm. When a person is no longer young and beautiful, he can still be blessed with knowledge and experience. It’s time to clear your metal space with a cell phone signal blocker and do something you love. An older person is always respectable because he acquires wisdom over time, which can enlighten the young. Appearance will always disappear, but wisdom will win and this is the most precious thing. Don’t let your wasted time, just live and learn with multifunctional cell phone signal jammer, you can keep phone noise away and keep peaceful time with you and your friends or family as you like.

Think about the last time you felt a negative emotion – like stress, anger, sadness, or frustration. What was going through your mind as you went through this negativity? Was your mind cluttered with thoughts? Or was he paralyzed, unable to think? It is so annoying that we get buried in all kinds of work emails or different kinds of massages, plus you have to deal with all the crank calls during your important time. Now you don’t have to endure such situation anymore because high power cell phone signal blocker will help you to keep all those calls or messages from cranking once you turn it on. Where can you find one?

The next time you find yourself in the middle of a very stressful time, or feeling angry or frustrated with the continuous phone calls when you are meeting or doing important business, stop yourself. Yes, that’s right, stop. Then turn on the button of the high power remote control cell phone signal blocker. Whatever you do, stop and sit for a minute with the jamming kit. While you are sitting there, completely empty your space of metal with it, you will return the peaceful time. It’s a wonderful way to give it a try.

Features of desktop recording jammer

The Jammer-mart desktop recording jammer An-Rejam-De01 can effectively shield and interfere with the recording functions of digital products such as voice recorders and smart phones. Interference signals are generated after the recording blocker is turned on, and all recorded information is noisy current sound, and the sound information cannot be restored. The product is suitable for sensitive places such as enterprises, governments, and secret-related units to prevent security risks caused by theft.

desktop signal blocker


The product has no noise, no harsh noise, and is harmless to the human body;

Directional interference, greater output power, stronger shielding effect;

The product form can be customized and designed to adapt to various usage scenarios;

The product is easy to install, and it can be used only by providing city power;

There are many types of shielding range, covering the main recording equipment on the market.