The prison service has requested the installation of a signal jammer

Due to concerns about the ineffective jammers installed in the Rajasthan Central Prison and the use of cell phones by inmates, the State Prison Service asked the Home Office to transfer the total income of the three prisons from ‘worth Rs 2012 for best results.

Not only is the government struggling to restrict phone use, prison security is also affected. The High Court also takes these matters seriously. The prison official added in a letter to the government: “In order to prevent the prisoners from using the telephone and to better interfere, we ask you to approve the transfer of these 57 jammers to the two central prisons of Bikaner and Bharatpur. And “Ajmer”.

The prison department has requested a budget of Rs 7,200,100 for the transfer of the jammer, Rs. 1.12 million for the new tower, and Rs. 188 crore for the annual maintenance of the equipment.

As we all know, mobile phone signal jammers are very common. People will choose to buy mobile phone signal jammers to maintain their privacy and protect their independent space. Where will the jammers be used?

armband mobile gps jamming

Cell phone jammer is mainly used in various places where cell phone use is prohibited, such as various inspection rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers, theaters, hospitals , governments, finances, prisons, public security and military might.

It is understandable that the WiFi cell phone signal jammers in the market can limit cell phone signals that are 500 meters from the transmitting station and have a radius of> 20 meters. The shielding radius is adjustable, it only protects the cellphone signal without affecting other electronic devices. Save energy, the power is 20W-480w.

The mobile phone is in a certain frequency range when it is operating. The mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, and the data and sound transmission is supplemented by a certain baud rate and modulation method. Taking this communication principle into account, the mobile phone jammer will sweep the frequency from the low to the top of the front channel at a certain speed during the working process. The mobile phone seems to search the network, there is no signal, no service system and other phenomena.
The signal jammer is very convenient and practical, you don’t have to worry about whether it will be difficult to use.

US military develops new electronic jammer

An overview of US federal government policy on activities where jammers can cause loss of GPS signal:
Sometimes the US federal government has to perform GPS tests, training activities, and exercises involving jamming of GPS receivers. These events are the subject of long-term coordination by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United States Coast Guard (USCG), Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies.
The Army Threat System Management Office (TSMO) team visited the National Training Center on December 2 to demonstrate the newly developed electronic jammer at the Redstone East Arsenal office in Alabama.

Curtis Leslie, TSMO electronics engineer, said the team briefly introduced senior leaders at the National Training Center to how to program a small purchase direct injection jammer based on prompts to simulate radio signals used for detection and electronic communication in battlefield training scenarios. interference.

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Leslie said, “We can put them on Hummers, Hummers and other 5 ton tactical vehicles.” “Our injection jammers can be used to replace outside interference.”

The interference box is installed between the antenna and the radio transceiver. When prompted by a simple line-of-sight signal sent remotely by the observer-controller-trainer, it can be programmed to digitally generate various interference signals.

Leslie said typical jamming transmitters broadcast live on “public” radio waves require approval from the military, Federal Communications Commission, or Federal Aviation Administration, which generally limits interference to late nights and early in the morning. He said that while the concept of jammer injection is not new, recent technological advancements have made wifi jammer smaller and require less power, making them ideal for military training centers, as in training centers, the radio spectrum can be very crowded and problematic.
The National Training Center demonstration is part of the Army’s space training strategy, which will provide cutting-edge technology developed by TSMO for the combatant training community.

Devices that can detect jammers are used by law enforcement

Humphreys is a University of Texas expert and is frequently consulted by law enforcement agencies and other government security experts. He said there may be other jammer incidents that have not been made public.
He said: “When I was questioned by the FBI, they often mentioned incidents of frequency jammer and even deception … but of course they did not reveal the details to me.”

Humphreys demonstrated how to use deception to use GPS for navigation to control a vehicle. In June 2012, he and several graduate students demonstrated the technology to Department of Homeland Security officials by commanding civilian drones; The following year, they had a larger run – a 213-foot superyacht – and tricked its GPS navigation system, causing the ship hundreds of meters to deviate from its course in the Mediterranean without issuing any vessel warnings.

gsm wifi jammer

Humphreys said these demonstrations require considerable effort and expense, and it is estimated that it took five years to develop “devices capable of simulating and then overwhelming real GPS signals.”

But last year, when Chinese technical experts showed the Defcon Hacking Conference how to use a $ 300 software radio to spoof a GPS, the situation changed dramatically.

Humphries said, “Now I have the ability to download what’s available online to a commercial RF card and build your own scooter.” “For those with little experience of RF work, it will only take a few hours.”

Humphries estimates that the result is that “since 2012, the difficulty of launching wave jammer attacks has decreased by about 100 times”.
Although interference “in the wild” is generally an annoying crime causing a brief interruption of the GPS or a fall of a cell phone tower when someone is nearby, the risk of cheating with inappropriate hands may be greater. tall.

As the head of NovAtel Soar said, “The runny-nosed kid in the bedroom can now be our worst nightmare.”
The police began to retaliate. Curry said, for example, that jammer detection equipment manufactured by Chronos Technology had been in use for about a year and “was starting to find a way to use it as standard.”

There are no jammers in the prison and criminals use cell phones to blackmail

Taking advantage of the lack of a jammer, the prisoners at Mandoli appear to be doing free blackmail, filing complaints, making videos and sharing them with contacts in the glory of the unwavering 4G.

Mandoli Prison in Delhi (which has housed more than 3,000 inmates) operates without interference from mobile phone signals, as the prison administration is still waiting for 4G interference. Administrators at Mandoli Prison (opened to prisoners in 2016 to ease congestion at Tihar Prison in Delhi) confirmed that they had not installed a single jammer.

The device is used to block the cell phone signal, even if the prisoner manages to smuggle the cell phone in, it will also prevent the prisoner from using the phone in the prison.

Inmates are prohibited from carrying or using cell phones in Indian prisons.
Taking advantage of the absence of distractors, the prisoners of Mandori appear to do free extortion, file complaints, make videos, and share them with contacts in the glory of unwavering 4G.

In the past two months, Delhi police have claimed to have destroyed two extortionists led by prisoners at the Mandoli prison complex.
On Thursday last week, three prisoners were reportedly arrested (in this case formally arrested from inside the prison) and demanded 50,000 rupees for a man from Gita settlement.

Two days earlier, the city police task force (counterterrorism force) claimed to have arrested two men who had been sentenced to prison in Mandoli and killed two men, thus avoiding the murder. The police then said they intercepted the phone call from Chandban (aka Amman Yadav) who lived in Mandoli prison to his accomplices Barkishan and Mohamed Atik to eliminate the two who had not paid him protection money. people.

hidden cell jammers

A senior Home Office official said the cell phone jammer was only recently approved by the government. “We have moved for their installation and preliminary work is underway. It takes time to get permission to use jammers and install devices with the latest technology. But once installed, these devices will be the best. and will return all phones. It becomes unnecessary in prison. ”

A fortnight ago, a video of a gang leader in Uttar Pradesh showed the man recording a video on his cell phone while cooking in a Mandori prison cell, which has become popular on the media. social networks.

Prison officials said that although phone jammers may be installed in the new prison, the prison director has asked them to carry out strict inspections on a daily basis.

“Senior officials have ordered us to carry out strict security checks and warned us that we should take action if the cell phone is smuggled inside.” In the case of a small number of prisoners using cell phones, an investigative procedure has been ordered. We were warned that we would take action. Act strictly so that this does not happen in the future. “

Install a network jammer near the meeting room

The National Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) require that frequency jammer be installed outside the locker rooms, and EVM and VVPAT are kept in the locker rooms to eliminate any possibility of tampering.

The conference also called for a 50% EVM verification against VVPAT documents to increase transparency. The results of the poll will be announced on October 24.

“Much of society thinks EVM can be impaired, which poses a threat to democracy. To ensure free and fair elections, network jammers should be installed in and around solid rooms before and during the counting process. This will eliminate the possibility of tampering via mobile towers, Wi-Fi networks and other wireless networks. We also ask you to leave candidates the freedom to choose which EVM to test against VVPAT, ”he stressed in the letter. NCP also made similar requirements.

portable gps lojack jammers

Congress is also asking organizations that have announced their withdrawal from public opinion polls to divide their booths and constituencies. “Citizens are not satisfied with the way to withdraw from the ballot box. We suspect that withdrawing from the ballot box is an activity that helps people to accept results beneficial to the ruling party. The institutions that conduct the polls should explain the results. survey results in more detail to maintain transparency. ”

At the same time, the Election Commission took legal action against a person who committed a fault on an EVM at Navalewadi in Katav, Satara. Workers in a political party complained that even after pressing other buttons, they still voted for the BJP. However, the European Community clarified that there was no difference.

“The complainant refused to file a written complaint. He then spoke about the machine malfunction on the TV channel. In the mock vote conducted before the actual vote, the machines were inspected in front of polling officers from all political parties. We are now taking action against voters, including installing phone jammers. Said Dilip Sind, Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra.

Prison security audit says mobile jammers are expensive

Given that an average of three cell phones are collected each day in state prisons, an internal prison security audit conducted by the state prison department found that the installation of the 4-G cell phone jammer and body scanners might not be of much help in suppressing harassment.

In addition to the estimated high cost and the frequent escalation of human interventions, authorities have also expressed concerns about the health of individuals and prisoners.

Police Director General Sinha said that even after investing heavily in complex technology, it was not a permanent solution. It costs around 1.25 crore and disrupts cell phone signals within a 30-meter radius, he said.

He said the assessment process was conducted after the higher courts in Punjab and Haryana ordered jammers installed in all prisons last year.
“As a pilot proposal to reduce the cost of human disruptors, we have identified 24 high priority areas in 14 prisons in which serious criminals are held. It is estimated that after spending 22 million rupees, we will only cover 10% of these prisons, leaving a large gray area, ”Sinha said.

Once approved by the secretary of the central cabinet (security) secretariat, it takes about nine months to purchase and install the jammer.

wireless military blocker

“As we explore cell phone jammer, technology upgrades accelerate 5-G. In this case, it will make these jammers unnecessary. Our assessment shows that the interference will affect people within two miles of the prison. However, mobile phone service providers are considering improving the signal for users living near prisons. In this case, we might have to spend more time indefinitely on the upgrade, which is a never-ending process. ”

The National Prison Service recovered 1,086 cell phones from various prisons in 2019. According to relevant officials, in January and February of this year, authorities only seized 580 cell phones.

“We recently launched a system where prisoners can use 10 different phone numbers to call for 10 minutes a day. We are designing more effective methods to monitor unauthorized use of cell phones in prisons,” the official said. .

The ADGP said that ensuring that the installation of the wave jammer does not lead to adverse effects on the health of prison staff is indeed a concern.

Sinha said the full body scanner costs around ₹ 3 crore and cannot detect the phone or anything hidden in the body cavity.

“Full body x-ray scanners are very effective at detecting any other object hidden in the phone, rectum or other body cavities. But there are no legal penalties in the country for the use of such. scanners in prisons, ”he added.

No pornography in schools: CBSE forces jammers to block websites on campus

The government told the Supreme Court on Friday that it had asked the Central Committee for Secondary Education (CBSE) to explore options for placing jammers to prevent students from accessing child pornography online in schools.

The court hears a petition asking the government to ban all websites hosting pornographic content.
Another attorney general, Pinky Anand, said 3,522 sites were blocked in June, but the step of installing jammers on school buses was ruled out to prevent young people from being sexually abused on Internet.

“It is not possible to place a wifi jammer on the bus, but its installation on campus is being considered. The CBSE has been tasked to discuss this problem with the school administrators.” Said Anand.

5 bands portable jammers

The CBSE is the highest education committee in the country, with more than 10,000 affiliated institutions.

Most schools teach computers and the Internet is now part of the curriculum, not only increasing knowledge, but also putting students at risk of online sexual exploitation. It’s still a gray area for kids on school buses to watch pornography on their phones.

As many victims did not come to the police station due to fear and humiliation, there is no precise data on the number of Indian children exploited by pornographic material. According to the National Criminal Records Office, 96 cases of children sexually exploited online were reported in 2015.

The government told the three-judge panel headed by Judge Dipak Misra that it would take action to address “all the circumstances”.

He said the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) shared an Interpol list of online child sexual abuse material with the government, then ordered internet service providers to block those sites. This list will be updated regularly.

India does not have a centralized mechanism to monitor websites containing child pornography. The government committee recommends that Internet service providers ban these sites until a monitoring system is created.

In addition, service providers are required to educate subscribers about the use of parental control filters in their machines.

Anti-terrorist forces acquire radar jammer

NSG and CISF will have mechanisms such as electromagnetic systems, which incorporate radars and radio frequency jammer, and may have the power to shoot down any object from low altitude to low altitude.

The National Security Agency and the CISF Industrial Security Agency may have the right to shoot down “rogue” low-flying objects such as drones and gliders under a new policy being finalized.

Interior Ministry officials said a draft policy on the operation of unmanned low-level flying objects will be released soon to address the possible use of drones, gliders and other tools to conduct terrorist attacks.

desktop portable power jammers

The Union Secretary of the Interior recently held a meeting with representatives of the Indian Air Force, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and others stakeholders to discuss this issue.

“The draft drone policy is in its final stages. It focuses on regulating the use of unmanned aircraft and similar flying objects at low altitude. The policy itself is expected to be released into the public domain this time. this month to consult with stakeholders. ” the official Say.

The official said that if the National Security Guard (NSG) and the CISF consider him a “thug,” they may have the right to shoot down any low-flying object that “makes mistakes.”
Both forces will have defense mechanisms such as electromagnetic systems, which will have built-in radars, radio frequency wave jammers and detectors.

The policy will have a preventive function to ensure that terrorist organizations or other anti-national elements will not abuse any low-flying object.

The policy was formulated after several drones were discovered at airports and border areas, which hampered air traffic and caused security concerns.

“There is a need to supervise drones to prevent their abuse in sensitive areas like airports. This policy will stipulate how to control thieves who operate drones.” Another official said.

The policy will have two aspects of enabling functions: granting permission to use drones at international borders and enabling national protection of important facilities and disaster relief operations.

Mobile signal jammers do not apply to prisons in Punjab

Sources told HT that put aside jammers that can’t control the newer and faster 4G networks, but many jammers aren’t even equipped to interfere with 3G.

When it comes to blocking signals of illegal cell phone use by prisoners, Punjab’s prisons are still blocked in the era of 2G reception. So far this year, inmates in state prisons have seized 600 cell phones, but gangs in particular continue to update their Facebook pages in their cells, except for activities aimed at profiting. the security of their operations.

The source told HT that put aside jammers that can’t control the latest and fastest 4G networks, but many jammers aren’t even equipped to interfere with 3G. Only Kapurthala Prison and Nabha High Security Prison have 3G jammers.

Senior Mobile Network Engineer Sandeep Law explained his technicality: “A wifi jammer with a capacity of up to 900 megahertz (MHz) can only control 2G networks. However, the 2100 MHz frequency used in 3G and 4G technologies is more powerful. Make these jammers obsolete. Upgrading is expensive. ”

Power GSM 3G 4G 5G Jammer

Police sources said that after Nabha escaped prison in November last year, a group of gangs released their five spouses and a terrorist from the Khalistan Liberation Front (KLF), but did not intensified the disruptors. It was discovered during the investigation that the gang that attacked the prison kept in touch with their accomplices in the prison by internet phone.

“In the absence of these jammers, criminals can freely use all mobile and internal means of appeal, many of which can even freely manipulate gangs and other activities from inside the prison.” With the rapid expansion of mobile networks, the market is very easy. 4G SIM card, “the head of the prison department declined to be named.

It should be noted that prison officials have repeatedly admitted that it is “almost impossible” to control the use of cell phones in prisons as inmates manage to transport them to prison through various illegal means (including bribery). guardians).

While acknowledging this problem, IPS Sahota police, the director general of the prison said: “We have submitted a proposal of Rs 8 crore to the Interior Ministry to upgrade the phone jammer to the 4G network of the Nabha central prison, Patiala. , Bathinda and Amritsar. We hope to be sanctioned soon. “

Drones and jammers are the biggest threat to airports

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has proposed a draft regulation that allows the use of drones for any purpose, but with certain restrictions.

While the Ministry of Civil Aviation has legalized the use of drones, government agencies are testing jammers that can disable drones that can pose a threat to safety.

A device designed to block drone communication systems is currently being tested at Delhi airport. Helicopters consisting of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the National Security Guard will also be dispatched as back-up personnel for emergency situations.

“Although the proposed guidelines for civil aviation state that the five kilometers around the airport is an uninhabited area, regulatory violations cannot be ruled out. Drones are typically managed by operators through a system of remote communication. The equipment we are testing will block the communication system., After that, the operator will no longer be able to control the drone.

Jammers Portable Handheld

The Home Office (MHA) plans to enact legislation to prevent the misuse of drones, especially near airports. Although airport security forces have been advised that drones are considered a potential security threat, no guidance has been issued on how to react when such aircraft are sighted nearby.

“Right now, drones are the biggest threat to airport security, with the exception of wave jammers. They are frequently observed and – currently there is no provision for shooting down flying objects. The CISF provides security, but has yet to decide who will deal with air threats. The Aviation Ministry will oversee the drone actions, but MHA must call for safety. ”

The source said MHA will issue a notice applicable to airports across the country.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has proposed a draft regulation that allows the use of drones for any purpose, but with certain restrictions. Asked about safety, Aviation Minister RN Choubey said technology is being developed to neutralize rogue drones.

The ministry designated airports and international borders as unpopulated areas and stipulated that their use for commercial purposes requires special permits from aviation regulators. However, government agencies will not be bound by these guidelines.

The center invited the public to make suggestions within 30 days, then will make the necessary changes by December 31 to legalize the use of drones, and use drone jammer to prevent them if necessary.