Jammer and crime, what binds them?

Jammer and crime, apparently there is nothing that can suggest a link, in reality the two words bind and also a lot!

A person unaware of the facts, reading the technical characteristics of jammers without too much attention, cannot actually understand the use that can ensue if owned by disreputable characters.

We have already dealt with a jammer as a topic, as we have also written about what jammers are for, so the topic that we now lack is “are jammers needed for crime?” The answer comes by itself, and it is affirmative, YES, THEY ARE SO MUCHED THAT THEY GO TO STEAL!

4g cell phone jammer

The first question that arises is, what are they for? Given the multiple uses, it is necessary to create points:


Inhibition of radio and cellular frequencies makes it impossible for the telephone dialer to make the emergency call;
Inhibition of radio and wifi frequencies means that it is not possible to view images and videos from cameras that transmit wirelessly;
Inhibition of GPS, LoJack and GSM frequencies means that your vehicle cannot be located;


Inhibition of cellular frequencies, VHF UHF etc do not allow bugs to transmit, thus making their installation unnecessary;
Inhibition of GPS, LoJack and GSM frequencies is essential not only for car thieves, but also for criminals who want to move without having the problem of the tracker under their car.
Now the second question arises, why do you, like so many others, give anyone the opportunity to buy jammers?

Because we certainly cannot answer for the purpose that the customer will go to, it would be equivalent to condemning a grocery owner for selling a knife that later turned out to be the murder weapon. gsm signal jammer can be used for various beneficial purposes, purposes specified on this page.

The emergence of jammers makes cars safer

Coaches are another important example of trackers installed in cars. Some truck drivers provide temporary information to customers so that customers can check the location of the truck and better take care of the cargo. Customers can log into the site and check the location of the truck as it can reach the destination in real time. This reduces or eliminates the update information of the location of the truck driver. Truck drivers can also benefit from the fact that customers know when they are coming and are ready to ship. In addition, a tracking device is installed on the long-distance truck, and the safety of the cargo can also be known. If the truck is hijacked, the location of the truck can be known based on the tracking, then the cargo can be stored.

The 5G cellular standard has a data rate of 10 gigabits per second, strong network reliability, and precise positioning accuracy. Knowledge of positioning is a basic requirement for many new markets, so positioning is considered to be one of the important components of 5G mobile network system design. The cellular industry is implementing a long-term evolution, which can be called the evolution of old ordinary LTE and the combination of “real 4G” mobile broadband. The demand for new mobile communication systems is increasing and there is a need to further improve the signal function of the network, which is the future fifth generation (5G) cellular network system. Experts say 5G can handle communications 10 times faster than 4G. Enough to download 3D movies within 30 seconds from 5G network. The current 4G network will take at least six minutes.

high power Cell Phone jammer

The mobile phone is a great tool of invention, whether for work or people’s life, but it is always exposed to such things, which inevitably leads people to misunderstand it. Is this situation in your family? Does your child stay up all night with a cell phone? If so, I suggest you purchase a mobile phone jammer to avoid this behavior. It is not a healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, the main goal of children is to learn and not to spend all their energy on the Internet. On the other hand, the physical and mental development of children is not healthy, and excessive use of cell phones will affect their healthy growth.

The limit on cell phone signal inhibitors for workers

A ruling that prohibits companies from using signal blocker to interfere with workers’ mobile phone communications at their workstations was recently issued by the Labor Directorate (DT).

The doctrine in this regard was established by ordinary 2315/54, which responds to a query about whether it is possible for a company to install devices that block workers’ cell phone signals within the company.

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The DT’s ruling concludes that said company “cannot interfere, intercept or interrupt the signal of the cell phones of the workers inside the company.”

To conclude, the DT turns to constitutional, labor and international norms, whose joint understanding is an active defense and promoter of the fundamental rights of workers, in this case, that of their intrinsic dignity.

Thus, it recalls that article 19 number 5 of the Political Constitution of the State assures everyone “the inviolability of the home and of all forms of private communication, linking it with article 5 of the Labor Code which provides that“ the exercise of the powers the law recognizes that the employer is limited by respect for the constitutional guarantees of workers, especially when they could affect their privacy, private life or honor ”.

Internationally, the statement includes the provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Both instruments affirm that “no one may be the object of arbitrary or illegal interference in his private life, his family, his home or his correspondence.”

For DT the term “correspondence” should be understood as a written communication form, given the time in which these international treaties were drawn up, and also because both standards protect fundamental rights and “should be interpreted in a broad manner, understanding that the protection contemplated the concept of correspondence encompasses all forms of communication ”.

Likewise, a report from 2002 is recalled that includes what was stated by the jurist José Luis Cea regarding the inviolability of private communications encompassing letters, telephone, audiovisual and even e-mail, “provided they are not open to the public” .

Thus, the DT maintains that for the privacy protection to be in force, communication must be a private act between specific or determinable persons who are the victims of an illegitimate or arbitrary interference in communications.

In the specific case, the DT also required a technical statement from the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications.

22 Antennas Wireless Signal Jammer

In its response, the Undersecretariat reported that “the so-called Inhibitors or Signal Blockers, also known by their English term“ wireless jammer ”, and consist of radio devices that produce an intentional interference or disturbance of a communication, in order to avoid the exchange of information, between two or more parties, thus not allowing calls or data transfers, such as messaging services, Internet access or similar ”.

Even the General Telecommunications Law 18,168 criminally penalizes interference, interceptions, interruptions or unauthorized captures of a telecommunications service.

In this way, concludes the opinion of the DT, “the installation of devices that interfere, intercept or interrupt any form of communication that workers have in the orbit of their private life within the company, not only constitutes a violation of rights fundamental, but also constitutes a crime of public criminal action ”.

The latest design of cell phone jammers

In the conditions we need quiet, like reading books, listening to music, watching television, the teachers were in school, a library, and in many other places and conditions and, where appropriate, to prevent the phone signal is the best way. And in many other conditions, it is also necessary to cut other groups, which is why an increasing number of new advanced signal jammer designs have been invented.

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All parties including the media are prohibited from flying drones

All parties, including media practitioners, are reminded not to fly drones anywhere in the country while the Movement Control Ordinance (MCO) is enforced through May 12.

Supt Rasha Azaldin Shafii, chief of the drone unit of the Royal Malaysia Police, Air Operation (PGU), said flying drones without permission from the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority (CAAM) is a violation of the Malaysian Civil Aviation Ordinance 2016 (MCAR 2016).

“Anyone who operates a drone without a permit can be punished with a minimum fine of 50,000 RM or a prison sentence of three years for individuals, while companies can expect a maximum fine of 100,000 RM.

“Please note that not all parties are allowed to fly drones unless they have permission from CAAM and the police,” he told Bernama.

He said throughout the implementation of the MCO, police had discovered four cases of illegal use of drones across the country.

“Further investigations into the cases are ongoing and police are ready to use the UAV jammer device to ensure that no drones are flown anywhere without authorization,” he said.

portable drone signal jammers

According to Rasha Azaldin, drones will be used specifically for nationwide aerial surveillance, including in areas under the expanded MCO.

“The use of drone technology has definitely been effective in making announcements and bringing back memories of COVID-19 throughout the MCO period,” he said.

On April 7th, CAAM authorized the PGU Drone Unit to operate the unmanned aircraft system or drones for surveillance and enforcement purposes during the MCO.

CAAM also announced that the drone operation would be led by the police in collaboration with the Malaysian armed forces and three private drone companies.

Surveillance technology is more advanced than you think

Spurred on by the well-known terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, modern surveillance has become an even more important method of protecting people from possible acts of terrorism or of eliminating acts of dissident. And there is no shortage of companies willing to provide the mechanism that can safely do these tasks.

Some of these tech companies have tools that allow governments to easily break into individuals’ phones and PCs, as well as powerful electronic eavesdropping devices that can be used to record all active Internet communications across the Wallstreet Journal. Those papers, more than 200 pages from 36 different organizations, were obtained by people who attended the secret security conference held last month.

Many of these technologies presented at the conference are related to monitoring large amounts of information. A company has selected tens of thousands of synchronous calls from landline and mobile networks or intercepted them en masse. The other describes how she helped the leading Chinese cellular operator monitor the Internet content and apps on the country’s cell phones in real time.

The annual retail market for surveillance tools has expanded from almost nothing in 2001 to a total of $ 35 billion this year, the Journal reported, citing information from TeleStrategies, the conference operator. Organizations operating in this sector argue that their goods are designed to catch criminals and are only made for sale to government and law enforcement agencies.

Still, some international companies are finding that their recent business activity has given them unwanted attention. Cisco Systems is feeling the nasty aftermath of the lawsuit filed earlier this year that accused the tech company of providing and supporting a huge surveillance system that enabled Chinese authorities to easily track and censor all internet activity of a spiritual group . Cisco officials denied all charges, claiming that Cisco sells the same legal equipment in China that it sells in other countries around the world in compliance with US government regulations and laws.

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As you can see, if Cisco sells the same equipment around the world, US citizens may face the same risk as Chinese people. In fact we already are. So protect yourself by using wireless wifi jammer and make sure that nobody is watching you. And of course your comments are welcome here!

Russia is blocking GPS systems with powerful F-22 raptors and F-35 jets in the Middle East

Among other things, Russia’s electronic warfare, including disruption, poses a major threat to civil aviation, police and peacetime medical operations.

Experts differentiate between jamming and spoofing. While interfering with the generation of electronic noise amounts to interfering with GPS services, spoofing, on the other hand, involves deceiving and manipulating a satellite navigation system to provide incorrect data.

In late June 2019, The Times of Israel reported that pilots flying in the Middle East, particularly Syria, have found since last spring that their GPS systems are in the wrong location or are no longer working at all.

According to data collected by American researchers, the signal that disrupted satellite navigation for planes flying through Israeli airspace (and allegedly continues to do so until now) came from the Russian airbase in Khmeimim in Syria.

The Khmeimim Air Force Base houses sophisticated Russian military hardware, including S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries, Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft systems, and Su-57 stealth fighter aircraft

Russia is most likely trying to protect its forces in Syria, including from drone attacks, by disrupting and conducting active electronic warfare. According to The National Interest, Israeli sources are “increasingly convinced” that GPS failure of civilian flights in the region is “a side effect of Russian radio interference in Syria.”

In recent years, ships have also reported GPS malfunctions in the eastern Mediterranean, with Russia suspected of having implemented electronic traffic jams to protect its troops in Syria fighting for the Bashar al-Assad regime.

However, the disruption may well be the result of spoofing. Ships posting about GPS problems in the U.S. Coast Guard’s navigation center reported what appeared to be authentic satellite signals but failed to receive credible positional information, reflecting the spoofing events in Syria near the Russian air base.

Moscow is believed to be attempting to disrupt western aircraft, including the latest stealth F-22 and F-35 fighters, as well as armed drones that are regularly attempting to attack Russia’s Khmeimim base in Latakia, Syria .

From April 2019 the US Air Force deployed the F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, respectively. This was part of a wider buildup against the backdrop of the US-Iranian confrontation in the region.

Russia can also be seen in the GPS war on the European continent. “A GPS signal jammer was first detected in late October 2018 during a large-scale NATO trident junction exercise in Norway,” Defense News said.

drone jammer for wifi frequency

The Norwegian military secret service then stated that they had registered a source of interference from a Russian military base on the heavily fortified Kola Peninsula. The Finnish Military Intelligence Service also expressed that the analysis of the Norwegian partners reflected its own investigations and assessments.

The Norwegian government has condemned what it calls the Russian government’s continued “electronic harassment” of critical communications systems and networks. “The Norwegian government detests Russia’s electronic jamming and is intensifying cooperation with Nordic partners to improve the exchange of information on the Russian military’s signal blocking technologies and measures,” said Norwegian Defense Minister Bakke-Jensen.

The Norwegian Armed Forces are also investigating the use of new methods and technologies to protect against military communications disruptions and the interference of GPS systems by Russia. The US Air Force is currently planning to test interference-resistant GPS systems in Europe. This will be done with the aim of countering Russian electronic warfare.

Portable jammers are particularly convenient for some special groups of people

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In addition, the portable GPS mobile phone blocker also has a built-in fan. Due to the heat dissipation system, the GPS signal of the handheld mobile phone always maintains a good working condition and will not cause high temperature. In addition, the portable handheld GPS signal blocking device is also designed with a car charger, which can be conveniently used in the car, which is very convenient and easy to use. In addition, the GPS jamming application is also very easy to use and can be used in many places where you go out as well as meeting rooms, classrooms and other places.

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Russian jammers caught the attention of the Chinese media

The Russian jammers have caught the attention of the Chinese media. For the Sina portal, this weapon is a real “headache” that the United States must face. The Pentagon’s navigation systems are an essential tool for any Army mission.

Russian signal jammer can take American GPS receivers out of service and are causing the United States a real “headache,” writes the Chinese portal Sina.

desktop mobile phone blocker

As noted in the publication, Russian devices can paralyze the Pentagon’s GPS systems and force the US to admit “one defeat at a time”. The absence of the GPS signal significantly reduces the combat capability of the armor and leads to the waste of ammunition, writes the author of the article.

In this regard, Washington is urgently developing GPS devices that can withstand interference, the paper’s author said.

“Since the GPS system is exposed to interference and false signals, […] the United States could give it up because it would only weaken its armed forces,” the author suggests.

He added that, according to his data, it was the disruption of the GPS used by Russia, particularly Syria, that put the receivers of NATO member countries out of service. Eventually, he concluded that these measures required advanced communication technologies and brilliant math skills, “which is what the Russians are known for”.

A few months ago Norway and Finland accused Russia of deliberately torpedoing the Trident Juncture military exercises by disrupting the GPS system, which Moscow firmly rejected.

Anti-drone technology: what they do and how they work

Audio detection – drones emit a very specific sound. There are devices that can listen to the very specific frequencies of the whirring devices and work well up to a point. In a quiet, pastoral setting, these devices can detect an approaching drone with an accuracy of up to 500 feet. In a study conducted by Korean researchers and published in January 2017, these devices were tested in a real urban environment. When used in a noisy environment, audio detectors struggled to more accurately identify the incoming drones.

RF Technology – Drones use radio frequency to communicate with their operators. To keep the receiver and the transmission connected, they are paired with specific RFID chips that prevent other devices on the same frequency from overtaking the drone.

Jammers – Jammers emit electromagnetic noise using the radio frequencies that drones operate on and output information. In fact, they drown out the conversation between a drone and its operator. This is usually either 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz, which are unassigned public frequencies. This prevents jammers from interfering with manned aircraft, cell phones, public broadcasts, or other dedicated radio bands. drone signal jammer can be either stationary, mounted devices or built into highly mobile, gun-like devices that can result in a drone landing safely on the ground from where it may have intended.

drone signal jammer

Geofencing – Geofencing creates a barrier that surrounds airspace using a combination of a GPS network and Local Radio Frequency Identifier (LRFID) connections such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This boundary is created using a combination of hardware and software to create a physical and invisible boundary that surrounds an airspace. Some drone manufacturers incorporate geofencing technology into their aircraft to warn pilots when they enter no-fly zones or restricted airspaces such as prisons, power plants, or airfields.

Video Detection – Video can be used in conjunction with other drone detection technologies to create and relay a visual record of a detected drone incident. Due to factors like weather or changes in season, video detection is not an ideal first line of defense in detecting incoming drones, but it can be a valuable tool for recording drone incidents for future reviews.

Thermal Detection – Thermal imaging is also not a good first line of defense when it comes to detecting drones, but it can be a helpful tool for locating drone operators in a remote area. For example in the smallest of spaces such as the area around a power plant. When a drone is detected in the air, thermal cameras attached to a drone operated by the power plant’s security staff can be used to locate the nearby operator of the intruding drone.

Radar Detection – Drones are often small, low-flying aircraft, making them very difficult to pick up on radar. Radar technology is ideal for finding manned large or long-haul aircraft flying in conventional airspaces. However, their skills are incapable of detecting drones well. When a drone crashed on the White House lawn in 2015, intelligence officials could only see it by sight as it was flying under the existing radar protection.