Jammer and crime, what binds them?

Jammer and crime, apparently there is nothing that can suggest a link, in reality the two words bind and also a lot!

A person unaware of the facts, reading the technical characteristics of jammers without too much attention, cannot actually understand the use that can ensue if owned by disreputable characters.

We have already dealt with a jammer as a topic, as we have also written about what jammers are for, so the topic that we now lack is “are jammers needed for crime?” The answer comes by itself, and it is affirmative, YES, THEY ARE SO MUCHED THAT THEY GO TO STEAL!

4g cell phone jammer

The first question that arises is, what are they for? Given the multiple uses, it is necessary to create points:


Inhibition of radio and cellular frequencies makes it impossible for the telephone dialer to make the emergency call;
Inhibition of radio and wifi frequencies means that it is not possible to view images and videos from cameras that transmit wirelessly;
Inhibition of GPS, LoJack and GSM frequencies means that your vehicle cannot be located;


Inhibition of cellular frequencies, VHF UHF etc do not allow bugs to transmit, thus making their installation unnecessary;
Inhibition of GPS, LoJack and GSM frequencies is essential not only for car thieves, but also for criminals who want to move without having the problem of the tracker under their car.
Now the second question arises, why do you, like so many others, give anyone the opportunity to buy jammers?

Because we certainly cannot answer for the purpose that the customer will go to, it would be equivalent to condemning a grocery owner for selling a knife that later turned out to be the murder weapon. gsm signal jammer can be used for various beneficial purposes, purposes specified on this page.

Devices that force mobile phones to silence

As cell phone use in public places has soared, making it impossible to endure listening to mid-conversation, a small but growing band of rebels is turning to a slightly drastic solution: the mobile phone jammer, a device which completely cancels the signal transmission of all mobile phones.

GPS cell phone blocker

Jammer technology is not entirely new, jammer exporters from overseas say the demand for jammer devices is increasing every day and they are sending more than 100 a month to the United States – prompting a close scrutiny of the matter by the federal controller and raising the interest of the telephone industries. Consumers include owners of coffee shops and hairdressers, hotels, theater operators, bus drivers and, increasingly, commuters.

The development is igniting a battle for airspace control, within earshot. And the damage will have a side effect. The insensitive chatterers impose their noise on the defenseless who are therefore forced to endure all the noise in silence. While the jammers punish not only the person responsible for the noise, but also the one who talks on the phone in a confidential way.

“If there is one thing that characterizes the 21st century, it is surely our inability to control ourselves for the benefit of others,” said James Katz, director of the Rutgers University Mobile Communications Studies Center. “The one who talks on the phone thinks his rights outweigh those of everyone else around him, while the one who carries the jammer in his pocket thinks his rights are more important.”

Wireless jammer technology works by emitting radio signals so powerful that cell phones are, therefore, canceled and are no longer able to communicate with cell phone towers. The range of action of a jammer varies from a few centimeters to several meters, and the devices cost from $ 50 to several hundred dollars. The larger devices can be left on to create a real off-limit zone for mobile phones.

wifi blocker device

The use of jammers is deemed illegal on American soil. The radio frequencies used by telephone users are protected, just as are the frequencies used by radio and television broadcasters.

The Federal Communications Commission argues that people who use jammer devices can be fined up to $ 11,000 for just the first offense. The Commission’s enforcement office has sued a handful of American companies, found guilty of supplying the devices – and not only that, but also the one who uses the jammers.

“Investigators from the Commission and Verizon Wireless visited a well-known upscale restaurant in Maryland last year,” says the owner, who refuses to disclose the name, and confesses to buying a jammer for $ 1,000. because he was tired of seeing his employees with their eyes on their phones rather than on customers.

“I told them: put away your phones, put them away, now” but they ignored him.

The owner said that Commission investigators stayed for about a week, looking for jammers using special equipment. But the owner had already turned them off.

The work of the Verizon investigator, as well as that of the Commission, proved fruitless. “Yes he went to anyone in the city and gave them his number, saying to warn him immediately, in case they had difficulty making calls” claimed the owner, who reveals, since that moment, that he has stopped using the jammer.

The jammers are our good friends

We have to use all kinds of electronic devices in our lives, including all kinds of jammers, like cell phone jammers. We use a wifi device to connect to the Internet, we use bluetooth to send and receive data, we use the cell phone to keep in touch, we use GPS devices to locate us.

But all kinds of electronics have a good side and a bad side. When you use a WiFi contact, your computer or mobile phone may be hacked, which will lead you into dangerous situations. We therefore need wireless jammer to protect us.

portable wifi jammer for sale

When everyone is using the cell phone, there is cell phone noise everywhere, which is a problem for us whether we are in a church, library, conference hall, concert, or other places like these. So we need a cell phone jammer to keep us in peace.

GPS devices are very useful, but it will also be dangerous. Anyone could track your sites after putting GP tracker in your cars. So we need a handheld gps jammer to keep us safe.

As you know, a Jammer is a kind of blocking device that could be used to turn off certain types of devices in a certain location. The Jammer does this by cutting off the signal only, so that certain type of devices cannot receive or send a signal. It is easy to use and easy to control. It is very useful for us. It might give us a convenient way to get away from problems. We love cell phone jammer, we love wifi jammer, we love GPS jammer, we love mobile phone jammer. The jammers are our good friends.

Unusual. A jammer to prevent phone use in class

Drunk that her students prefer their cellphones to her, Marie (1), a teacher in a Sarthe high school, ordered a jammer on the internet. She has been using her “toy” for over a year and a half.

Just type “cell phone jammer” into a search engine, and the object of the crime appears. Fed up with her students handling the keyboard “under the hood”, she decided to do the same. “I activate it with classes that annoy me, I hide it with a notebook, usually. Cellphones in class are a real problem, and the students have lots of techniques, they hide it behind a bag, a pencil case, in the pockets of a baggy, “she said.

The principle is simple: the signal blocker sends waves which block network reception. “It’s very funny, the students all tend to move closer to the windows, hoping it works better,” Marie jokes.

wifi bluetooth blocker

The use of a wireless jammer in France is punishable by a fine of 450 euros, as only prisons and theaters are allowed to equip them. Marie bought a small one, at the scale of her class, “although it does not work well in the back rows,” she jokes.

The small forbidden box cost him 60 euros, an investment. “My students don’t know I have one, of course, so they try to get their cellphones out anyway, I don’t do that to annoy them a bit and it works,” says the teacher.

Marie has never been grilled by her young people, although some have been suspicious. “It’s weird, it’s only in your room that you don’t get,” dared a group of girls. And in these cases, she feigns innocence: “Look, I don’t know.”

What is a signal jammer and why should it be used in G-20

Mobile phone jammer is device that are often used in political meetings of the size of the G-20, where leaders from around the world are gathered in a relatively small space. In most cases they are the size of a handy, and what they do is very simple: they interfere with mobile phone signals (they emit “noise” in the same tuning), rendering these devices useless.

Why? To avoid two things: on the one hand, eliminate the possibility of somehow taking control of the phone and, for example, activating the phone’s microphone without the user knowing. And it doesn’t have to be President Trump’s – anyone there could serve as a microphone. Signal inhibitors also serve to prevent someone, from a distance, from contacting a cell phone that is in one of the “hot” areas of the G-20, either to give a warning and orchestrate an attack, or to activate a remote bomb.

16 Antennas Signal Jammer

This is how they were used, for example, in Barack Obama’s visit to Argentina in 2016: they were installed along the entire path of the presidential entourage.

Signal blocker is also used for more pedestrian things: in the first game of the Copa Libertadores final, Conmebol evaluated using an inhibitor for Marcelo Gallardo (who could not be on the field of play) to communicate with Matías Biscay . The problem is that the signal inhibitor does not discriminate: anyone who falls within its range (a radius of 50, 80, 100 or more meters, depending on its power, and a cost that goes from 300 dollars onwards) also remains disconnected. They can be the size of a handy, a suitcase or (the most sophisticated) a truck, so the cone of interference moves.

Some Spanish universities put them into practice a few years ago to prevent students from copying or receiving help from outside the classroom during exams. The signal inhibitors have also been used to violate the warning of the alarms that notify the police or the security company via the cellular network, and they have been tested in prisons to have greater control of the exchange of information between prisoners and the people outside.

In Argentina, the National Communications Agency is the only body that can authorize its use, and considers its autonomous application illegal, since it considers that such interference is an illegal use of the spectrum.

Recording jammer to prevent eavesdropping from being recorded!

Have you ever had such confusion: private meetings and conversations with friends are worried about being eavesdropped or recordings reveal privacy; business negotiations are afraid of being eavesdropped by competitors leading to project failure; the conversations of confidential meetings of the unit are recorded or eavesdropped leading to leakage, etc. and many more. How to protect the valuable conversation information from being stolen by others?

While high-tech brings convenience to the general public, the pursuit of high-quality life has also become a life attitude that people admire. Therefore, the protection of privacy rights has become a hot topic at the moment, and more and more politicians, celebrities and business people are beginning to understand protection The legitimate rights and interests of one’s own privacy, how to prevent recording and anti-eavesdropping has been paid attention to. How to effectively prevent the disclosure of secrets caused by recording and eavesdropping? Choosing a high-end and safe anti-recording device becomes your wisest choice right now!

The wireless jammer is a very effective product. It can send out interference signals to prevent the pickup or microphone from picking up normal voice information, and pick up the “buzzing” noise to protect the voice information. The recording jammer is It is the simplest and most effective to protect the security of voice information from the source of sound collection. Shenzhou Mingda has focused on information security for 14 years. The newly developed L7B recording jammer is upgraded on the basis of the original equipment. The FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the high frequency noise of the old equipment.

handheld blocker

Features of recording jammer MDPB-L7B:

1. High interference intensity: Our self-developed FPGA-based ultrasonic band noise algorithm can effectively interfere with digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders, can record noises, and completely eliminate the harsh sound that a few people can hear.

2. Long interference distance: The anti-recorder has an interference distance of more than two meters for 95% of mobile phones, an interference distance of more than 5 meters for 60% of mobile phones, and an interference distance of 10 meters for iPhone X and iPhone 8, which can be effective Protect the conversation

3. There are many interference devices: it has good interference effects on various mobile phones such as iPhone series, Huawei mate, Honor, OPPO, VIVO, Samsung, Nubia, Meizu, Nuts, etc., and it has good interference effects on Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Newman, Lenovo, Olympa. Sound recorder test interference effect is good

4. Mute work: The anti-recorder has replaced the ultra-quiet fan, and the sound produced during work is smaller and quieter than the old equipment.

In modern society, recording conditions such as mobile phones and voice recorders are very convenient. Any important negotiation, especially business negotiation (such as legal negotiation, contract negotiation and other legal relationship communication) or other important matters, is very worried about being recorded by the other party. Evidence against oneself. The latest L7B recording jammer developed by Shenzhou Mingda can solve your worries. The recording jammer is a portable, highly integrated security protection device that integrates ultrasonic interference and voice sound wave interference. It can effectively interfere with digital and analog recordings such as voice recorders, mobile phone recordings, and tape recordings, and interfere with wireless eavesdropping, wired eavesdropping, and isolation. Various voice eavesdropping devices such as wall tapping and laser tapping make it impossible to identify the conversation voice obtained by the eavesdropper, thus effectively protecting your privacy.

Russian drones can interfere with cell phones 60 miles away

With new cell phone jammers, these drones can disrupt communications over a distance of 135 miles from their launch site.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Nov. 6 that the nation had extended the range of its drone-borne jammers to 100 km, or more than 60 miles. Drones as a platform, rather than just a target, of electronic warfare mean that the sight of a flying robot overhead can signal an incoming strike and a sudden inability to call for help.

“Russia has been using a UAV-mounted cell phone jammer for a number of years,” said Samuel Bendett, research analyst at the Center for Naval Analyzes. The drones work in a pod with two or three vehicles and a ground station, which are combined as an “empty 3” system.

indoor phone jammer

“When these UAVs fly in teams, one acts as a signal and communication relay while another acts as a jammer,” said Bendett. “At this point in time, these Leer-3 systems have been around for about two years.”

What is changed is the range of the jammer. The Orlan-10 drones already have a range of 75 miles, which means that with the latest update to the jammer, the drone pod can interfere with signals up to 135 miles from where the drone was launched. TASS reports that the 60 mile range is a 3.5 fold increase in distance from the original range.

Additionally, Bendett said that there is a chance that this ability, or an earlier version of it, has already been seen in conflict.

“The Ukrainian armed forces claim to have discovered Leer-3 systems in eastern Ukraine, while there is potential evidence that Leer-3 has also been used in Syria,” Bendett said. “The Russian Armed Forces are constantly training with empty 3 UAVs while they practice the suppression, identification and eventual destruction of enemy forces through enemy signals and cellular communication. Indeed, this type of training is part of the official tactics, techniques, and procedures in electronic warfare and other forces in the Russian military. ”

Advances in electronic warfare are a key component in developing autonomous systems for the military. Right now, drones are waging an electronic war on cellular communications, but it’s not difficult to imagine the same lessons being applied with new technologies. In this scenario, it’s easy to imagine other vehicles turning into jamming machines on future battlefields … and maybe even present ones.

Can you protect yourself in this smart phone world?

Read this carefully and remember: from now on you will be watched. Does it sound awesome or scary to you? Take a good look at the stranger at the other end of the hall. Although it looks like he’s talking on his smartphone, he actually takes pictures of you using a special app. And thats just the beginning. At that morning meeting last Tuesday, when you made that outrageous joke about your new boss, your colleague’s smartphone, lying quietly at the table, recorded every word you said. Later that night when you were in the restaurant and made a flirtatious but innocent joke on the waitress, someone videotaped the entire interaction.

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing you can do to prevent things like this from happening again and again. Millions of smartphones around the world mean millions of active recording devices ready to quickly capture any word or movement. And when these recordings are made, it is no big deal to throw pictures, videos or audios on the internet and share them with everyone. Maybe there is some way to prevent all of this from happening? Let’s see. Perhaps someone smart enough will create a cloak of invisibility like in fantasy films, or companies may use clues from James Bond films and develop high-tech counter-surveillance devices that allow us to move around in public without worrying about potential privacy issues having to worry.

In fact, it might be the companies we already know well, especially since there is already some type of technology that I am talking about. For example, late last year Apple patented a new technology that allows an iPhone’s camera to be easily deactivated using infrared sensors aimed at the camera. It was developed to prevent film piracy. But even ordinary people can use such a device in advance. Todd Morris, founder and chief executive of surveillance and surveillance company BrickHouse Security, said some early technologies existed to protect people from intentional recording. For example, any woman can use a wireless camera detector in the locker room to find out if a hidden camera is installed in her clothing. Yes, that happens and quite a bit.

gsm network jammers

There are some limits, however, as the changing room or business office is completely different from the large and crowded public place. For example, if you use this Apple device that disables the camera, you will definitely make a lot of people feel harassed just to imagine some sights or to take photos to remember friends. The same is partly true for gsm jammer, but it can vary from place to place (for example, the cinema must definitely have such devices in order to make the visitor’s experience uninterrupted and thus even better).

“While you don’t wear a fake mustache or stocking over your head, no one in a large crowd can prevent them from being secretly pictured,” claimed Todd Morris. “In these cases, we need to use our technology to fight technology only at the server level using algorithms that say,” Don’t post this photo of me on the internet. “” If these companies can tag someone on the internet by simply recognizing their voice or even their face, they should be able to remove them the same way. However, when everyone starts using those Google glasses and other augmented reality glasses, we will face the new type of surveillance as they are likely to record everything they see.

Will Israel buy $ 50,000 worth of portable anti-drone vests?

The IDF and Israeli police are considering purchasing personal anti-drone systems at a cost of $ 50,000 each, Calcalist reported.

The vests were made by the Israeli startup SKYUP, part of the Avnon Group, and have already been sold to the US Army and NATO forces.

Enemy drones have become a growing threat and unlike in the past when they were only installed in vehicles, there is now a need for personal equipment for soldiers and police officers to protect them from the threat of drones. According to SKYLOCK, the portable systems, which weigh just 1.5 kilograms, can neutralize any drone within a kilometer.

3 bands uav blocker

The vests are equipped with a drone detector and an drone jammer. Upon notification of a UAV in their vicinity, carriers can activate the anti-drone jammer.

The vest is intended for use in situations where traditional anti-drone products normally installed in buildings or vehicles are not suitable due to the need for a mobile protection system, e.g. B. at special units of the army or guards of the president.

Analysis: Mini GPS jammer

If you spend enough time browsing eBay to break down interesting electronic gadgets, you’re bound to see suggestions for some questionable gadgets. This is how I recently became aware of these tiny GPS jammer that plug directly into an automotive 12v socket. Delivered to your doorstep for less than $ 10, it seemed like a perfect device to rip open in the name of science.

pocket gps signal jammer

Now you may be wondering what legitimate uses such a device could have. As far as I know there aren’t any. The only reason you’d want to interfere with GPS signals in and around a vehicle is if you’re trying to get away with something that you shouldn’t be doing. Perhaps you’re driving a haunted company car and want a quick two hour nap in a parking lot, or you might want to disable the car’s built-in GPS that you stole just long enough for you to take it to the car store. You know how to do it.

However, we are not going to delve into the potentially nefarious reasons this device exists. Hackers have never been too picky about the devices they investigate and experiment with, and there is no reason why we should start now. Instead, let’s take this gray area hardware for a test drive and see what moves it.

While the GPS constellation’s average altitude of 20,200 km (12,550 miles) may not be quite as high as that of communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit, they are still quite a long way off. Given this incredible distance and the size of the antenna on most GPS equipped devices, it’s no wonder the received signal is very weak. So weak, in fact, that it is generally below the noise floor. Only with clever algorithms and a dash of wizardry can your phone turn that whisper from the stars into something that resembles useful information.

It is this fragility that makes this type of inexpensive jammer possible. It doesn’t take much to overwhelm the legitimate signal. Remember, a device like this does not attempt to mimic a GPS satellite, but simply emits loud enough nonsense that the real satellite can no longer be heard.

When the jammer is on, we can clearly see how the already meager signal is absolutely wiped out by the patterns sent by the device.

There is just no competition. The legitimate signal is tens of thousands of miles away, and this thing is screaming its head within easy reach. I haven’t tested the range of this device, mainly because I didn’t want it to be turned on for longer than necessary, but it is capable of doing the deed at least several meters.