Cell Phones Are Easy To Make Young People Addicted

The development of smart phones has made people more and more dependent on cell phones, they are too addicted to cell phones and depend on cell phones, they can not quit cell phone, especially the problem of cell phone addiction for young people. Cell phone addiction has always been a concern of society. Schools have used Cell Phone Jammers to prevent students from relying on symptoms and have had some excellent results.

Nowadays, not only can people not do without their cellphones, but also transport. Cars equipped with GPS systems are known to many car owners. The installation of GPS systems has many advantages and it also makes it easier for people to travel, but also for them. The safety of the car is guaranteed, and its car can be stolen by the GPS positioning function in the future. But car GPS signals are also likely to be used instead of you to track and access important information, such as location, time and place, this is all available information they can use. your information for fraud and other criminal activity, This is very dangerous behavior. As a result, many car owners will buy GPS signal blockers to block car GPS signals when they need their car. They pack it up when they don’t need it, and this handheld gps jammer comes in handy for them. Learn more about GPS blockers that can block GPS signals from cars.

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Cell phones are the most electronic devices we use today, and our communications and entertainment rely heavily on them. It is an important tool. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of mobile phones has significantly improved the appearance and functions of mobile phones, which many young people are looking for. Their fashion is popular with young people. There are also far fewer restrictions on cell phone use and you can see young people using cell phones wherever they are. They are too dependent on cell phones, heavily reliant on cell phones and cannot get rid of cell phone control. Looking at cell phones while walking is dangerous and can lead to traffic accidents. While driving, it is more dangerous to pay attention to the cell phone. Compared to people who use cell phones in high speed cars, cars are more difficult to control than people and the consequences of accidents are very serious.

Advanced drone jamming technology developed

Security forces around the world are facing a growing threat: radio controlled drones flying or hovering over crowded stadiums, prisons and places with high concentrations of people. The drones can spy on, record and broadcast unauthorized videos. They can also transport explosives, illegal goods, and other products. and even carry out terrorist attacks, murder VIPs, etc.

In response to these threats, a new unmanned aerial vehicle drone jammer was developed. Developed for military use, the DroneBlocker jammer can block small to medium-sized aircraft in a variety of ways.

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The system developed by IACIT from Brazil can be used by the military who want to secure bases and airports. The Brazilian Army is currently using the jammer for a variety of confidential applications including protecting VIPs and important events, Henrique Nobre, IACIT general manager for sales and marketing, told janes.com.

The Brazilian Armed Forces reportedly used the system during the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics. The system has been successfully demonstrated in different countries in ten different infrastructures (airports, critical structures, etc.).

How does it work? The technology can disrupt a UAV’s Global Positioning System (GPS), forcing the aircraft to land gently. It can also force the UAV to return to its original location. Additionally, it can prevent imaging streams from returning to the operator, thereby thwarting the mission assigned to the UAV.

The innovative technology works with several sensors. The company developed an image processing algorithm that could detect targets such as UAVs based on the video from surveillance cameras installed along a perimeter. The camera subsystem detects the target and sends a message or trigger to the jammer subsystem to activate it.

A radio frequency (RF) sensor detects targets by receiving the RF signals with a database and looking for a signature protocol that matches the signal generated by the aircraft and / or its operator. According to the company’s website, there are two versions, the military 110 and the civil 0200.

The system consists of cameras, RF receivers, acoustic sensors (optional), radar (optional) and jammers, all of which are integrated. It offers 24-hour protection, completely independent operation (operators are not required) and the creation of event records. The configuration is flexible and offers product versions with an output power of 1 W, 10 W, 50 W and 100 W per channel.

The platform includes the installation of antennas on the roof of the structures to be protected or on portable masts for special tactical missions or for protection against major events.

Jammers make our community safer

In the fight against criminals’ use of banned cellphones in prisons, law enforcement agencies may be closer to a technology that can interfere with phone signals in prison without affecting nearby communications. In January of this year, Justice Department officials and researchers from the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration gathered in federal prisons to test technologies that could disrupt radio services that could interfere with thousands of cell phones that enter prisons each year.

NTIA said the test used prototypes of equipment provided by an undisclosed supplier and successfully blocked commercial cell phone signals in a cell at the Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland, but only 20 feet outside the building wall. Commercial radio waves. Attorney General Beth Williams, Assistant Attorney General, of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice, said in a statement on June 15, “These encouraging test results are a step towards addressing the security threat posed by smuggling calls.”

The ability to destroy prisoners’ cell phones has become a major target for the US Department of Justice and other federal agencies. Officials say anything from smuggling cell phones into prisons can create confusion, from controlling gang activity and violent crimes in and out of prison, to spreading child pornography and intimidating witnesses. The Federal Communications Commission passed regulations in March last year to expedite the approval of anti-smuggling systems in prisons. Since they use commercial spectrum, they need an FCC license to operate. Such systems either detect transmissions or use administrative access methods developed from licensed commercial frequencies and authenticate the devices that use them.

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According to a study in January, NTIA researchers installed a portable cell phone jammer in the storage room next to the 13 by 8 foot cell on the cell’s first floor. The study claims that it successfully blocked cellphone transmissions in commercial frequency bands between 700 and 2170 MHz, but that it would not interfere with commercial transmissions if monitored at a distance of 20 feet and 100 feet from the cell. However, according to NTIA, further study is needed to determine if the technology poses a potential threat to commercially licensed wireless services outside the prison wall. There are still some obstacles. The agency noted that test results are only for their respective locations and that results can vary widely at other prison facilities.

According to NTIA research, a number of systems are required to fully cover the internment camp – up to 100 cell phone jamming systems. This can lead to serious power problems. Williams said, “The results show that this micro-interference technology can have local effects.” “This is an encouraging signal that brings us closer to a solution that will make our community safer and that will help prevent criminal activity in prisons from continuing.” The Justice Department said the Bureau of Prisons will use the report to get a better strategic view of new technology and continue testing.

China Suspends GPS Jamming For Incredible New Years Drone Display

The New Year celebrations in Shanghai this year were particularly spectacular and included a show with 2,000 drones.

Illuminated drones formed a variety of images, including colored shapes, a man running across the sky, and numbers that counted down the seconds to midnight.

Shanghai, in fact much of China’s coastline, has seen repeated GPS jamming and spoofing patterns over the past year.

And previous drone shows in China were spoiled by interference with navigation signals. One incident was reported by Chinese media in May 2018 and another in October of the same year.

Given this history and the success of this year’s show, many have speculated that the Chinese government must have made a conscious decision to avoid interference activities for the duration of the celebration.

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Others have suggested that GPS jammer may still be in progress, but the drones are using the Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system.

It is possible to interfere with GPS without affecting BeiDou. This would be a riskier option, however, as the two systems are operating on nearby frequencies and some “overflow” interference could occur.

China recently announced an increased focus on ensuring that PNT information is available to its population from multiple sources in a “comprehensive” architecture. Such an approach ensures that regardless of the interference from satellite signals, users have the critical location and time information they need.

Given this leadership’s attention, it is likely that the need for unhindered navigation was well considered ahead of the recent Shanghai drone exhibition.

Also, we probably won’t see many future reports of drone shows in China being disrupted by navigation system malfunction.

GPS Jamming Experiment

Chronos Technology Ltd successfully demonstrated the GPS Jammer Triggered Camera technology during official GPS jamming tests at the Sennybridge Military Jammer Training Area in Wales at the end of August 2015, Lydbrook , Gloucestershire, UK.

JammerCam ™ GPS triggered camera technology Jammer was jointly developed by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bath and Chronos Technology Ltd. This development took place within the framework of a project called “AJR”. Internet of Sensors “Feasibility study competition

The trials allowed JammerCam ™ units to be tested in an outdoor environment with a range of GPS jammer hidden in vehicles passing alone or in convoys, including cars, vans and shipping containers. Jammer-triggered camera sensor technology successfully identified and photographed the vehicle hosted by the jammer in all test cases and at all speeds and powers. Either way, the vehicle was taken at the center of the frame so that only one frame was needed, which significantly reduced the bandwidth needed between the sensor and the web server.

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The photo identifying the vehicle with jammer would then be sent over a mobile network to a web server where it is distributed as a hyperlink to target email addresses. The image can then be called up as actionable intelligence within seconds of the camera taking the jammer.

Professor Charles Curry, Managing Director of Chronos, explained: “A proof of concept system was demonstrated during the Sennybridge GPS Jamming trials in 2014 by the University of Bath. We then had to overcome some significant challenges, not the least of which was to make the system fully automatic so that it only took a photo of the vehicle hosting the jammer. We know that even low powered cigarette lighter style jammers emit enough detectable interference to create a power bubble around the vehicle, making it very difficult to determine which vehicle in heavy traffic is hosting the jammer. Our two biggest discoveries were to identify the vehicle in a convoy hosting the jammer, and detect and catch a shipping container with a low-powered jammer inside.

Norway warns pilots of GPS jamming near border with Russia

The Norwegian aviation regulator has warned pilots about jamming satellite navigation signals, including GPS, in Finnmark province, bordering Russia’s Murmansk region, The Barents Observer reported.

The warning was made the day before to the NOTAM operational base (changes in the rules for conducting and ensuring flights and aeronautical information) until January 31, the newspaper notes. SAS, Norwegian and Wideroe planes fly through the specified area, but the pilots of which of the airlines noticed navigation problems is still unclear, the resource writes. The Barents Observer emphasizes that the reason for the NOTAM warning is the complete loss of the navigation signal.

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In November 2018, Finland accused Russia of jamming the GPS signal during NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise, held from October 25 to November 7. The GPS malfunction was discussed with Russia at the diplomatic level, and the Finnish Foreign Ministry also summoned Russian ambassador Pavel Kuznetsov on this matter. The Norwegian Ministry of Defense also made similar accusations against the Russian military group in the Arctic. True, it admitted that the navigation disruptions did not lead to any serious consequences.

The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov then said that the Kremlin did not know about Russia’s involvement in failures in GPS systems, and forwarded the question about this to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Do we really need to install a cell phone signal amplifier?

We can often see mobile phone signal amplifiers installed in many places such as tall buildings, basements, shopping malls, restaurants, karaoke saunas and massages, underground civil air defense projects, subway stations and many other places to solve these signal blind areas and weak areas. Poor problem. But do we really need to install a cell phone signal amplifier?

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1. With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the requirements for mobile communication services are getting higher and higher. The rapid development of mobile communication and the rapid increase of mobile users have resulted in smaller and smaller cellular plans and smaller and smaller coverage areas of mobile phones.

2. With the rapid development of the city, the planned use area of ​​the city is getting smaller and smaller, and the tall buildings in the city are being built higher and higher. The signal base stations on the back of these tall buildings or underground are blocked by the high-rise buildings, and the signal attenuation is serious. The mobile signal received by the mobile phone also weakens.

3. With the rapid development and renewal of the city, the decoration level of the exterior of the building has also improved. The commonly used metal steel structure, aluminum alloy structure, etc. absorb and reflect the signal, making the mobile phone users in the building unable to normally accept the outdoor Cell phone signal

4. Due to the blocking and reflection of electromagnetic wave signals by buildings, some places in closed buildings, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, KTVs, bars, underground parking lots, etc., cannot actually receive external mobile phone signals normally.

In view of the above four points, in order to make normal communication between mobile phones, normal calls and Internet access, we need to install a set of mobile phone signal amplification equipment to amplify the normal signal from the outside of the mobile phone to the place we need, and give it to the inside Staff or customer personnel bring the convenience of mobile phones.

What are the differences between ordinary mobile phone signal jammers and high-quality signal jammers?

Signal jammer, generally speaking, can be divided into ordinary shielding and high-quality shielding.

Ordinary shielding, its technical characteristics are mainly based on shielding principles, using a large number of low-power or high-power devices to fight against, staying on simple technical solutions.

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High-quality shielding, its technical characteristics adopt strong signal digital frequency hopping technology, which reduces radiation by 150 times compared with ordinary shielding technology; mainly outdoor shielding, reducing indoor radiated power by hundreds of times; multi-channel combined technology, full-frequency antenna replacement N frequency-dividing antennas are suitable for wireless remoteness, laying the foundation for distributed antennas; using distributed antenna technology, reasonable distribution of shielding power, dispersing the power signal, reducing antenna radiation, providing tens of times the efficiency, and eliminating dead spots and leaks ; Jike’s unique TD synchronization technology, for China Mobile’s 3G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) networks, only shields the downlink pilot time slot to prevent interference to the base station, obtained by the China Mobile and Radio Management Committee The recognition, while reducing radiation dozens of times.

Comparison item Normal shielding Quality shielding
Low price moderate price
Basic shielding principle
Run by quantity
1. Digital dot frequency/frequency hopping technology
2. Multiplexing technology
3. Distributed antenna technology
4. Jike TD synchronization technology
Installation location is uncertain Outdoor
Radiation big radiation small radiation
1. Cannot fully shield
2. Large interference:
To surrounding/base station
3. Unstable operation
it is good
Service life is shorter than three years

Anti-drone technology is necessary in the future

Anti-UAV technology, why is it essential for airports.

With the dramatic increase in drone penetration in the past few years, controlling the sky above us has become an additional responsibility. UAV detection solutions have become very important, not only can detect long-distance UAVs, but also access a variety of potentially important information, such as controller location and UAV model.

Who are those organizations that rely on drone detection? The police force certainly bears a great deal of responsibility when tracking illegal activities involving drones, but the airport (probably more than any other type of venue) must fully control the sky above its location. As drones increasingly enter the airspace around airports, this reality has become more relevant in recent times.

Last summer, a drone entered the airspace near Gatwick Airport, causing five aircraft to be diverted and completely closed the runway.

In addition to endangering the safety of passengers on board, taking up air traffic control time, and causing inconvenience to people who eventually misplace or put their journey on hold, it can be said with certainty that the interruption of drones will eventually cause great losses to airlines. All these problems are caused by a relatively small unmanned aerial vehicle, which emphasizes the importance of airport drone detection.

According to this BBC article, the British Airprox Commission conducted an investigation into the Gatwick incident and concluded that the incident caused as many as 130 deaths.

Time for action

The truth is not a lie. According to Airprox’s data, in the last two years of records, 168% of aircraft errors on drones and aircraft. The drone caused chaos around the airport, stopped flying, almost lost the aircraft and caused delays.

In December 2018, a drone report at Gatwick Airport grounded all flights and disrupted thousands of passengers within 24 hours. Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems and return more control to those who work on the ground.

UAV automatic detection and defense solutions can let people know those who pay attention to the sky. UAVs can now be detected up to 20 kilometers away, and early warning can give precious time to prepare and deal with any type of UAV threat.

drone jammer gun high power

The ability to identify the location of the controller gives the airport the opportunity to more effectively liaise with law enforcement agencies to take action against those who violate its airspace. It can identify a specific drone model and the actual serial number of a single drone that has been detected. This is enhanced by the flow of information to be able to pinpoint the heading, speed and altitude of the drone-all potentially key facts that could affect the actions taken by air traffic control.

Portable drone jammer has become a popular anti-drone technology option, suitable for police forces that require drone detection on the move, but when it comes to airports, the fixed version may see the most demand .

6 ways to prevent decoder theft

When the car owner locks the car, it intercepts the decoded signal sent from the car’s key to the car’s central control lock device, analyzes the frequency and data in it, and copies this signal to control the car door lock and easily steal the owner’s car or car property.

The car GPS jammer has a low technical content. The principle is to send out a frequency similar to the original car key signal, and the signal is strong, covering the original car key signal, making the vehicle unable to lock the door, and taking the opportunity to steal the property or the vehicle after the owner goes away .

car gps anti track blocker

“This kind of device is a decoder, rather than a codecutter, because it mainly relies on intercepting the signal to copy the signal.” Master Su said, the public need not be too panic, because only when the owner of the car is opening or locking the car, it is illegal. Only the disciples can take advantage of it. However, in order to avoid property damage, Master Su reminded the majority of car owners to be more careful when parking.

Learn the following 6 tips to reduce the chance of theft of vehicles and their belongings:

1. When you lock the car, pay attention to whether there are suspicious persons within 10 meters.
2. When locking the car, the owner should not be too far away from the car to reduce the range of sensor sensing by the decoder.
3. When using the car anti-theft alarm, install a mechanical anti-theft device and install several concealed locks, such as steering wheel locks and gear locks, so you are not afraid of any decoder.
4. Look for a more side-by-side anti-theft method, do not install the anti-theft device in a fixed position, which increases the time of the thief’s crime, and the thief will lose patience, thereby reducing the chance of successful theft.
5. Load the GPS global positioning system on the car. Even if the car is stolen, the police can quickly locate the stolen vehicle and retrieve the stolen vehicle as soon as possible.
6. It is still necessary to emphasize that you should not put valuables such as leather bags, mobile phones, cash, etc. in the car to avoid losses caused by criminals.