What are cell phone jammers trying to tell us?

Cell phone jammers prevent phones from working. They are used in cars, public places and exam halls.

Jammers are not new – they have been around for years – and they are illegal in many countries, including the United States, but jammers are becoming increasingly popular.

But are phones really the problem? And are jammers really the solution?

I think cell phone jammers are being used as a patch, the wrong solution, to solve three societal problems that should be solved by much better technology.

Here are the three biggest problems cell phone jammers are trying to solve, and what I think are the better solutions.

The “phones are dangerous” problem

A Florida man named Jason R. Humphreys wanted to save lives by preventing people on his daily commute from using their phones while driving. So Humphreys installed a cell phone jammer on the back of the passenger seat of his SUV. As far as Humphreys knew, the program worked for two years. But the police, whose own communications were occasionally interrupted by his jammer, were less than enthusiastic. So they tracked him down and caught him two years ago. Last week, he was fined $ 48,000 by the Federal Communications Commission for violating US law against jamming devices.

newest hidden mini cell phone interference

As I said at this point, I think that drivers distracted with smartphones would be distracted by something else without smartphones. In other words, smartphones don’t cause accidents, humans don’t.

The terrible reality is that human drivers kill around 1.24 million people worldwide every year. That is a far higher annual rate than the number of people who die in wars.

Humphreys’ misguided act was the wrong solution to the problem. What we really need is to switch to self-driving cars as soon as possible. The sooner we do it, the more lives will be spared.

Advanced drone jamming technology developed

Security forces around the world are facing a growing threat: radio controlled drones flying or hovering over crowded stadiums, prisons and places with high concentrations of people. The drones can spy on, record and broadcast unauthorized videos. They can also transport explosives, illegal goods, and other products. and even carry out terrorist attacks, murder VIPs, etc.

In response to these threats, a new unmanned aerial vehicle drone jammer was developed. Developed for military use, the DroneBlocker jammer can block small to medium-sized aircraft in a variety of ways.

handheld drone jammer light

The system developed by IACIT from Brazil can be used by the military who want to secure bases and airports. The Brazilian Army is currently using the jammer for a variety of confidential applications including protecting VIPs and important events, Henrique Nobre, IACIT general manager for sales and marketing, told janes.com.

The Brazilian Armed Forces reportedly used the system during the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics. The system has been successfully demonstrated in different countries in ten different infrastructures (airports, critical structures, etc.).

How does it work? The technology can disrupt a UAV’s Global Positioning System (GPS), forcing the aircraft to land gently. It can also force the UAV to return to its original location. Additionally, it can prevent imaging streams from returning to the operator, thereby thwarting the mission assigned to the UAV.

The innovative technology works with several sensors. The company developed an image processing algorithm that could detect targets such as UAVs based on the video from surveillance cameras installed along a perimeter. The camera subsystem detects the target and sends a message or trigger to the jammer subsystem to activate it.

A radio frequency (RF) sensor detects targets by receiving the RF signals with a database and looking for a signature protocol that matches the signal generated by the aircraft and / or its operator. According to the company’s website, there are two versions, the military 110 and the civil 0200.

The system consists of cameras, RF receivers, acoustic sensors (optional), radar (optional) and jammers, all of which are integrated. It offers 24-hour protection, completely independent operation (operators are not required) and the creation of event records. The configuration is flexible and offers product versions with an output power of 1 W, 10 W, 50 W and 100 W per channel.

The platform includes the installation of antennas on the roof of the structures to be protected or on portable masts for special tactical missions or for protection against major events.

WiFi jammer can easily protect your personal information

WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technology that supports the exchange of data over short distances through fixed and mobile devices using the 2.4g band. From this point of view, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to force people to use them to send information and documents to create great convenience. Thus, the Wi-Fi connection for large businesses is also cheap, as it can connect to multiple systems over one wifi signal. Bluetooth can also be used to help people send files and share files. With the development of wireless networks, and now, people can easily use the WiFi network access, which has really brought a lot of convenience to people.

There are many drawbacks to wifi signal jammer as well, such as all private data stored on your laptop or PDA can be exposed to everyone in the same area. If not set up correctly, criminals can easily obtain passwords and important personal information over the wireless network. Once the password is known to someone else, it is really a risk. The most obvious aspect is that your privacy is susceptible to being hacked, the password is used as a wireless network, hackers due to low capacity. On the other hand, due to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection must track your position and the ability to work the body, similar to the triangulation position cell phone tower. So other people can easily know your location.

anti-tracking gps blocker

How to keep your information private

Now people are paying more attention to security and privacy at work and in everyday life, and you always want to find a good way to prevent them from being attacked or forfeiting their privacy. Now it’s to get network privacy and security back then. So the WiFi signal jammer can help people to solve this problem. By using WiFi / Bluetooth jammers, others will lose the ability to access the wireless network, you just need to use a wired network to ensure your normal use. So, WiFi and Bluetooth jammers can bring you eliminate potential dangers is very important. Then this 13W High Power 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth Cell Phone Signal Blocker is designed for this purpose.

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The United States also regulates the use of jammers

Recently the United States bombed Syria

The National Broadcasting Corporation reported that, according to the statement of four US officials, the Russian military has disrupted US military drones that conduct combat missions in Syrian airspace, severely affecting US military operations.

Authorities said that a few weeks ago, after a series of chemical weapons attacks against civilians in the armed opposition zone of East Gutta, the Russians began to interfere with a few small American drones. Officials said the Russian military was concerned the US military would retaliate against the attack and start interfering with the global positioning system used by drones operating in the region.

Desktop high-power jammer

Republican Senator Ben Sasse reacted on Tuesday to reports of interference with Russia: “Russia wants to undermine our interests all the time.”

He said: “Those who think that Russia is not an enemy are crazy.”

According to Dr. Todd Humphries, director of the Radio Navigation Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, blocking or preventing drones from receiving signals from GPS satellites doesn’t have to be complicated.

He said: “Most GPS drone receivers can be very easily disturbed.”

Humphreys, an expert on GPS spoofing and jamming, has warned that it could have a major impact on drones in the United States, causing them to malfunction or even crash. He said that if the drone reports an incorrect position or is lost, “at least it can create confusion for unattended ground operators.”

According to Dr Humphries, four years ago, after the invasion of Crimea, US analysts first discovered in eastern Ukraine that Russian troops were interfering with drones. These GPS jammer “have had a significant impact on unmanned aerial vehicles deployed by the United Nations to carry out surveillance missions in the region.” The crew stopped for several days and were unable to collect information by air.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Paquin of the US Department of Defense will not stand up if such interference leads to drone crashes and has stressed that US military drones are currently operating safely. “The United States military has sufficient countermeasures and protective measures to ensure the safety of our unmanned and manned aircraft, our troops and the tasks they support.”

However, an official confirmed that such interference had an impact on US military operations in Syria.

Signal jammers can sometimes prevent tragic events

The use of cell phones is an explosive risk in gas stations. Turn off your cell phone while filling your car. There are usually warnings at petrol stations about banning the use of a cell phone. While in many countries, cell phone signal blocker has been a good choice for stopping the phone call at gas stations. Buying a modern and trendy cell phone signal blocking kit is the last and wisest tip for cell phone users and gas station attendants.

The use of cell phones is an explosive risk in gas stations. Turn off your cell phone while filling your car. There are usually warnings at petrol stations about banning the use of a cell phone. While in many countries, cell phone signal blocker has been a good choice for stopping the phone call at gas stations. Buying a trendy, modern cell phone signal blocking kit is the latest tip for cell phone and gas station users, who recently advised all of its affiliates to be mindful of who pays the bill. gas. cause explosions. Come here professional online GPS jammer store www.jammer-mart.com and pick up strong signal jammer to avoid unnecessary dangerous occasions, you will need it at your gas stations. You know that there have been several explosions because of the telephone used in gas stations. You can stop the miserable spell with the phone signal jammer right now.

armband signal blocker

According to reports, a driver in Indonesia was burned and his car was severely damaged when gasoline vapor exploded after being ignited by static electricity from the cell phone he was using. It’s so terrible. It is very necessary to install high power cell phone blocker to protect you from danger. The threat that mobile phones pose to gas stations and their users around the world is largely due to their ability to generate sparks. To stop the sparks, our stone has produced many jammers for your picking. Some people, especially teenagers, easily fall in love with a cell phone for these reasons when in the gas station, as they have no idea of ​​the hidden threat and can easily overlook the warning.

Now it is your mission to best buy mobile phone signal blocker to prevent miserable things from happening. What will you do, then? Go get one now!

WiFi jammer can isolate all cyber dangers

In the Wi-Fi Security Blogging Trilogy, I will feature an occasional opportunity that I encountered while jamming Wi-Fi signals. WiFi, especially in the UK, has seen some WiFi explosions recently. In the UK, entire urban communities are already WiFi compatible. There is no doubt that we will depend more and more on WiFi networks. Anyone who has read an official book on computer security will have a full understanding of the CIA when it comes to security, the triad of confidentiality, integrity and usability. This article will discuss uptime i.e. blocking WiFi signals. Now jammer-mart.com has better wifi signal jammer that can help you.

5 bands portable jammers

A few weeks ago, I finally gave in and bought a Nintendo Wii console for my kids. I think it keeps them physically active while playing video games, and I think that’s right. Anyway, I put the Wii under the main TV and then try to connect the Wii to my home Wi-Fi network, which will allow the Wii to receive software updates, weather forecasts, and even browse the web using the Wii Opera web browser. It was quickly discovered that the Wii could not connect to the WiFi network.

Therefore, after an hour of troubleshooting, temporarily removing all security from my wifi jammer and plugging the wifi router into Wii as close as possible, I found that Wii was not able to receive signals from my WiFi network at a distance of up to 10 cm! Even so, the bandwidth (network speed) still seems too slow. Well I gave up the day because the kids wanted to play Wii sports. I just thought the Wii’s Wii Card was risky, but later that night I encountered an eye opener while watching satellite TV on the bed.

You see, I have satellite TV and it feeds the main TV. But, earlier this year, I wish I could watch all these beautiful satellite TV channels on my bedroom TV. So I bought an inexpensive “Technika” broadcast solution. Local supermarkets cost £ 20 (around $ 40) instead of paying more to satellite companies to buy a second set-top box, Sat Box. The device consists of a broadcasting unit which is connected to the scart output of a satellite television decoder. The broadcast unit sends TV images, sound and even infrared signals from the remote control to the receiver, which is connected to the scart input on the TV. From the room. My epiphany is that in theory the broadcast TV unit blocks the Wi-Fi signal, especially since both the Wii and the TV broadcast service are under the main TV. So I turned off the TV streaming equipment and immediately connected the Wii to the Internet.

The next day I did some experiments with my laptop. I noticed that the TV broadcast unit was on; in some parts of the house the signal strength of the WiFi network has been reduced by two-thirds, and downstairs all connections to the WiFi network have been removed.

Therefore, an efficient Wi-Fi jammer can be obtained at a very cheap cost. I think with some custom settings we can expand the range of Wi-Fi interference and make it a mobile device, I can think of many bad uses of WiFi interference, especially to cause other attacks, but a good one practice may no-WiFi policy, although you may need to check applicable laws. broadcast.

The mini jammer is smaller than the wallet, I believe you will like it

Mini cell phone jammer is the lowest WiFi phone that can interfere, and a rechargeable lithium battery with a built-in antenna. Ultra small tool-very portable when we leave.

A fully charged wifi jammer can last for two hours, so it has a car charger and a home charger, which can be used for indoor and outdoor charging. If you can, you can open the gadget, which will make it last longer.

cheap portable mobile phone blocker

Buying a WiFi jammer has the characteristics of disguise-it looks like an unknown product, and there is no word to tell us what the device does, let alone the WiFi signal. Only mark ON, OFF and OFF. The pocket design is larger than the remote control, and of course smaller than the wallet-protect your secret mobile device to ensure the safety, insecurity and unclearness of unknown WiFi resources.

2.4G 2400-2500MHz WiFi, RF is the only target. Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless audio spy cameras, wireless network cards and other products are also interfered by signal frequency jammers. Useful equipment, you can tailor the method to protect your safety, maintain a clear signal environment, thereby eliminating noise and WiFi pollution.

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Portable jammers are particularly convenient for some special groups of people

It’s really boring to be tracked now. There are various tracking devices that disrupt the lives of normal people. Although it’s really convenient, it can also harm people and bring them privacy threats. Now, if you If you want to get rid of this situation, then you can come here and you will find that jammer-mart is a good choice, and you can find the best here.

Mobile phone select Bluetooth mobile phone signal GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 3G jammer View product table

And the normal use of many wifi signal jammer and tracker on the market are cell phone signal trackers and GPS trackers, so if people need to cut off GPS from signal tracking and cell phone trackers, you can directly come here to view this feature design For specific examples, you can come here to learn more about this “Portable Signal Option Bluetooth 3G Mobile GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 Jammer”, and you can see the detailed information of this 3G mobile GPS jammer.

smartphone signal blocker

Then, you can briefly take a look at this optional portable signal jammer. This handheld WiFi 3G GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 blocker has the function of cutting off GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 signals and 2G 3G WiFi cell phone signals at the same time. However, when using other designs, you may have to make a real decision based on the interference of the frequency band. Therefore, since this optional 3G Bluetooth GPS phone also includes a stuck car charger, it is also a good choice for people who want to use GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 3G Bluetooth mobile phone jammer.

In addition, the portable GPS mobile phone blocker also has a built-in fan. Due to the heat dissipation system, the GPS signal of the handheld mobile phone always maintains a good working condition and will not cause high temperature. In addition, the portable handheld GPS signal blocking device is also designed with a car charger, which can be conveniently used in the car, which is very convenient and easy to use. In addition, the GPS jamming application is also very easy to use and can be used in many places where you go out as well as meeting rooms, classrooms and other places.

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Russian jammers caught the attention of the Chinese media

The Russian jammers have caught the attention of the Chinese media. For the Sina portal, this weapon is a real “headache” that the United States must face. The Pentagon’s navigation systems are an essential tool for any Army mission.

Russian signal jammer can take American GPS receivers out of service and are causing the United States a real “headache,” writes the Chinese portal Sina.

desktop mobile phone blocker

As noted in the publication, Russian devices can paralyze the Pentagon’s GPS systems and force the US to admit “one defeat at a time”. The absence of the GPS signal significantly reduces the combat capability of the armor and leads to the waste of ammunition, writes the author of the article.

In this regard, Washington is urgently developing GPS devices that can withstand interference, the paper’s author said.

“Since the GPS system is exposed to interference and false signals, […] the United States could give it up because it would only weaken its armed forces,” the author suggests.

He added that, according to his data, it was the disruption of the GPS used by Russia, particularly Syria, that put the receivers of NATO member countries out of service. Eventually, he concluded that these measures required advanced communication technologies and brilliant math skills, “which is what the Russians are known for”.

A few months ago Norway and Finland accused Russia of deliberately torpedoing the Trident Juncture military exercises by disrupting the GPS system, which Moscow firmly rejected.

Car theft: jammers, a new weapon for car thieves

This is not a rumor or even a potential risk (like a security breach), but a reality: car thieves have a new way of behaving and it’s unfortunately very simple and very effective. The National Police released an official press release on May 19, 2020 warning of “frequency jammers” that allow thieves to block the automatic closing of car doors … to safely search or steal them.

A simple, inexpensive box for a few tens of euros

The signal jammer is neither complicated nor large: it fits in one hand and only blocks the signal that the remote control sends to the car when the doors are closed (automatic remote locking). The signal is encrypted, the car remains open.

newest hidden mini cell phone interference

What worries the authorities is that it is extremely easy to get this type of jammer on the internet and in parallel markets. Their prices also make them dangerous: barely fifty euros or accessible to everyone. Suddenly their shadow multiplies in Ile-de-France and all over France.

The only solution: vigilance

If the police can watch, they arrested three young people in the act on May 12-15, 2015. The number of cars and jammers in circulation is far too many for the police to check. And there is nothing to be done about these boxes.

To do nothing except … be vigilant as always. The problem is that with a remote lock you are more likely to trust not to check that the doors are actually closed: generally, you press the button as you step away from the vehicle and without returning.

But thieves watch with their boxes. However, if you are vigilant and check that the doors are actually closed, there is nothing they can do: if they are not closed, you can always press the button again to close them or stay near the vehicle while they are closed are not close.