Russian jammers caught the attention of the Chinese media

The Russian jammers have caught the attention of the Chinese media. For the Sina portal, this weapon is a real “headache” that the United States must face. The Pentagon’s navigation systems are an essential tool for any Army mission.

Russian signal jammer can take American GPS receivers out of service and are causing the United States a real “headache,” writes the Chinese portal Sina.

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As noted in the publication, Russian devices can paralyze the Pentagon’s GPS systems and force the US to admit “one defeat at a time”. The absence of the GPS signal significantly reduces the combat capability of the armor and leads to the waste of ammunition, writes the author of the article.

In this regard, Washington is urgently developing GPS devices that can withstand interference, the paper’s author said.

“Since the GPS system is exposed to interference and false signals, […] the United States could give it up because it would only weaken its armed forces,” the author suggests.

He added that, according to his data, it was the disruption of the GPS used by Russia, particularly Syria, that put the receivers of NATO member countries out of service. Eventually, he concluded that these measures required advanced communication technologies and brilliant math skills, “which is what the Russians are known for”.

A few months ago Norway and Finland accused Russia of deliberately torpedoing the Trident Juncture military exercises by disrupting the GPS system, which Moscow firmly rejected.

To have a jammer is to have calm

I bought one and love it,” said a mobile phone buyer in our store, who is tired of silent conversations and long rock sounds. This mobile phone signal jammer can provide more privacy and keep you away from the hustle and bustle You no longer need to throw your phone out of the window. You can use it at the right time and let idiots discuss what they bought or what they got in restaurants, hospitals, movies, and other places for everyone to see. Listen Why do you need this? You can’t throw your phone out of the window, so this cell phone jammer is your best choice for quiet moments. With it, you can stay calm.

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As we all know, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It is considered very useful for communication or emergency situations, you can use it for calling, playing games, searching for information, sending emails or asking for help, etc. But sometimes this device can cause many problems. Or where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. We encounter interference caused by mobile phones and hope that we can control how it works or avoid closing the phone without rejecting or closing them, so that the caller on the other end does not know that we are not ready to answer their call.

In order to solve this problem, this mobile phone signal jammer will be your best choice. This mobile phone signal jammer can provide more privacy and keep you away from the noise. You no longer need to throw your phone out of the window. You can use it at the right time and let idiots discuss what they bought or what they got in restaurants, hospitals, movies, and other places for everyone to see. listen. Why do you need this? You can’t throw your cell phone out of the window, so this cell phone signal jammer is your best choice for quiet moments.

Contraband in prison: cell phone

Another way for prisoners to evade prison wiretapping is to obtain their own mobile phones. The prison authorities found that prison inmates can easily get their previous mobile phones (which can be activated with a charger). One tip came from the mother of a prisoner who complained in a jail guard at a Texas state jail that her son’s cell phone was not well received.

In addition to known prisoners committing crimes by telephone, the accessibility of mobile phones has become a serious problem in prisons. When members of the prison have mobile phones, gangs can organize themselves more easily. For example, it is reported that in 2006, gang leaders imprisoned in Brazil used their mobile phones to plot a large-scale simultaneous riot, with the purpose of proving their influence and even being locked up in prison. The group caused an uprising in more than 70 prisons. At the same time, members outside the prison caused riots and caused serious damage to public buses and police stations. Gangs have also surpassed American prison cells, where gang leaders can exercise power from inside the prison walls and even order the killing of gangs.

So, how do prisoners use mobile phones? Obviously, it is well known that visitors and corrupt prison guards provide these calls to prisoners. To help eliminate this phenomenon, some states try to combat it by making the consequences more serious. The court allowed penalties for people who were discovered with a mobile phone, because these conversations cannot be monitored and are therefore a security threat. Several states have criminalized the possession of mobile phones by prisoners, while others hope to increase this crime to a felony level.

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Unfortunately, for prisons, cell phone signal jammer (interfering with radio waves to prevent cell phone communication) from the “prison jamming” system is not a viable option-at least in the United States, because cell phone jamming devices are illegal under property laws. In addition, even if the prison obtains permission to block cell phone signals, jammers may also interrupt the prison’s radio signals. Despite these concerns, prisons in other countries (such as England) have also implemented jammers due to the widespread use of mobile phones.

DJI launches drone self-interception system

The recent frequent occurrence of drone accidents shows that drones as a consumer-grade technology product have continued to gain popularity. At the same time, the level of safety of drones is also increasing.

he Verge reported that the famous Chinese drone manufacturer DJI launched a new self-intercepting software system “Geospatial Environment Online” (Geospatial Environment Online, GEO) this week, which can prevent DJI drones from flying in No-fly zone.

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The GEO system allows users to know where drones will be restricted, whether it is due to regulatory requirements or safety issues. This is DJI’s innovative approach to respond to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has been calling for more rules for drone flight over the past year.

According to The Verge, the drone jammer can prevent DJI UAV systems from flying in no-fly zones such as airports and Washington, D.C., and can also let users know which airspaces are temporarily restricted from flying, such as areas close to forest fires or major sports events. Sensitive areas around prisons and power plants are also restricted in the system.

However, users of DJI drones can still temporarily exit the GEO system and unlock some flight restrictions. However, if an accident occurs, the user will be checked by the regulatory authorities. Users who want to temporarily unlock must have a DJI-certified account and have registered credit card, debit card or mobile phone number information. If the drone is found flying in an unauthorized airspace, the supervisory authority can find the person in charge. However, drone users cannot close all flight restrictions, and areas such as Washington, DC are still completely banned from flying.

What are the basic advantages of drone jammers

After the development of UAV monitoring equipment, its application has become more and more extensive, especially in many high-tech fields, and its role is still very good. Therefore, the design effect and function of the UAV jammer will be even more different. So what are its basic advantages?

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The use of radio and photoelectric technology makes the system technology of the drone jammer interfere with the signal during the use process is relatively advanced, especially in the recognition and judgment are very accurate, after the signal is identified, the interference will be carried out immediately , It will not affect its operation. Therefore, it is getting higher and higher in its technical level, which has been recognized and trusted by customers. From a design point of view, you all think that the functional characteristics of drones will be more diversified. In the analysis, you all feel that the functional advantages of jammers are diversified, and the role played out is quite good.

After comprehensively analyzing and summarizing the diversified UAV jammer design, it will always reach the level of system technology, and it has been recognized and trusted by customers during the application process. Therefore, the principle of action in the interference process is still more and more advanced. From the perspective of promotion, they all feel that its performance advantages are diversified, and the choices it brings are worthy of recognition. Sales advantages have been trusted and recognized by customers. After mastering the basic points of its jammer, it can be seen from the design that its performance will be more prominent, and the choices brought are diversified.

How far is the most suitable shielding range of a mobile phone signal jammer?

The shielding distance of the device has a great relationship with the power of the device and the use environment, and several aspects that are helpful to the shielding effect: one is the output power of the device, the other is the working method of the shield, and the third is the use environment (indoor or outdoor). The fourth is to shield the interference intensity of the surrounding environment.

Nowadays, mobile phones are all digital signals, and the anti-interference ability of digital signals is very strong. Generally, the effect of using analog signal technology to interfere with digital signals is poor. Therefore, digital signals must be used to interfere with digital signals. The interference effect is quite different. The signal jammer using digital jamming signal technology has lower power and higher efficiency than the jammer using analog signal jamming technology.

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The synthesis, attenuation, and reflection analysis of indoor mobile phone signals and interference signals is very complicated. Before shielding, the strength and quality of local cell phone signals have a great impact on shielding. Different mobile phones have different effects. Generally, mobile phones with strong ability to receive weak signals may not have good anti-interference effects.

The direction of the base station and the direction of the shielded area of ​​the mobile phone also affect the shielding effect. Generally, the spatial signal strength is about -60 to -70dbm, and the base station can reach about -40dbm within a few hundred meters, and the mobile phone reception strength range is generally between -35 to -95dbm. The higher the signal power of the space mobile phone, the shorter the shielding distance.

The above conclusions are based on the law of radio signal transmission in free space. In reality, there are many obstacles on the ground that affect the transmission of radio waves. The above can only be qualitatively used as a reference, especially indoors. The above law is very different from the actual situation. Therefore, this problem is difficult to calculate accurately at the time, and can only be determined based on the actual situation on site. Precise construction projects must carry out preliminary research and signal testing, and then design specific solutions. In the later period, timely follow-up tests are required, and certain corresponding supplements can be foolproof, that is, to achieve the effect of strict shielding.

The anti-drone market has a bright future

Nowadays young people like to play with drones, because small drones can bring people unlimited fun, but some young people who have a shallow understanding of the law will use drones to spy on others’ privacy, thereby invading others Human rights. In order to be able to restrain and prohibit these young people from doing wrongdoing, the drone jammer was launched.

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With the continuous progress of society and the increasingly moderate price of drones, more people will own drones in the future, so the intensity of the management of drones will increase, and it is inevitable that some people will not comply Laws, control drones flying everywhere. Or do not register the UAV to do some illegal things, then after the anti-drone system, these illegal things can be properly resolved, that is, interfere with the normal use of the UAV. Forcing the drone to land, thereby ensuring the safety of national airspace and the safety of social security.

In short, the prospects for the development of the anti-drone market are broad, so investors who want to invest may wish to get familiar with the rules as soon as possible to lay a solid foundation for future gains.

Russia has achieved significant results with the GPS jammer

The Russian military buys jammers and plans to install them on cell towers. The idea is simple: the Kremlin can launch these jammers during the conflict and pray that the jammers reduce the precision of the American missile attack.

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Izvestia emphasized that “the system integration in the transmission and reception of communication signals on the tower of the communication tower formed a network that covered the entire area, like a satellite navigation signal through the dome.

The installation of drone jammer on mobile phone towers in Russia is an unconventional step, but its logic is militarily justified. From today’s perspective, the United States has a huge advantage in cruise missiles, drones and GPS systems.

The Russian armed forces are actively trying to block U.S. military drones that fly over Syria and disrupt flight operations by interfering with the signal from the global positioning system (GPS). Jamming has a “serious” impact on US drone operations, but it is not yet clear how serious Russia’s interference is.

According to the report, the jammer was developed by the Russian military and is highly developed to interfere with even navigation devices with anti-jam technology, and is also suitable for encrypted communication, although encryption is difficult for the drone’s control systems to penetrate sensor output. The Department of Defense declined to comment on whether drones had crashed as a result of the disruption.

The use of jamming in situations where the war has not fully emerged would reduce the effectiveness of Russia during a real war as the U.S. and Allied Forces examine the signals and find ways to overcome them and improve it to find fault-resistant system in use. The U.S. Army is already looking for field weapons that do not rely on GPS to get accurate results.

Given the sudden spiral drop of the drone in the published video, the system is most likely to be a radio GPS jammer . Given that the system is being used by the Russian-backed separatists, it is likely that the system will be another electronic war weapon made in Russia that will be used at the front of a proxy war, both for influence on the battlefield as well as for research and testing purposes.

US officials told NBC News that the Russian military had blocked smaller US drones. Jamming focuses on drones’ GPS systems, which can result in operators not knowing where the drone is, for more extreme results such as crashes.

The real intention of using Jammer

Over the past two or three years, with the gradual growth of the mobile phone shielding market, the variety of mobile phone shielding products has been overwhelming throughout the mobile phone industry.

Currently on the market, Signal jammer product is called: signal interference phone, cell phone jammer, jammer, cell phone protection device, in fact, these are the same product, is the same function, namely: a single electronic device Any electronic device can basically work on multiple communication bands including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WIFI, 4G PHS and even 3G. Shielding system in the smartphone, smartphone protection systems, alarm systems, cell phones, in fact these are basically the title to play, do marketing: there are some so-called OEM manufacturers or OEMs of the manufacturer of advertising practices as follows, the change in frequency, of the product type or product intentionally picks up something from the original product representative to give the user the feeling of a new idea or that the product has many improvements, such as the so-called “smartphone protection system”. Obviously a single cell phone signal jammer sells , also called “protection system”, is a malicious advertising product.

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We continue to believe that: 4G jammer is a separate shielding products, can not be called the protection system, a protection system can be centrally controlled using a variety of shielding products can be integrated to provide a highly centralized control of the shielding System to form products
I develop a series of smartphone screen management system “, the first to open up to domestic industry, based on the power of long-term programs, intelligent management technology integration (220V / 110V / 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz) to support the control signals to transmit, remote control devices installed on the use of multiple units (usually more than 10) computer signal interference, cell phone jammer can achieve point control, group control, total control, can regularly check and plan each plan can automatically query, Automatic alarm automatically requests for phone jammers or signs, etc.

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How does base station radio signal electromagnetic radiation affect human health?

Due to the rapid development of economic society, the pace of informationization is accelerating, and unrestricted communication technology in various fields of society is also being widely applied. It is more efficient and mass of people’s lives, and the contents are more fulfilling. For people’s daily lives, wireless communication technology will be no different. On the other hand, “How much the electromagnetic radiation of radio signal base stations established in various places affects the health of the human body” becomes a question in people’s minds, especially living near signal base stations. Residents are more interested. Today, let’s hear the authoritative remarks of experts on related topics.

“Effects of electromagnetic radiation from wireless communication base stations on the human body are extremely weak. Countries have technical standards with very strict limits on electromagnetic radiation, and electromagnetic radiation from communication base stations complies with the national standard Glass 1, Maybe it’s because of the residents’ concerns,” said one expert. The relevant departments and experts’ advice should focus more on the promotion of relevant knowledge, and the construction of telecommunication base stations will also be included in the urban construction plan, together to promote the application and sound development of national electromagnetic technology.

GPS Jammer Low frequency electromagnetic radiation has only a slight effect on human health.

According to related documents, electromagnetic radiation is a phenomenon in which energy is radiated into space in the form of electromagnetic waves. Natural electromagnetic radiation is from the thermal radiation of the earth, the sun, etc. Artificial electromagnetic radiation is radio, television, communication base stations and various applied equipment in life. In our daily lives, we can see the electromagnetic radiation sources well,For example, wifi jammer for PCs, mobile phones, and microwave ovens. Whether or not electromagnetic radiation is harmful to human health has been concluded in 2006 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 60 countries in the world, eleven years later. Yes: “Only electromagnetic radiation overhauls the human body, and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation has a weak effect on human health.”

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Electromagnetic radiation from communication base stations is weak to human health.

The communication base station refers to a low-power wireless antenna for communication with mobile phone users, and the emission output is several W to several hundred W depending on the number of users and the range of service. The power density belongs to low-frequency radiation (0.6-2.0 microwatts per square centimeter, μW/cm 2 ). Under normal circumstances, the base station antenna is installed in the building and the launch tower 15-50 m from the ground, the radio frequency emitted by the antenna extends mainly in the horizontal direction, and emits little in the vertical direction. Radiation is strongest in the horizontal direction of 10 to 20 m. As humans stay in this area for a long time, they are affected by radiation. Generally, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom are higher than residential areas, the electromagnetic frequency is 900-1800 MHz, and the attenuation is extremely fast in the air, and the output density of 10 to 20 m in front of the antenna is high. (0.6 μW/cm 2 per square centimeter) is much lower than the national standard of 40 μW/cm 2 per square centimeter, and it further attenuates four times (6 dB) after passing through the walls of the inhabitants’ houses. Therefore, people living near the base station antenna are safe.

In order to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body, some residents purchase various cell phone jammer, and this behavior is quite scientific from the perspective of relevant experts. These jammers block the radio signals from the communication base stations and achieve the purpose of significantly reducing the influence of the various kinds of electromagnetic signal radiation on the human body.